Sunday, June 06, 2010

Gratitude Sunday

This week I was grateful for:
:: our youngest daughter, who manages to convince her family to play charades and board games at least once a week

:: our favourite summer salsa

:: for the farm fresh eggs Mary sent us, so that our girls could say they have actually eaten 
"Green Eggs and Ham"

:: for a very happy girl who loves her new Snow White haircut 
(and the aunty who passed down this wonderful costume)

Vegetarians, avert you eyes, the following picture may offend

:: the return of barbecue season, and the friends we enjoy it with 

:: my new favourite summer beverage (thank you Nuala for the introduction) 

:: for life long family friends who allow us to experience the boys we never had

:: summer finally arriving, and (fingers crossed) staying

:: technology, and how it brought a smile to my Nana's face

:: my KitchenAid mixer which I am blogging about tomorrow, cookie dough and of course, chocolate
:: The Agronomist returning home safely 
:: flip flops
:: garage sales
:: and the time my girls get to spend with their grandparent's who are only three blocks away.

What were you thankful for this week?

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  1. Oh - I loved this!

    I'm just so thankful for my life in general. I know that sounds like a cop out - but I really am. I am one lucky gal. Seems you are too. ;)

  2. I am grateful for Bungalow '56 and her mad photo skills.

    True dat!

  3. I was so thankful for my Mac computer. I know that sounds lame but it makes everything so easy and we got to Skype with the baby to Nana. Nothing beats that. Thanks for calling us Dana. I was also grateful for church Sunday evening which was difficult to get to with the new baby but enabled me to leave feeling calm and full of love.

  4. Great blog. I just about flipped out when I scrolled down and saw a Peter's Drive In milkshake cup. I used to live a few blocks from Peters when I went to University. Now I'm as far away from the city as I can get, but always try to stop for a milkshake and burger when I'm in town.

  5. summer salsa look absolutely yummy!!!

  6. The picture is not edited, the salsa is sooo yummy, I'm not one to do elaborate recipe posts, but this one might warrant it.

  7. I love your post!!! :) The salsa looks soooooo yummy, and your "Snow White" is super cute!!!

  8. Yum, Peter's Drive In. A trip to the big city is not complete without a stop there before one leaves.

    Love the Snow White haircut! So, so cute!


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