Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My "Sweet Shot" Sweetheart

I always look forward to Sweet Shot Tuesday 
with Darci at my3boybarians. 
Sweet Shot Day 
and am joining, for the first time,  Tuesday's Unwrapped.
I looked through the photo's I'd taken over the past week and tried to decide which one might have that something special.
This past Sunday my 7 year old asked if she could play with some makeup and I said yes, as long as she understood it was just for play and she would have to wash it off before we left the house.  
After 15 or so minutes, the bathroom door was still shut.  I asked her if everything was alright?
She yelled for me NOT to come in, and I started to worry about what I was going to find when the door finally opened.  

I had visions of painted red lips and Racoon eyes.
I was pleasantly surprised to find a very subtly blushing girl with shimmery shadow on, and a little bit of lip gloss.
Not only had she been applying makeup, but she was also creating outfits to go with her new face.
Of course we had to have a photo shoot.
She had a ball, and this was a sampling of some the pictures I took.  

It's for moments like these I am so glad I write this blog.  It forces me to take pictures, that make my family go Aww Maaawwwm.  Because I know, if I didn't I would soon forget the hour of this particular afternoon.
Bungalow'56 helps me to celebrate the specialness of the everyday.  
So today I am also participating in Tuesday's Unwrapped with Chatting At The Sky.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats

It was impossible to just pick one Sweet Shot of my Sweetheart.
So I didn't....I hope you can forgive me.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and don't forget to celebrate the small things today,  now believe it or not, I need to go brush the snow of my car.  I'll be posting about celebrating that tomorrow...
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  1. She is a beautiful girl.

  2. What a lovely young woman she is..

  3. Beautiful photos!!! What kind of camera do you use? I know nothing about photography, but all this photo stuff on the internets has got my mind athinkin'...maybe a girl could, you know???

  4. Absolutely STUNNING! You have yourself a very beautiful young lady there! (And so classy with the makeup application, too!) You've done a great job of capturing her beauty.

  5. She's precious! I love her sublty in her makeup! Great shots!

  6. How beautiful she is! All because we can see HER and not the make-up.I am very impressed with her light application. Unfortunately, my girls are from the school of "more is more" when it comes to playing with make-up. We have a lot of scary clown/princess situations.

  7. just adorable. glad you captured that moment!

  8. Great pictures Dana, she is so beautiful! Sorry I didn't get to catch you and say hi Sunday afternoon, we will have to do coffee one of these days! N

  9. Yes, it would be difficult to choose. Your daughter/daughters are the most beautiful young girls EVER.

    Well, next to my granddaughters of course! She reminds me so much of my granddaugther Kayla.


    Great shots as always. I love coming to your blog~

  10. I'm so glad you decided to join in Tuesdays Unwrapped !! What lovely shots you got of your sweet girl. And what a fun memory to hold onto...

  11. wow! i am thoroughly impressed with her ability to apply makeup. i don't wear makeup myself, because i'm absolutely terrible at putting it on... but she did a fantastic job! it's very tasteful. she's a beautiful girl!

  12. Gorgeous... absolutely lovely shots you take!

  13. Sweet girl! I love all of the shots! So glad you didn't pick just one :)

  14. Oh, adorable!!

    She is so beautiful, Dana!

  15. Beautiful girl and gorgeous shots!

  16. Beautiful shots! I can see why you couldn't pick just one. Love the flower too.

  17. Not only do they make your family go...awwwwww...I think they make anyone that clicks on your blog do the same.

    She is lovely.

    What a great photo shoot!

  18. Well.
    The reason I would even consider having a girl (like I decide, right?) would be the GIANT FLOWER BOWS!
    I Love them!
    You tempt me..

  19. She is gorgeous! You can tell her I bet she is just as gorgeous without makeup! I always wanted dark lashes sans mascara and a nice warm glow to my face.

    Lovely photography!

  20. Very lovely, and I love the one with her looking downward as well. However, I can see why one wouldn't want to hide those gorgeous eyes:)

  21. Your daughter is GORGEOUS dana! What a fun little shoot. I love all of her new accessories. She is a cutie for sure!

  22. RaymondeMay 04, 2010

    Those precious moments captured will last a lifetime!! Absolutely gorgeous girl and absolutely amazing photography!!


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