Monday, May 03, 2010

How A Shelf Made A Difference...Kumbaya

Today I will be joining the blog, Mom's The Word, and her Make Your Home Sing Monday
As well as Metamorphosis Monday on the blog Between Naps On The Porch.

Now if I had been asked the question, how do you make your home sing...say? last Tuesday, I doubt I would have been able to come up with a tune, but, thankfully things improved drastically over the course of the week, and I haven't been able to stop whistling since.

As you all know, I enjoyed a little getaway last week which ended up involving a four hour visit to IKEA.

Along with THE most amazing find of the frugal century, which I shared with you on Friday, I also purchased something that had been requested by my middle daughter.

It was Just a "little" somethin she's been wanting.  She's the middle child and knows what she likes.
(Luckily for her, it was also in the AS IS section....for 36% off)
When I found it, a little happy dance ensued.

You see, we are in the midst of figuring out a new decor for the bedroom she shares with her younger sister.

The painting of the ceiling and furniture was completed ten years ago, for our eldest, who was four and a half at the time.
The girls have outgrown the fairy theme. Which has sadly deteriorated over the years as new pieces of furniture have been added along with posters and purses.

Books were usually strewn on the floor as they were generally too high for my youngest to reach easily. It was a never ending "organize your bookshelf" saga.

My middle child decided some time ago that she wanted a cubed shelf in place of the current cupboard and bookshelf.

I wasn't so sure?  Open shelves?  Wouldn't that look messy? Because, contrary to popular belief,  messy is not a look I'm trying to go for on purpose.

I do no want to encourage it in any way.

Just to clarify here...Messy bad, Neat and Tidy good.

But you know what?  I figured it was a good sign when the shelf she was begging for happened to be on sale in the AS IS section.  How could I ignore a second aligning of the IKEA stars?
We brought the shelf in last night and the girls finished filling it just before bed.  The top needs to be edited and set but I was so excited I decided to show you anyway.  I silently crept into their bedroom so as not to wake them,  and then WHAM took a few hundred pictures with the FLASH just so that I could show you how Decor Smart my girl is.  

Does she know a shelf? or does she know a shelf?  Lucky for you all, they did not wake up, because I would have held you all personally responsible for their crankiness today.

You know I can't believe you make me do these things. 

Honestly? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

There is still a lot of work to be done to the room, but we are on our way.  I'll give you a little sneak peek at the inspiration we are working with.    
Here are the new quilts for the beds.  They are so sunny and happy they make me want to break out in song every time I see them.

I can't wait to continue.  We are on a roll and I will give you updates along the way. 

I find myself humming a tune every time I walk into their room now, and I can't wait to get everything completed.  I think we are on our way to making at least this one room in our house sing.

I may even have to pull out my guitar and strum a few verses of Kumbaya.

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  1. What a great new look!! Our girls' room really needs more shelving/storage space, too. (Actually, an entire room makeover would be good!!) Those fabrics are just beautiful ~ their beds will look awesome!

  2. Oh, those quilts! Where are they from?

    I'm so affected by my surroundings: I need color, too.

    And I love the bottom clear boxes on the bottom of those kickin' shelves.

    Incredible job.

    But, you had me at the quilts.

    Can't wait to see it all done.

  3. Love the quilts and I'm all about a newly organized shelf. But I would have thought that your chairs would have kept you singing for a while.
    Have I told you before that I LOVE IKEA?

  4. Hello Empress,
    Since you asked, the quilts were a Winners find on clearance of course. And Jen, it is a really good good thing that IKEA is a five hour drive away. I'm almost certain I would end up stalking the store, having my morning coffee in a different kitchen each day.

  5. I love the bright colors of the quilts! So pretty and cheery, and I love what your daughter did with the shelves too.

    I love IKEA and we only live about 15-20 minutes away. However, I rarely go but when I do we spend forever in there, lol!

    I love their "As Is" section and I, too, always feel like we're getting away with something. "Quick, drive!!!! Get away before they realize what a good deal this is." Thanks for linking up today.

  6. Oh, forgot to say I love your header, lol!

  7. I'm an Ikea junkie myself! I LOVE their stuff and their prices!! Really?!? I read your post on finding those chairs and can I just say I am SO jealous? GREAT FIND! You should check out my blog for some fun Ikea posts. It's the happiest place on earth. :)-

    Check out my blog for a CSN giftcard give away!

  8. Uh, where is the quilt from????
    I think I'm as excited as you are in the deco dept!!! I love to decorate and organize!
    Stop on over, I have something for you!

  9. Very nice shelving and way to organize!! I am on a mission right now and this gives me encouragement and hope :)

  10. WOW!!! I have to repeat what Tickled Red said..I too am on a mission for organizing...

  11. Love cube bookshelves like that. It looks like it holds an amazing amount of stuff.

  12. What an improvement. Smart girl. Great, funny post.

  13. I'm thinking about making this over the weekend and wondering if there is a way to modify it so it includes a set of doors on the bottom


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