Wednesday, May 05, 2010

We Call It Springter Here At Bungalow'56

I had Big BIG plans for my blog today.
I was going to write about how thankful I was that spring had finally arrived.
It was going to be one of my best posts yet.
All happy and funny and lighthearted.
Little birds were going to be chirping as you read it. was that good.
Oh, and you should have seen the pictures I was going to take during my morning walk.
They were breathtaking.  Beautiful tree buds just beginning to open and I even spotted a few tulips in my neighbour's yard that I was going to shoot in macro.  
Just the memory of what I had planned gives me goose bumps.
I was going to be dressed in a floral circa 50's dress with Keds, just in case you were wondering.
But unfortunately I had a little set back.  Nothing too big, just the usual up here in Northern Canada.  

Don't you worry your sun screened noses or your pretty little sun hat covered heads.

Just go along with your day as though nothing has happened.  Don't even give it a second thought.

Even though I had to look for my children's winter jackets and boots this lovely May morning, don't let it concern you even a teensy bit.   
Just watch those flip flops now while I brush this off.  
Oops, I'm so sorry. That must have been cold...
I made every effort to stay warm,  but I still caught a chill, and I'm afraid I won't be able to write that post now...
I wasn't able to sit at the computer as I had planned.

I think I may have gotten a little frost bite on my fanny. 
Can I say fanny?  
I won't offend anyone will I?  
Unless of course I have a reader by the name of Fanny, and then, well... this would be awkward.

How about Behind.  A little frost bite on my Be hind. 
There, that's better.
Socially correct. 
And all that time I was only worried about my fingers.

Unfortunately they too, were stiff from the cold this morning.
Despite my best mittened efforts all I could do was wrap my hands around a hot cup of cocoa today, and just hope that under the current conditions I will be able to continue blogging tomorrow.

Who knows, we may be snowed in for a while?  
One can't be too sure out here on the cold front of Canada....anything can happen during Springter.

I'll be sure to keep in touch.  
I may have to send my next post via dog sled.  But don't you worry, I won't let the weather get the best of me.  
Living out here isn't for the faint of heart.

I'll be fine.   I've endured far worse and lived to blog about it.  

I have my Baileys and my Roger Whittaker albums.  And when I get tired of those I'll just go out and make some Snow Angels.

hmmm...I hope I remembered to wax the kid's ski's.  I knew there was something I forgot to put on my "Spring" to do list.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to turn up my record player.  Roger is waiting for me.

Six White Boomers,  Ssssnow White Boomers...

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  1. Those pictures are just so wrong! (but your post was hilarious). Here's wishing you warmer days ahead. To think, I've been whining because it's been too windy lately (wanting to spray paint). I'll take the wind!!

  2. Oh, Sweetie! Here is a great big warming hug for you!!

    A nun in my high school used to refer to her "cushion" As in, "I slipped on some ice this morning and fell right on my cushion!"

  3. Oh Dana - I can not believe you guys got all of that snow! In May! It's just not right. If it makes you feel any better, we may be getting frost sometime this weekend. Hoping warm weather is on its way to you soon.

  4. oh man I do not envy you..I'm sorry! And I like fanny! We say bum...with an english accent of course! And I would love to be in a floral 50's dress and keds...maybe an apron too!

  5. Springtime in Canada is NOT for the faint of heart, that's for sure!! It's not much better in western Manitoba, but we didn't quite get the accumulation you obviously did. We just had 4 straight days of drizzle and flurries, blecgh. I think it feels worse this year because we've already had shorts and flip-flop weather!!

  6. I'm. in. shock.

    How could this happen to my fantastic girlfriend?

    It's just not right, not right....

  7. Have you called Al Gore? He shovels for a fee.

  8. That.Is.Amazing.

    We don't EVER have that problem down here in south Texas. Not even in winter. :)

  9. hilarious! love your sense of humor Dana!! I am sure it will be over very soon. hang in there!!

  10. Oh Bummer! I hope you warm up soon!

  11. Ahhhh! Don't scare me with these pictures! In Minnesota, it is predicted to snow/rain on Friday. I am not looking forward to it...

  12. I fear, like Sarah @ Dream in Domestic and like you, Dana, that snow may fall here in southern Minnesota where I live. Or if not snow, then freezing temps will be back. And to think, I've already planted flowers, lettuce and tomatoes.

    Seems to me I remember some elderly gentleman warning me at the greenhouse the other day that I shouldn't plant anything for another month. Seems to me I scoffed at his advice. Looks like I'll be hauling potted flowers into the garage every night and covering my tomatoes with heavy winter blankets.

  13. Oh my. Would you like me to send you some of my 90 degree weather?

  14. You and me both, friend.

  15. Oh my, that looks just like here today. Someone really needs to tell that Weatherman it is supposed to be SPRING! Yes, even here in Canada! LOL.

    Thanks for the visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I love to "meet" new people!


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