Friday, June 25, 2010

A Popcorn Promise

I have a few things to share with you while I wait for the caramel popcorn to finish baking in the oven.
Why am I turning on the oven on a hot summer's morning you ask?
It's a long story.

Eldest: Should I make some caramel popcorn?
Everyone:  YEAH!  YAY!  WHOO HOO!
1/2 HOUR LATER:  cue sound effects... munch munch... mmm mmm... munch dis is doood...mmm mm... weally dood... munch munch
Middlest:  Mom can you save some for our lunches tomorrow?  
Youngest:  YEAH! 
Mom:  Mmm..munch,  mm hmm sure.
Middlest:  You Promise?
Mom:  mm hmmm... yup.  I can't beleive how dood dis is.... 

Mom:  Uh Oh, the leftovers are mysteriously out of the fridge on the cupboard with very little left. I wonder how that happened?  Oh well there mustn't have been much left.  That sure isn't enough to fill bags for lunches.  I may as well just finish it off. Toodly doodly doodly doo. 


(Middlest wanders into the kitchen.  Middlest who has been going to bed at approximately 10pm every night and who also had a sleepover at the school on Tuesday where apparently midnight was the bedtime)  
Middlest: Where is the popcorn?  Maawm!  WHERE IS THE POPCORN!?
Mom: Umm I found it on the counter last night and there was hardly any left, soooo...
Middlest:  YOU ATE IT?!?!  MoM...  Sniff, ate it?
Heartbreak ensues...
The Agronomist was admonished but felt he was being punished unfairly.
His defense:  "The Popcorn chewing clause,"
stating to the jury that the chewing and crunching of the popcorn within his cranium cavity
....made it impossible to hear his daughter's request to save the popcorn for lunches, the night before.
Middlest:  WAAAHHHHH! (stage right: she flops on bed sobbing uncontrollably.)
Mom:  Honey?  Come on... Really? Over some popcorn?
Middlest:  You Prooooomised!  You promised.
(Mom stage whispers as she looks out into Blogland, otherwise known as an aside)
Mom: Oh...That just hit the jugular... and you all know how I feel about promises...(as she looks off into the distance knuckle to her teeth.)
If you don't know just click HERE
Mom (to Middlest):  OK OK its not a big deal mom can make you some more for lunch.
Middlest: Silence... sniff.
Mom:  In fact I'll just make some for the whole class... how does that sound?
Youngest:  Yay! Mommy's making popcorn...mommy's makin *POP* corn!
Mom:  What?
Middlest:  That sounds good... sniff.
Youngest:  For Our Classes! Yay!
Mom:  What?
Mom: Whoa, wait a minute.


Oh yeah... this is blogging in REAL TIME my friends.
Caution: Only to be tried by blogging professionals

Typing, Photographing and popping at the same time may be dangerous.
How? Well, it is possible to pop your camera while typing your hot stove.
So just be wary before deciding to try this at home
It's dangerous here in blogging world, but I happily risk my life for my readers.

I'm off to take the containers to the classrooms.
I'll be sure to let you know how it all turned out.
But If I were guessing the outcome.... it will likely go something like this.

Mom:  Here my girls... the popcorn for your class!  Just as I promised.
What?  Your teacher just gave everyone popsicles?  
And you just all had a flouride rinse and can't eat anything for the rest of the day? 
Of course, yes, that would have been wise of me to call about it first.
Well I guess I can bring it home.
I haven't had lunch yet.

Cue sound effects... munch munch... mmm mmm... munch dis is so doood...mmm mm... weally dood... munch munch.

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  1. You are so funny! I love your cute are you? Oooh and by the way, I heart popcorn of any kind and now MUST go pull out my carmel corn recipe so I can munch on some too! :)

  2. mmmm...but so worth the smell of the caramel and sugar cooking in the house.

    I love that smell: Sugar cooking, no homier smell than that.

    It must be me, cuz I just entered your blog and it smells D-I-V-I-N-E.

  3. I WANT SOME! Mmmm. I would not share. I don't believe in popcorn for all.

  4. Dana, this is too cute!! ANd, bless your HAD to eat the fresh batches due to allergies! Hate when that happens! Would love the recipe when you get a minute!!

  5. Ok, in between the cracking up over the dramatic dialogue and tense cinematic build-up (will she make more popcorn for the kids? Will the kids reach epic levels of despair? Will the Argonomist scold our heroine for the snack shortage???) was the desperate longing for caramel popcorn.

    Some people pay money for this sort of entertainment.

  6. Very funny. Very good.

  7. you are so funny! and that popcorn looks real good :)


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