Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Colour Revolution...Shedding The Black

I have a confession to make.  I like to wear black.  No let me rephrase that. I LOVE to wear black.It makes me feel cool... powerful.... sexy... mysterious... and most importantly.... slim. Why slim is more important than powerful, cool and sexy is a mystery even to me.  But I have to be honest.  It is.

My winter wardrobe consists of sensible black winter boots and a stylish black Big City Tommy Hilfiger winter coat.  I wear dark rinse jeans and many of my sweaters and tee's are black. 
They go with my outerwear very nicely and I look,
cool, powerful, sexy, mysterious and most importantly...slim.

This was taken during a lets take a picture of mom without her knowing recognizance mission by my middle daughter. 

I have absolutely no idea what a recognizance mission is, but it seemed appropriate in light of my "I'm planning to rob a bank" outfit below.

*notice too the nice slimming crop of the right hip, which was beyond the slimming scope of the slimming black outfit.  

I wanted to come clean, just in case you thought the willowy silhouette was a result of the thief-esque black ensemble.
I have to be honest.  Looking at this picture makes me a little depressed.  But I remembered that back in the days of my youth...

Whenever I saw women of other cultures such as Guatemala, Burma, Peru, Mexico and Nepal (just to name a few)  In images similar to the ones below, I realized they always looked so happy, as though they were celebrating life.

*In case you were wondering, no I did not travel to these locales,  I just lived in a home filled to the brim with National Geographic (Which is about a close as you can get without getting on a plane, I might add.)

And it made me wonder who taught us Black was beautiful?  Who the heck started the black is cool, powerfulsexy, mysterious, and most importantly...slim, myth?
92157495, Boaz Rottem /Flickr
image found here
Obviously these ladies didn't get the memo. They subscribe to the belief that black is boring my friends.  And they are, oh so right.

It is time to shed the drab and grab some colour. What could it hurt? 

Is this a phenomenon found just in my closet?  
Or has Queen Victoria's influence filtered down to the depths of your drawers too?
I am not in mourning, so why would I dress that way?
Inquiring Bungalow minds would like to know?

I say let's start a revolution!  
image found here
Their outfits are so bright and uplifting. How can you not feel happy wrapped in all that color?  
So I decided to break out of my black Bank Robber's Best and I gave it my best shot.
It was time to shed the black

... and step into the colour spectrum light.

Now if you'll excuse me, I know I have a fuschia ball cap around here somewhere along with some green fringe I could trim from a hawaiian skirt?  Or Is that too much of a good thing? 

Perhaps my fellow Northern Canadians may not be open to the the colour revolution I have planned.

I have tried this experiment once before, several years ago.  It didn't go very well.   For some reason, my enthusiasm for colour just didn't catch on.  I think I was ahead of my time.

Plus the girls forbade me to go out in public. 
Go Big Or Go Home has always been my motto! But Somehow they didn't think I had quite mastered the new look?  

But I think I'm ready this time, I've learned my lesson and I think I can reign in my enthusiasm.

Now, I beg of you, in the days ahead, please don't hate me because I'm colourful.

I'm still the same old Dana...just... a brighter version.  

Brrrring, Brrring

.... Excuse me.

Yes?  Yes this is the lady of the Bungalow.  

Vogue? Oh yes, I am familiar with Vogue. 
I think I may have seen a copy or two at the dentist's office.

You're planning a colour revolution series?  
You don't say?

Well you've come to the right place.  

Yes I might be interested... but... I was just wondering? 

Have any of your photographers ever done work for National Geographic?

Note:  It was very important to my teenage daughter that I explain that I did not leave the house in my ensemble above.  The very attractive pink/turquoise outfit was being worn for my youngest daughter's Princess Birthday Party, lest you thought her mother might be a bit of a quack...


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  1. This was great!! I too love black but I have to color coordinate all clothing with the carrot top.Fuschia is not an option for me but I will live vicariously through you :)

  2. AnonymousMay 18, 2010

    Dana, I had to laugh!! When I saw you yesterday I loved all the colors you chose and was going to mention it but got sidetracked with piano lessons and all! My eye was continually drawn to how you put them together! Mission Accomplished!

  3. Great blog! You're so funny! I'm having so much fun reading your archives!! and i'm your newest follower!

  4. Anonymous, both The Agronomist and the girls gave a double take when they saw me...but the double take was also followed by a compliment in both cases. So I must be on the right track.

  5. sarah ScheunhageMay 18, 2010

    HILARIOUS!! and yet inspiring

  6. I know you're not as old as me, Dana, so I can't necessarily attribute your wardrobe color change to age... But I will tell you that as I've grown older, I've become more daring in my color choices. It's the "I don't care what people think" attitude of dressing and becoming really, truly comfortable with who you are.

    Good for you to make this change. I love the National Geographic inspiration. I need only look to the immigrant population in Faribault to see bold, colorful, happy choices in clothing.

  7. I'm a black girl too - although that pink number you are wearing in the last picture is pushing my buttons ;-)

  8. Very funny post... Please keep us posted on your wardrobe change:)
    Came over from Sweet Shot, your daughter is beautiful (which I am sure you know) I love the shape of her eyes.
    And reading further down you page I see that you edit photos with a mac... I have been using the same, but should probably read a little about it, it is pretty hit and miss for me, and that photo of your son(?) I can't believe the difference in clarity and color~ wow! Very nice.

  9. Well, if you are not the funniest thing way up there. You are.

    Black is my favorite clothes color.

    It makes me look knock out flat out gorgeous.

    So, not switchin. You can hike up the Andes mountains with your colorful woven fabrics.

    By yourself.

    Me? I'm here, in BLACK, baby. Knocking them all out.

  10. You have beautiful skin color! I would think that you could still use black in your wardrobe & pop in color with tshirts, belts, jewelry, & shoes~just a little something for contrast. keep us posted. i have a feeling when fall comes that you may revert back to your black obsession~just sayin! we will keep you honest~your best blogging friends!

  11. I am laughing as always at your clever posts! Good luck on your color revolution!


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