Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm A Little Indisposed At The Moment...

What a wonderful word.
It suggests a classiness to what I am spending my time doing.
The Summer Bug of 2010 has found me.
My friends are of the bowl variety, one steel and one china.

I've always loved the steel bowls I found at a garage sale several years ago.
They looked so industrial and professional.
Will I ever be able to bake with them again.
Not sure.
Will I take pictures?
Of that I am sure.

Yesterday I was fine.
Yesterday I was thinking of you, and what I could bring to the blogging table.

I realized I hadn't taken any worthwhile pictures for my 365 project.
I was without a shot,  and the light would soon be fading.

I ventured forth into my backyard to find something worthwhile and amazing to photograph.
Something you would find intriguing and artistic.
Something that would make you nod your head and say....aaaah.

This was my first kick at the can.  
A representation of mankind and how tightly strung and yet unravelled we are.
No? A bit of a stretch perhaps? 
Off to find other more meaningful subjects I went.
Because... You deserved it.

But my second subject looked less than enthusiastic.
He just wanted to hang around.
He wasn't giving me anything.
No matter how much I called out... "Work it baby, Work it."
It was at this time that The Agronomist looked out the kitchen window and told me to keep it down.
Asking me silly questions like ..."what would the neighbours think?"
and "Had I lost my senses?"
and "who the Sam Hills was I talking too?"

So with my inspiration at an all time low, I decided to walk over to the one flowering perennial in my backyard.

I have this thing about not wanting to take pictures of flowers.
How am I supposed to be creative?
Everyone can take a good picture of a flower... I want something more.
Something to help my photographic endeavors stand out.
But the light was fading and I needed my shot for the day.

Don't get me wrong. 
They are beautiful flowers.
But for some reason I'm not very inspired by them.
Beauty can be highly overrated.

Thats what I tell the Agronomist all the time.

You see, I won't get an offbeat look from them.
Or that special little smirk.
A nose pick
or an exasperated.. are you done yet mom?

They just never seem to surprise me in any way

Until last night when I felt the urge to yell....

I wasn't looking for a screeching Ahhhh! 
As I mentioned, I was looking for more of a soft knowing, aaaaah.
But one must work with what one has been given.

You see, with my eye looking through the viewfinder,
things appear much closer than they do in real life.
When I moved my camera to this section of flowers, 
I swear it sneered and hissed at me.

The Agronomist once again called from the kitchen window, "to keep it down."
I didn't have time to explain.
I regained my composure and started clicking as quickly as possible.

I had interrupted its meal.
How bizarrely interesting and exciting.

Maybe I haven't been giving this flower gig enough credit?

I was, dare I say...inspired?
I talked sweet nothings to him and told him not to be scared.  

And you know I do believe he was giving me a little attitude there.
A frown maybe along with a few choice spider words.
The fly?  Well... he was awfully quiet.

In the end I realized I need to always keep an open mind along with a closed kitchen window.
Who would have thought a spider chomping away could make me so happy?

Had I not ventured over to my little clump of flowers and started snapping, 
I would have been left with the badminton racket shot for today's photo.

And that would have left me feeling not only frustrated and tightly strung,
but also a little unravelled.


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  1. Awesome photos! I actually like the bird feeder one, I think, the best, but the spider is also super cool.

  2. Great photos! Your posts are always so fun to read!

  3. oh..I like taking photos of bugs, spiders and probably have seen them at my corner. bugs can be very interesting!
    Happy Canada Day tomorrow, hey ;)

  4. FYI, you almost made Cute Maintenance Boy pass out, he being deathly afraid of spider. (Of course, I had NO choice but to show him!!) ;)

  5. Sorry I am that the summer bug has bitten again. I thought that you had escaped the nasty venom. Alas it was just not meant to be for thy. I hope that you can recover quickly and not tally to long as being sickly. Thank you for your sweet words of my chicks, let's hope you can give this old bug a swift kick.
    Get well soon.

  6. Love the yellow bug against the red flower. And him caught eating. How very cool, to capture that moment.

    You are good, Dana. This is a serious comment b/c your talent has turned me all serious like that. WOW.

  7. Hope you are feeling better Dana. It never seems right to be sick in the summer.

    Thanks for the tip on the search widget! I will add it to my sidebar. I'm glad you found the recipe. I would have sent you a link to the post but was out of town this past weekend and didn't have my laptop. Hope you try it soon!

  8. So sorry to hear you got that nastiness... Get better soon. your pictures are lovely. I love the badminton racquet shot. LOVE IT!

  9. "Everyone can take a good flower photo."

    Hmm...SOMETIMES I take a good flower photo.

    It is NOT a given yet.

    And the spider? Not without a telephoto lens.

  10. Hope that you feel better soon. Love the photos of the spider and his supper! wow!

  11. Gorgeous photos....
    Really like this website, this really helps and very useful.


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