Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Meltdown 2010

Welcome to all my Sweet Shot Tuesday friends from My3boybarians.  It was one of those Mother's Day weekends that made me so thankful to be blessed with the family I have.

Now before you start gagging and thinking this is going to be a bragging, I had a perfect Mother's Day post, I'll get real and fill you in on a slightly more complex scenario that unfolded this past weekend.
These flowers are a good analogy.  As you can see on the left the bouquet my dad bought for the girls last weekend had seen better days.  But I wasn't quite ready to let the whole shebang go by way of the garbage.  With a little editing and re-working, the healthy blooms ended up filling four smaller vases and filling the house with more color than the initial vase. 

It felt as though a new bouquet had been bought.

I really have very few expectations of Mother's Day, I'm not expecting gifts other than the ones the kids make for me at school, which in my mind are the important ones.
The Agronomist did ask me earlier in the week what I would like, and after thinking a bit I decided a pedicure for the summer would be a treat.  But as the week wore on I realized I would rather put the amount towards our summer holiday which has its own envelope in the kitchen cupboard.
So the weekend began...with no expectations from me.

After a romantic drive with the Agronomist, to drop something off to someone, we picked up a movie for our movie night with the kids, and the weekend unfolded as it usually did. 

And I didn't mind, because I don't really care about Mother's Day...I don't.
Saturday arrived and the kids wanted to hang out
And the kids wanted me to play with them.

And as usual I wanted their help with dusting and cleaning.
It didn't matter at all that it was Mother's Day the next day...not at all.

I think it was about at this point that I had a mommmy meltdown to end all mommy meltdown's and felt the need to explain with great conviction, that it had never been my intention to be a maid for a career.

Happy Mother's Day family! Whoo Hoo!

Who was this crazy woman stomping her feet and pulling out her hair, standing in their kitchen?

I explained to The Agronomist the house always felt messy because of four areas that were not working properly in our home and as a result always accumulated mess

AND they needed to be addressed NOW,

Yes that is correct, I am not going for my pedicure even though you think I may need something to help me relax! Thank you for enquiring.

I realized my real Mother's Day wish was to be able to tackle these areas and just focus on them.  
The kids quietly dispersed and began working on their various rooms.  

The Agronomist went and got his tool belt and  began creating a plan.

Here is the craft, catch all cupboard I started with.  I quickly realized I would need some way of corralling it all, and The Agronomist and I assessed other rooms that needed help with organization. 
We hit Staples, Totem, and Jysk, and he was able to hang, hammer and assemble until many projects that had been on hold were complete.  It was a dream come true.  You have never seen a happier mom.

I can't wait to show you everything over the next week.

Sunday, we attended a brunch cooked by the Knight's of Columbus, and then we worked a bit more on the house until the Final concert for the Music Festival, where my middle child performed her duet on stage.

She made us all very proud.
So much had been accomplished over the weekend I couldn't quite believe it.
We celebrated with a Starbuck's gift card we had been saving for a special occasion.
and I...
watched my family,
around the table
and fell madly in love with them, all over again.
Sunday evening we once again got back into the weeks routine, but my family took on a new aura...just like the flowers I had sitting on my kitchen window sill.  
It was as though the colors were more vivid and the blooms had multiplied, but yet it was still my same little old family.   

I love it when they do that!  

You know? I bet they'll never forget this special holiday.  

It will go down in Bungalow'56's history as the day mom had a doozy of a Mother's Day meltdown.

I might even get an award.
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  1. I'm so envious - I dream of one day actually getting all the organizing and sorting done that I know needs to happen. Apparently I need to have a meltdown first, then I'll be well on my way!

  2. Oops, did I give the impression all the organizing is done. We made a small dent. Mess ensued and many projects are yet to be tackled. It just felt really good to start.

  3. Sometimes Momma needs a meltdown, I think it's in my mothering handbook (oh, wait there is NO handbook!).

    Glad some organizing (even if only a dent) was done & that by the end of the weekend the vivid bloom was visible again :)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. All moms are entitled to occasional melt-downs. Sometimes that's what it takes for the family to appreciate all we do and to get done what we want done.

    I didn't have a melt-down on Sunday. But as my 24-year-old daughter and I headed downtown to see a play, I asked my husband if he would install some vinyl tile under the kitchen sink to replace the peeling contact paper. This project has been on the to-do list for a month or more.

    I fully expected him to take an afternoon nap and ignore my request. He napped AND laid those tile.

    All in all, it was a good Mother's Day here in southeastern Minnesota. Two of my kids were home and the third called.

    Glad to hear, Dana, that your Mother's Day was wonderful in so many ways.

  5. Beautiful.

    I had such an epiphany 2 wks ago at our Public Museum. We had gone to see "THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS" yes, the real deal, and we were sitting around, and talking, and discussing and I realized that this group of 5 is a family.

    Just like that, I don't know what happened, but I thought, "WOW. We are a family."

    Schmaltzy,but so what?

    I love it. AND what a good idea to break up a semi alive bouquet into smaller vases throughout the house.

    No wonder I've been crushing on ya...

  6. Awwww! You have an amazing family and i am sure they will never forget this mom's day :-)

  7. AnonymousMay 10, 2010

    I had a similar falling in love moment on Friday evening. We were on our deck grilling and all 4 of us were there. laughing, talking and just hanging out. It was so simple but so special.

    Happy mother's day!

  8. I loved your post. I was feeling bad for having a crappy mother's day and you just inspired me and made me think about it in a different way. Thank you!

  9. You are so precious!! I look forward to your posts each week.

    I guess I should come back before then!

    I think we've all had our share of meltdowns, holiday or not.

    Love how your day ended!!

    Blessings to you my friend♥

  10. Okay... so Mommy meltdowns seem to be perfectly acceptable. I'm glad the weekend turned out so well and that you were able to use such a good analogy/metaphor to describe (English teachers are smiling at you).

    I must say that the little things family does goes a long way...

    Love the toe shot. I've gone to Sally's bought the soaker stuff and did my own and my daughters.... it actually went well for relaxation.

  11. i absolutely love this post! your photos... the perspectives are so creative, they are so interesting and well-executed {in difficult lighting, too-my phobia!}... the story, so real, so me!! congrats on your new organizational piece(s).
    belated happy mother's day!
    visiting from m3b... :)


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