Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Summer Bug...The Sting Was Nasty

A Bug invaded our home.
It was ruthless.
It hit above and below the belt.
It played dirty.
Oh how I wish it was this little spider we had encountered.

I would have even been happy to take on a whole colony of these.
But instead we were bombarded with a bug too little for the human eye to see.
It caught us by surprise, yielding its nasty sting, not once, not twice, but three times.

It did not matter what time of day or night it was.
It would strike relentlessly.
Bombing raids lasting six, seven sometimes eight hours straight.

The moves I had shown them after watching an inspirational clip of the new Karate Kid movie 
just weren't cutting it.
In order to survive, 
we had to provide our daughters with a steel weapon.

It was the only defense.
The bug was so tiny it used its size to its advantage.
It had maneuvers and warfare tactics I had never seen before.

The girls were true soldiers.
They took the onslaught with great bravery.
I was so proud.

A little TLC and an old Canadian tonic were all that The Agronomist and I could offer.
It wasn't much,
but it seemed to make all the difference.
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  1. I love your poems but what nasty inspriation. I hope your girls are feeling better soon.

  2. Poor girls... that is the worst. Hope that little creature bug leaves right now!

  3. Great post....unfortunate for your daughters that they had to live the story :( They look like they were good sports letting you take their picture :) Hope everyone is feeling better!

  4. Ha!

    Love it when I get did stellar proving the power of a post title.

    Well done, little grasshopper. But, your poor POOR babies.

    And I love how you're all Canada Dry up there, and wer'e all 7Up down here.

    How you all better? How's mom?

  5. I love the way you are photographing their misery. Are you going to scrapbook this? HA!!
    I do hope they feel better real soon.

  6. I think we had that bug last spring. It's a bad one. A fast one, but a bad one. I can't believe your girls let you take their pictures. Mine never would have!

  7. Aww, I hope they feel better soon!

  8. i love reading your very creative posts!!!

  9. Oh poor sweet girls. I had to LOL at the bowl though. My mom always gave us the largest tupperware bowl she owned...and a glass of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. That was love.

  10. Very creatively written! Sorry about the bug :o(

  11. oh, that does not sound fun. Hope the girls are feeling better now.

  12. I'm late reading this so I'm praying they are already better! Poor gals. :-)


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