Monday, June 21, 2010

This Week Is Worth Remembering...

This week was one I want to remember.
Because it was special.
Each and every single crazy busy sunny summer day!
My youngest performed in her first play.
She did a great job!
I am very thankful for her teacher 
who took the time to rehearse three different plays
 so that each student had an interesting role.
(the only trees in this play were painted on the backdrop : )

We enjoyed two of the best potlucks I have ever been too, and...
 Yes,  this recipe was brought to both.

We decided that we had witnessed a small miracle.
And that if we started looking close enough.
Miracles were all around us.

We are enjoying the most amazing summer weather.
I'm letting the kids stay up waaay tooo late.   
And it's been great.
OK, maybe a wee bit on the cranky side, but still, so worth it!
I was so proud of my daughter who took on a huge project.

And so happy she had a McGyver Dad who she can always count on.
(to be clear...Gum and paper clips were not involved. . . just tape and maybe a toothpick)

We said good bye
 to her school
 and classmates of ten years.

Did I mention the beautiful summer evening weather?

I may have mentioned it already?

Please bear with me.... I need to remember this. 

Again, and again....and maybe a little more after that.

It's important to my winter Phyche.

I had my first impromptu photo shoot and it was so much fun.
The grade nine girls were so beautiful.
I can't wait to share the photo's with you. . .  (if they'll let me?)

Time was spent choosing the perfect gift for The Agronomist...

We had a wonderful Father's Day!
...where I managed to catch this sweet shot of Grandpa laughing. 
(Something he has taught me to do often and easily.)
Thanks Dad.
My daughter's are so lucky to have such wonderful men in their lives!

...and that includes you too, Farm Grandpapa!

Did I mention the summer weather?

oh...I did?

I will want to unwrap this week again and again.  It was perfect in every way.


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  1. Love that last photo! And I plan on having me some Lazy Lasagna soon. ;-)

  2. Wow, sounds like your summer is off to a great start. I keep waiting for sunshine to kick in for our summer?! (we're in the northwest) Can't wait to try that lasagna recipe and I definitely need to find that t-shirt for my husband...perfect :)

  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    THAT .... is the funniest t-shirt ever!!!
    Leanne ~via facebook

  4. AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    Audrey ~via facebook

  5. Beautiful post Dana. I am so glad you you are finally having summer weather!

  6. great t-shirt!!
    I love summer in Canada too :)

  7. You just take amazing photos, my dear lady.

    And I hope you get some nice weather soon. ;)

  8. Cannot wait to see the results of your photo shoot.

    Poor thing, you really don't know how talented you are, do you?

    Bless your heart...

  9. That was not a potluck, That was a feast for an army. Love the pictures! And how you always have at least one detail that makes me laugh (the t-shirt was it this time.) THANKS!

  10. This was such a neat post, I loved it ALL!
    Psst-I am a new follower too! Yay, I am going to love following along with your adventures!

  11. someone's excited about the weather!
    I'm mostly excited about cherry tomatoes growing outside my door...mmhhhwwhaaa (drooling happiness)
    Just random FYI for you ;)

  12. Simply incredible. I wish I could as excited about summer as you...

    It's really hot down here!

  13. Gorgeous pics. The t-shirt made me laugh! I need to get Hubby one of those.

  14. You captured some great moments! Blessings...


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