Sunday, May 02, 2010

Gratitude Sunday

This week I was grateful for:
:: the last minute road trip with The Agronomist.
:: the discovery of a new gum flavour called Chocomint.  Possibly the answer to all my chocolate needs without having to actually eat the chocolate.
:: An impromptu morning breakfast.
:: for the special day our youngest had celebrating her Sacrament of Reconciliation.  She asked if she could go again next month because it made her feel so light.
:: the priest who made the experience such a positive one.

:: the sleepover and Dove self esteem program our middle child's teacher organized.  She had a wonderful time along with a very late night.
:: that I decided to play Barbie's instead of writing my Blog post.  We took them fishing.
:: The Agronomist sanding down my new chairs for me while wearing his Mike Holmes overalls.  I was doubly grateful.
:: the warmer spring weather that makes my youngest want to play outside...
all the time.

:: the fact that my daughters have sisters, and that they continue to get along....most of the time ; )
:: our eldests safe return from her Volleyball tournament and for cell phones that make it seem as though she is not far away
:: good hair days
:: my dining room chairs 

What were you grateful for this past week?

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  1. Beautiful photos Dana...loved hearing about your week...the fishing Barbies were killer! I'm thankful for our family time on the beach!

  2. Yes, great pictures!

    Grateful that my son did not need a treatment this week (he has a medical condition that sometimes needs attention, but this week it was a false alarm.) I don't think I was more grateful for anything than that.

    A good week!

  3. AnonymousMay 02, 2010

    I am grateful for thoughtful, kind neighbours; purple and orange bikes with tight training wheels; and big girls who are so cool that they play hide and seek on the front lawn with little kids...yes, I have much to be grateful for...Dalyce

  4. Wish I were there to play fishing Barbies. I played hot wheel train wreck all weekend.

    They can't get enough of my special effects.

  5. i was grateful to be able to spend time with good friends!


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