Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Anything For Me?

Do you get as excited as I do when you see a brightly coloured envelope in the mailbox?  
I still rifle through all the white business envelopes every day...just in case something of interest might be in there.

Wouldn't it be amazing, if, say, on Tuesdays and Thursdays only,  it would be required that all communication could only be done with pen and paper?

Did I mention one of our favourite book series is Little House On The Prairie?   Well it is.
I think I would look good in a bonnet, hunched over some willow bark with a pen and ink well.  

Just imagine?... This blog post would end up in each of your mail boxes, with a colourful picture enclosed.  The note would be, of course, written out in beautiful script.  (For the purposes of continuing on with my daydream about mail, I will also allow myself the gift of gorgeous writing, because really? How will you ever know if I'm telling the truth?)

We live in a technological age, where we are being sent reams of information on a daily basis. Emails, advertisements, connecting to anyone, is at our fingertips.

Yet every day after school, my girls ask me if there was anything in the mail?  They receive cards, maybe four times a year?  And yet it is something they ask about every day. Always hoping that there might be something special; something out of the ordinary waiting for them.

Today was that day for me.  I unexpectedly received a thank you card from an old friend.  

When I opened the beautiful card pictured above,  I realized how much I appreciated the effort it took for her to buy the card, find that stamp, and bring it to the mailbox.

I will keep it on my table for a while and then it will be moved to the bookshelf where I will glance at it every so often and think of my friend.

And unfortunately, I do not do that with my emails.

I think it's time I started sending paper mail again.  It's concrete, it's tangible, and I want someone to enjoy opening up their envelope as much as I did.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go peruse the card aisle.

And I'm thinking I may need a Starbucks Chai Tea while I'm at it...  since the process of finding that perfect card may be a lengthy one.

I take card choosing very seriously.  If it were up to me, I would make it an Olympic sport.

I may even need to wear a headband.

I will likely work up a thirst.

You know?  I could just tell this was going to be an all around great day.

And it all started when I looked in my mailbox.

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  1. I agree, I think it's so much fun to get REAL mail, and we should all do more of it.
    I just came across your blog, and have become a follower :)

  2. A card in the mail makes you appreciate that person much more than any blind email. You acually have made me realize I should reach out to my friends and loved ones more often through the mail. Thanks for listening. Paul B

  3. I keep a card stash and still send out cards of thanks, encouragement, get well...ya get the picture. I buy stamps by the roll I'm such a snail mailin' card junkie. Ya just can't beat findin' something special for you in the mail.

    You have a beautifully blessed day sweetie!!!

  4. I agree 100 percent that there is great pleasure in receiving a handwritten note or letter. So few people take the time any more to write, with pen in hand. I try, but not as often as I should.

    As for "Little House on the Prairie," that is a great book in a delightful series. And guess what? I grew up 20 miles from Walnut Grove, Minnesota, Laura Ingalls Wilder's childhood home. If you ever get to Minnesota, you absolutely must dip your toes into Plum Creek and then take in the outdoor pageant that brings the books to life.

    My roots reach deep into the Minnesota prairie, thence my blog name, Minnesota Prairie Roots.

    As always, Dana, thanks for bringing a smile to my day with your insightful writing and beautiful photography.

  5. very well said! that's a beautiful card from your fried, as well. :) i used to always make a point to write a friend a letter at least once a month. that's completely gone to the wayside since i had my daughter almost two years ago, and i miss the paper correspondence. i always keep tons of blank cards in a box at my house... maybe it's time to get them out again, and reconnect the old fashioned way!

  6. there is nothing like "real" mail. I LOVE hearing the mailman come up the street...wish I could join you at Starbucks..I'll have a caramel machiatto!! :)

  7. You are SOO right!
    I feel suitably challenged to get off my technological butt and write some letters!

    Cate :-)


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