Thursday, June 24, 2010

In The Blink Of An Eye

I remember it as though it were yesterday. . . 
The young lady pictured above, came to our house to celebrate my little girl's 6th birthday.  
My daughter was allowed to invite one friend over for the afternoon, 
and they created fairy homes outside in the backyard together.

After working on these photo's somehow that memory seems appropriate.

I was so glad to have a smiley "braces" picture.
It allowed me to see the young girl that is being left behind.

She knows that life has just begun...doesn't she?
My advice to my daughter and her friends.

Don't rush.
Us mama's want you to stay little girls for much longer than you are willing.

The world will wait. 
We promise.

Can you tell her friends were teasing her?
It's hard to have your picture taken when all of your gal pals are making comments in the background.

But she managed just fine.

The little girl in grade one building fairy houses with my daughter is long gone.

In the blink of an eye 
a beautiful and intelligent young woman 
is standing in her place.

Thank you to all of my daughter's friends 
who helped to fill the pages of my blog with such stunning beauty.
Click HERE and HERE to view more friends at the same photo shoot.

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  1. Great pictures.
    You are right. The world will wait!

  2. OK then, you just made me cry. This comment is written by a mom whose two daughters are grown and who misses those days when her little girls were content to push their baby dolls in buggies.

  3. My question: is it different for moms of girls??? I have 3 boys,,,,explain to me what you see? Do you see yourself then?

  4. Ok, so I'm in the middle of my own "in the blink of an eye" crisis right now after watching Toy Story 3...don't's ridiculous and involves loads of snot. :-)

    Anyhoo, I love these pics and I am so diggin that tin wall...what is that? A garage? I need me a sheet metal way eh?

    And just so you know, "I need me" is improper and I know it. It's just my Southerness that seems to come out when I'm having a conversation with people in my head.

    Beautiful! My fav is the third one seems to be "in motion". very neat.

  5. *sheet metal WALL...sorry..I really should preview but I'm way too ADD. :-)

  6. Empress,
    Yes we do see ourselves. I don't see myself, as in a mirror reflection, since my daughters seem to have inherited only their father's genes. But I remember the time and the experience and can relate to them at each stage. Seeing them grow up brings back so many of my own memories of that time in my own life. You see them as a mom and as a younger version of yourself. I am enjoying every minute.

  7. Talysa,
    The wall is the outside of the school gym. The school underwent a huge renovation and addition five years ago and this metal sheeting surrounds all of the new exterior walls. We simply walked out of the gm door and started snapping : )

  8. you are so talented! I love all the pictures and of course it is such a sweet touching post as well...if only we could hold back the hands of time. Even for just a tiny while to hold back the time...

  9. Stunning girls and amazing pictures. Is this my future. yikes.

  10. AnonymousJune 24, 2010

    Beautiful photographs!
    Debbie~via Facebook

  11. AnonymousJune 24, 2010

    BEAUTIFUL!!! the pictures, the girl and the post. I am so feeling this right now with my baby girl. One more year and she wants to rush to 18. I think about that little girl missing her 2 front teeth on the first day of kindergarten every day.

  12. Beautiful girl (and the ones below!) and such vibrant, fun shots!!

  13. What a lovely post, brought tears to my eyes!

  14. Oh Dana, these pictures are just making me weep.

    These are wonderful.

  15. She's beautiful. And you are echoing the battle cry of mothers around the world...don't rush. Ever.

  16. AnonymousJune 25, 2010

    Dana, the pictures are wonderful, and you write so beautifully that it made me cry reading the blog and thinking about my little five year old growing up!!!!!!!!!!
    Jodi ~via Facebook

  17. Wonderful shots! Isn't it hard to keep in the present when the past is dancing before our memory eyes?

  18. Ooh. Beautiful photos. I'm feeling so sentimental lately. This just about made me cry. I'm now a grandmother. What?!? I've said this over and over today - don't see Toy Story 3 if you aren't ready for a good cry. Especially don't take your 18 yo boy whom you took to see the second one when he was 7.

  19. You have an extraordinary eye for beauty! Glad you got the braces shot to allow you to hold on to the past just for little bit longer...

  20. Glad I stopped by.. you hae an extraordinary eye for beauty.

    I'm small, small, small town Canada too..

  21. fantastic! amazing how we grow to love their friends, too, isn't it?! :)


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