Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm A Kitchen Warrior!... Please Send Pizza!

As I ventured down the grocery aisle, I felt confident.
If I could bake, then I should be able to cook.
With all of your wonderful encouraging words from last week I realized it was time.
I would no longer hang my head with shame.

I was going to buy some ingredients! 
(the cooking would have to wait until next week)
Baby steps people. . .baby steps.

As you can see I wasn't planning on preparing a new to me meal that day...
but as I was strolling down the isles reading my favourite magazine I spotted this:

I was no stranger to the lure of Shake'n Bake and when I passed by this box,
and saw the Ranch Crusted description.
...I was intrigued.  
It was the one thing I knew my girls liked.

There was a picture of a scrumptious looking meal on the back, 
and low and behold I happened to have all the ingredients.
It was too good to be true? I garbled loudly as I swallowed down the last pistachio nut from the bulk section I had just passed.  
(these words would come back to haunt me)
Doesn't it look good, and healthy and just darn tootin good?  
Yes those are black beans in that salad.  

I got home and was filled with excitement.
I was going to cook my family a meal.
Their looks of astonishment as I pulled out,
 not one, but two cookie sheets 
was all the motivation I needed.
The potatoes needed to be covered with ranch dressing and then coated with the mix.

The chicken was cooked as per Shaken'Bake usual.

It was the salad that was met with furrowed brows and questions of doubt.
But I prevailed.
I was short 3/4's of a yellow pepper, but I figured it wouldn't matter.

Ta Da!
I had prepared a meal.

The potatoes and chicken were hot and plated with care. 
The black bean salad, with ranch dressing (do you see a pattern here?) 
was also ladled with care to the words 
"Just try it for mommy, that's all I ask."

I'm afraid to report the extra crunch of the sweet pepper was the best thing about the salad which was otherwise kind of mushy. Too bad it was the one ingredient I decided to scrimp on.

The potatoes were OK, hot but not crispy; more like a baked potatoe with crumbs stuck to it.
The chicken was good.
The meal was... lets just say....mediocre.
I didn't think it was possibe, but...
Shake'n Bake had let me down.

Next month, when my self esteem has returned, 
I promise to work through all of the great recipes you provided me with.
You, I can count on.

I blog with Honesty.
And honestly, I stand by my self diagnosis: I am cooking impaired.

But I won't let it beat me.  

I am a Kitchen Warrior!
All I need is a new apron and some more Sangria, and I will be good to go!

But in the meantime my family wants to post a message:

Please Send Pizza! 

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  1. Well, your photo of the dinner is 100% better than the one on the Shake'n Bake box. And making the food look good is nearly as important as making it taste good. ;)

  2. I bought the BEST apron off etsy. Cute and sassy. I think you would love her stuff. Check it out some time. They have this great little 50's feel. I am not a huge cook, but this apron makes me feel like one. Can't help with the sangria. But I would drink some (or lots)

  3. I am so like you, Dana, love to bake, hate to cook. Maybe that's why, every Friday night, we have homemade pizza and beer (for the parents, not the teenage son). At least I know everyone will eat my pizza and not complain, not one bit. Oh, and I make a pizza with ranch dressing. How's that?

  4. Really? That salad was mediocre? It looks awesome! Don't quit now. You're my inspiration to keep trying.
    As soon as I get Tucker off to college on Thursday, I'm joining with you!

  5. Well it certainly looked good....

  6. How funny - Shake & Bake is on my menu tonite!

  7. Just stay away from Ranch a la everything : ) I must remember when it comes to ingredients, moderation and variety are both good things to take into consideration when preparing a meal that includes more than one dish.

  8. LOL @ "Ranch a La Everything."

    I LOVE ranch dressing. I LOOOOOVE it.

    Which is why I don't keep it in my house. I'd pour it on chicken, on potatoes, on tacos, on corn chips...

    I'd probably draw the line at angel food cake, and DEFINITELY at chocolate chip cookies.

    But everything else? Fair game.

    Carry on!!!!

  9. I totally agree, your photo looks SO much more appetizing! I think that salad looks devine...but I love that kind of thing!

    Thanks for your sweet commenton my blog!

  10. Way to go giving it a shot! It's taken years to find recipes everyone loves or that I can prepare well consistently. My weakness is trying new things instead of tried and true. Don't give up! Your meal did look great!

  11. haha! Cute post. Sorry it didn't work out. The black bean salad looks delicious!

  12. I always wonder if the shake and bakes were anygood so I guess you have guided me in the right direction...It's pimento cheese tonight for me.


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