Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why Do I Live In Northern Canada You Ask?

Because Summer makes it all worthwhile.
(I took this shot in our backyard last night.)
I would go through ten of these. . . 
(be sure to put on mittens before clicking)

for every one of these!
. . .hmm?  I wonder if I may be suffering from a bit of sunstroke today.
We northerners aren't used to these hot temperatures.  
It takes us awhile to acclimatize.
(Just a quick shot out of the truck by The Agronomist while at work yesterday)

The evenings are hot and dry.
The spiders are itsy bitsy. 
The mosquitoes only come out after dark. 
(OK so a few don't follow that rule but nothing a little Skintastic can't cure.)

But guess what?  It doesn't get dark.
This is looking outside at around 10:30 PM.
The only downside is that those cute little patio lanterns are pretty much useless here.
While the season may be short, the days are long.

I have a theory about us northerners.
We learn to have a thankful nature.
We learn that while today might be difficult, it won't last forever.
We never take the beautiful weather for granted.
We learn to appreciate every single day that doesn't require warm boots.

We are also known to get heatstroke easily... 

which makes us delirious for most of July and August.
Thus our happy nature.

It makes me wonder what people in Arizona and California get excited about?

Welcome Summer!
While we know you are only here for a quick visit, we are thrilled to have you!
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  1. beautiful pictures! you almost convinced me that the area isn't too bad. ;)

  2. I am with you sister. I love living in Minnesota for the very same reasons. Although - with littles still needing to go to bed at 7:30 - I have had to invest in awesome room darkening shades.
    xoxo, t

  3. I really think that you northerners get a lot more excited about summer than us southerners because of the "very little light thing" in the winter. We visited Denmark last summer and, while it was strange that it never got dark, it was neat that when it was 10 or 11 at night, we were still going strong!

  4. You have no idea how much I envy you right now. I just got home from running errands with three kids in 98 degree weather with humidity in the upper 90's. Talk about tempers flaring!

  5. I survived a few years in Northern Canada (though not as far north as you) and even though I am glad to live on the west coast I miss what you describe. I never fully understood the concept of spring cleaning until I survived my first prairie winter, the way the whole world changed around you inspired you to clean, throw open the windows (until the mosquitos came calling) and embrace the air! Enjoy your light filled evenings because before you know it the cold is b-a-c-k!

    Barb :)

  6. YES, you've summed it up perfectly!!!! I agree! Except about the mosquitoes only coming out after dark ~ with all the rain we've gotten over the last month and all the standing water as a result, our mosquitoes are out in full force at ALL hours. (But I don't care because they're just a given in summer and it's too short a season to be whiny about anything!!)

  7. Small spiders is a big bonus. I love this post. What a great way to look at things.

  8. Are you serious about little to no mosquitos? Wow, we lived in the interior of Alaska for almost 5 years and the bugs (black flies, mosquitos, gnats, no-see-ums, etc...) were atrocious!! We couldn't keep the windows or doors open unless we had screens... We also made sure we were liberally covered in bug dope all "summer" long because pretty much everything was a biting insect. But talk about BEAUTIFUL!!! I do love the summer in Indiana so far!!! WE stay up late, watch fireflies, listen to the frogs and crickets, and lay outside under a clear moon to watch the stars!!! Yes, both are equally beautiful!!!

  9. Oh, how we northerners--me being a Minnesotan--cherish our summers.

    I love your photos, too. The field/great big sky shot by the Agronomist reminds me so much of the southwestern Minnesota prairie, where I grew up. The wide open spaces, the endless skies...

    Wonderful post!

  10. Oh yes, I so get this post. You have a bit more light in a day than us, our sun is setting around 9:45. And yay, to smaller spiders, for sure! I love all of our seasons too, and don't know if I could live somewhere like California. And I'll bookmark this post to remind me of that fact when next winter I'll be looking at that temp and frostiness of your linked post. :v)

  11. AnonymousJune 19, 2010

    totally with you on getting excited for summer. We in the Pacific NW are still waiting. The joke around here is summer comes after the 4th of July. We are celebrating our country's birthday with fireworks while wearing jeans and jackets. But it is green and never gets too hot. except one day last summer when we hit 106! we were dying! hardly anyone has a/c at home here (I'm sure like you).

  12. So,...if you don't mind saying ..cause I live in Southern Ontario....which part of Northern Canada are you in?

  13. Hmm...what DO we get excited about, exactly?

    And when I lived in England, I was AMAZED at how late it stayed light!

    The longest day of the year here, it's still getting dark by 9.

    Light at 10? Later? How glorious!

    (Although I do love my little patio lanterns...)

    BEAUTIFUL shots too!

  14. Pictures you posted look really nice. Especially the one with big white spider. It's a big contrast between these photos and the ones that you posted earlier from the winter time. I share your excitement about the hot and dry weather these days. However the summer is way too short up in the northern Canada.

  15. Hi! I live in Minnesota so I completely understand about appreciating nice weather!! I could never live in Arizona! We rest in the winter and go hard in the summer, although I am not sure what I would do with the sun at 10 at night :-)

  16. Wow! Daylight at kids would never go to bed. We have a cold season in the Carolinas much like your warm season ...very short but we enjoy it by playing in the 1 or 2 snowfalls, and sitting outside around a fire pit with neighbors. So much fun to hear about the diferences. Have a great night!

  17. LIght until 10:30?!?!? Holy smokes...

    So happy to read how you are enjoying it.

  18. Wow! I would love for our summers to be light until 10:30! This is pretty awesome and almost made me want to think about living that far North....that is until I saw your post you had linked about the winters ha ha....don't think this southern Gulf Coast girl could handle that cold!

  19. such gorgeous photos!
    i think i might just enjoy summers up north a tad more than the incredibly muggy hot days here in atlanta. im struggling to keep my hebs & hydrangeas alive :)

  20. I'm not so good with the cold, but that might be because I live in Australia - and we all know what that means. Non-stop beautiful weather. *cough*

    Actually, whilst I love summer, sometimes it just gets too hot and humid here. Your place looks like a nice change. Can I come stay?


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