Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Five Star Hotels vs. Camping?

There once was a fair maiden Matron who lived in a humble bungalow.  
You might know her?  She would blog on occasion.
Every year, her family, despite her protests, would take her to a foreign land, 
(where there were no dishwashers.)

She would be expected to live in, a smaller than her bungalow, abode, with tacky linoleum.
The linoleum made her very unhappy.

The food, was cooked without the aid of a stove.
Fire was involved, and ashes... and smoke.
The smoke made her unhappy, and stinky.
Being stinky made her a little grumpy. 

This foreign land was called Camping.
Her children loved it,
and her husband enjoyed it.
The grumpy stinky Matron? She spent her time dreaming of Five Star hotels.

This foreign land had its highlights.
There was always wonderfully perked coffee, enjoyed alongside live entertainment,
and the company was always next to none.

The children loved to play in the water.
The matron, would watch from the shore, since the water was not heated.
And bathing suits were low on her list of favourite outfits.

But this year something changed.
The foreign land called Camping became a thing of beauty.

The Five Star hotels paled in comparison to this paradise.
The Agronomist's brother and his wife, 
bless their souls,
introduced the bungalow clan to a whole new world.
It was a paradise found on a wide blue expanse of water.

A paradise found on a boat.
A paradise found on the faces of beaming happy children.

Paradise was also found behind the boat.
All of a sudden the matron didn't mind being stinky.
No one could smell her hair with the cool breeze off the water.

She could enjoy the water up close rather from the sidelines, and....
even though she tried, she couldn't remember what was wrong with the linoleum.

While she watched her children jump in the water with their cousins,
she no longer missed her dishwasher.

And while she still didn't much care for bathingsuit attire.
She felt quite comfortable in a life jacket.

And finally, she discovered that cooking over an open fire...
was the best way to prepare the catch of the day.

Five Star hotels?

The Matron decided,

 were highly overrated.


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  1. Great post and photos! Looks like a fantastic trip! I still get my hubby to try camping. I remember loving it as a kid with my grandparents.

    Please stop over and enter my giveaway if you haven't already!! it's for a $40 gift card.



  2. Looks like you guys had fun! I love camping & the water. Nothing like being able to catch your food & cook it over fire the same day.

  3. Great post! We tent camp...and leave on Monday. I'm in denial. My husband and kids are so into it. We're camping for 10's 10 days of filth, ashes, dirt, and not so great nights of sleep. A night at the Westin's heavenly bed sounds like a good dream. I need to totally psych myself up for it...and am not really sure how! :)

  4. As I always say, the older we get, the more beautiful the red peppers become.

    Fleeting moments, and we are so blessed when we are in the thick of them.

    Looks luscious.

  5. You are so right! I love camping because my family loves camping. The adventure outweighs the inconveniences in the long run.

  6. Oh Dana, what a great post! I grew up going camping with my family, and it's a tradition that has faded as we got into high school and college. I'm determined to start it up again now that we're settling down and will have our own kids in the future. GREAT photos on the boat - I LOVE the one of your youngest blurred out but the water drops in focus. Lovely!

  7. AnonymousJuly 13, 2010

    LOVED this post. I am not a fan of camping, but I love your perspective. :)

  8. Superfun!! Keep up the good work!

  9. That picture of the inner tube with the splashing water in focus is BRILLIANT!!!!

    Love it.

    And I love camping.

    But I love 5 star hotels too.

    I'm ecumenical that way. :)

  10. Love this post Dana!
    I camped for years with my family and we finally took our older two out west a few years ago...before baby three showed up!!:)
    The "mess" can be a bit much some days, but they sure do love it don't they! Throw in some water and a boat and I might love it a bit more too!
    Enjoy the day

  11. Oh how I loved this post today! Your pictures were so beautiful and the way you write is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi, I really enjoyed this post. Great photos and the story was so cute. I have to confess, though, that since I get seasick, I'll have to stick to "roughing" it in 2 star hotels. :). Thanks again.

  13. I have no idea what a 5 star hotel might look like...that's a whole nother world.
    In fact, cooking over a fire, washing clothes in the river, fishing for food, eating maidenhair fern buds for a snack, all those things were a way of life for me once, along with skinning, butchering, and all that goes along with living on the out. But, no thank you no more. Nope. I'll stick with the hot water and warm bed if you please.
    I do have to admit though,it was a glorious life.

  14. Great post! I loved both the pics and the words.

  15. Ahh Linda, Five Star hotels... Where do I begin....

  16. Gorgeous shots! Have a blast! I think, weather permitting wewill be taking the wholefamcamping tent style this saturday! Wish us luck! Any tips?

  17. I would love to try out camping. I was the daughter of a 5 star hotel kind of guy and now my husband is the same way.
    I love your shots! Amazing!

  18. We are heading to a foreign land this weekend ourselves. Oh so much preparation. Ugghhh! We do love camping....but somehow I know I would still choose even a 3 star hotel if given the chance!
    Looks like you all had a great time.

  19. What a FABULOUS post and amazing pictures to boot! So glad you found your paradise!

  20. Lovely post, gorgeous photos, and I still hate camping. But yes, you do come home refreshed by water, sun and family. ;o)

  21. Why is camping always hardest on the moms? But the shorties just really dig it. We have found the joy of boating too. I wish we could sneak off every weekend. You photo's are WONDERFUL!! I love the pic of the four little kiddos sitting on the back of the boat. A true moment in time captured in a stellar image.

  22. Great pictures! Love to know what kind of camera you have...I've been asking around...trying to decide what kind to get!
    Love the water picture from the boat pulling the tube!

  23. Some of the most cherished memories are camping with my kids. Great perspective in your "sweet shot"!

  24. LOve the camper! My husband is currently shopping for one and trying to convince me that a camper from the 70's is so vintage and chic (he reads my blogs and is trying to use my language - NOT working)

    Love your post and can so relate to the swimsuit not being high on the outfit list! Looks like you are having fun, despite the ashes and washing dishes in a tub, we are off next week and can't wait. HMmm... no one has a boat though...

  25. Such a sweet post! I can relate because I am not a camper... but I can appreciate the fun memories and the beauty that would come with it. I love your shots! The water is gorgeous!


  26. Wow. I didn't mind the linoleum at all! : ) It looked kind of charming! Now doing dishes in a tub....that didn't look too exciting to me : )

    LOVED your pictures from your trip! It looks like you had a wonderful time. My family never camped. I was always sort of glad about that : )

    I kind of like five star hotels! I just like my family right there beside me in them!

  27. Looks like fun. Though I totally get the 5 star hotel wanting. :) It sure looked nice and cool there. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  28. ha! your comment over at my post made me laugh! "embrace" camping? well, i do for the first 24 hours, before the water supply runs out and i can't bathe my kids and the power runs low and i can't use the microwave and before my man gets so stinky i can't be in the same truck cab with hime! for reals, dana, my man and i prefer the 24 hour camp trips. 24 hours secluded in the mountains feels like a weekend. perfection, if you ask me!

  29. I though you will be grumpy with your family camping trips your whole life... Congratulations for realizing the beauty of camping trips. It is better to be late to realize than never after all. I can’t imagine you being grumpy seeing your children and husband very happy.

  30. If I were to choose between 5 star hotel or camping, I go for camping. Camping is the best outdoor activity for the family, since it is an effective and fun way of building closer bonds. It involves taking time out to be there for your family full time, whether you are the parent or the child

  31. That is a tough choice. Camping perspective of people differ and it is usually according to their lifestyle. But with my perceptive Camping can be grand and luxurious too for as long as you have the resources and the opportunity… why not?


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