Sunday, June 13, 2010


This week I was grateful for:
:: the gray hair I wasn't aware of until now... it comes with wisdom...right? Oh my.
:: the quick visit from The Agronomist's brother "The Engineer,"as he was passing through
:: my new blog template 

:: my middle daughter, and her healthy sense of ha ha

:: the fun we had watching our eldest play in net
:: the end of the school soccer season resulting in a gold medal

:: having a creative daughter, who when asked to organize the kitchen cupboard...

 came up with these homemade canisters

:: even when another result of the said creativity is also this

:: the ending of the school year and all the fun activities and field trips that come with it

:: the time the firefighters took to explain everything to a group of seven year olds
:: the work that they do to keep us safe and sound

:: the beautiful summer nights
:: evening cups of tea
:: The Agronomist, who cares for, our (soon to be) bumper crop of tomatoes 
     (Can you see him caring and tending back there?...those are some lucky tomatoes.)

:: the much anticipated break from taxi duty
:: a side note... I was not in denial, as see how the gray hair is only residing in the back? 

:: the unexpected letter of encouragement from my Godmother who has been reading this blog.
:: the many unexpected words of thanks and encouragement I receive in regards to this exercise in daily photographic storytelling.
:: last but not least, as always, for my family and friends, near and far.

What were you thankful for this past week?


I will be sharing my photo's and special moments throughout my week with:
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  1. Lovely post. I love those canisters. I am grateful for my kids, black coffee and ice cream this week.

  2. What a wonderful post! Love the grocery list and I really need to borrow your daughter to organize my cupboards and make some cannisters for me.

  3. Let's wife swap. My cabinets are a mess!!!!

  4. I'm grateful for new readers, thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the cannisters and yes thats what happens when they craft in our house too!!

  5. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    Thankful that we seemd to have catch my 8 yo's lyme disease early enough to effectively treat it with a three week course of antibiotics. {still praying}

    Thankful that i have a {now} 13 yo - that instead of being dissapointed that a birthday trip to Newport , RI was rained out - truly had FUN spending the day at home surrounded by our family and friends - of course, being the center of attention helped, I'm sure.

    Thankful that TODAY is our last day of school - and all of the possiblies, fun, and free time that comes with that!!

    Happy Summer to you and yours!!

  6. Wonderful post. I love that you showed the table during the cabinet make over. But the cabinets do look stunning. AND why does gray hair hide were you can not see it. Not nice. I laughed out loud when I read the list your middle daughter made. Keep it coming

  7. ooo great post. I hope you link it up with Tuesdays Unwrapped tomorrow :)

  8. I like the new layout!

    And I'm grateful for pain that finally goes away, and wonderful friends who tell me that my blog is funny. :)

  9. Hi, wanted to stop back and thank you for leaving a comment for baby e. HE loves that part of blogging. Thanks.

  10. Oh, that's a great list! I especially love the tea cannister. :)

    Grateful? Zip lines and tree houses. Among many others.

  11. If gray hair comes with wisdom, then I am wise beyond my years.

    Your daughter needs to visit my house.

    Love your photos. So beautiful.

  12. You have so much to be thankful for! And I'm in love with the soccer photo - and your pantry organization, I wish I was that creative!

  13. I love to see the creative & artistic sides of my kids, too - especially since I have no abilities in that whatsoever!

    Gray hairs... hmmmm... thankfully (except for days when I look like I have an afro) I have a head of very thick, thick hair so I feel like I can just keep pulling those gray invaders out for several more years before I go bald!!

  14. I love all these shots! The letter is very sweet. Something to treasure always.

  15. I love this blog! and your photos!! Please just send your daughter my way to help organize my pantry with pretty labels...I love it!!!

  16. AnonymousJune 15, 2010

    Hey Dana, Jessica (your cousin) here!!!! I have been reading your blog and have to tell you I love it! You(and your family) are very inspiring!! Keep em' coming!!!!

  17. It's amazing how remembering what we are grateful for increases the appreciation for everything and everyone throughout the day.

  18. oh neat! love the set! especially the socks!

  19. Great pictures that reveal all the things you are grateful for.

    Thanking God for this season in my life. My health, my marriage and for the Lord who sustains me daily~


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