Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sister Friend... The Z to my Y

I have one friend in my life, who I call a Sister friend.
And this is she.

We met at Theatre school.
She was the cool one, with the great smile and british accent.
She was amazingly talented.
She was cast in all the best roles, and we all knew she deserved it.
Her comic timing was to die for, and still is.
This picture was taken after she had picked me up from the airport, 
in the pouring rain, on her scooter, 
I of course had a huge gigantic suitcase and didn't think it could be done.
She didn't give my concerns the time of day.
We laughed hysterically the whole way.
And that is how it has always been.
Me worried, her without a concern, followed by laughter, lots of laughter.

I hoped we could be friends, and to my surprise she thought that would be a good idea too.
We travelled in a little red Chevy Sprint across the Canadian prairies with the windows open wide and the music blaring.
We learned many things about each other over the years.
We danced many a night away, and ended the evening with Nibs (for me) 
and a chocolate bar (for her).
Many philosophical conversations occurred at 4 in the morning, as we tried to will away the after effects of copious amounts of water and fatigue.
We persevered, and survived through many eighties fashion trends, along with her penchant for hats.
She didn't drink and she didn't swear, and didn't judge.
She taught me what true friendship really was.
I couldn't believe I had found a kindred spirit.

We laughed and cried over our my choice in men, and our my fake hair pieces.
She was the one who watched with me as we drove past, my then boyfriend, as he kissed another girl romantically under a streetlamp.
It was fitting that his name was Bob Love.
She watched as I burst into tears.  
With one perfectly timed comment, she made me see the situation for what it was worth and turned my tears into laughter.  We laughed hysterically for a good long while, and then went dancing.

We eventually both fell in love, and while I returned to my hometown and became a teacher, and The Agronomist's wife; she moved to Vancouver
She then lived in London, San Francisco, New York and finally Toronto.

While life threw her some curve balls, she never, ever complained.
I have the utmost respect for her.
She is an incredible mom as well as actress, in that order, and I am her biggest fan.
You've likely seen her on TV... a few times.

We don't see each other very often, but our thrice weekly phone calls, Facebook comments and Skyping help to make the distance disappear.  And for that I am so thankful.

It is her birthday today.
How old do you think she is?

She seems to be getting better with age.  
Hmmm? perhaps I should rethink my mocking of her penchant for hats?

Or.... maybe not?

I know she has eaten her weight in chocolate many times over;
and yet, she looks like this?

I guess running half marathon's might help too... but I have to draw the line somewhere.

I am blessed to have a Sister friend who makes me laugh so hard I can hardly catch my breath.
among other unmentionable bodily functions that I will not mention, 
so as to keep this post as classy as she is.
Yet?  Classy might not be quite the right word, as she has very few inhibitions.
Like the time she...
You know? This might not be the time to tell you about that.
She has entrusted me with many stories, and I've promised her I'm a steel safe.
And I've thrown away the key.
Unless of course she becomes extremely famous, and I could 
make a cool million from spilling my guts.
But she would love me anyway.
That's just the kind of person she is.

She is my Sister friend,
and I love her to bits.
I wish I could be the one bringing cupcakes to you today,
          but I trust Audrey will do a fine job.
You are a one in a million
And I thank God he saw fit to place you in my life.
You deserve every happiness life can offer! 

A friend is someone who knows all about you, and loves you just the same 
~ Elbert Hubbard
Thank you for your gift of friendship.

It has meant the world to me.

You are the Z to my Y!
       All my love, 

I'll be joining Sweet Shot Tuesday hosted by Darcy at My3boybarians today. 
And Alphabe Thursday hosted by Jenny Matlock at ...Off On My Tangent...

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  1. christineJuly 14, 2010

    What a wonderful tribute to "matchstick head" Megan, truly a one of a kind girl that I am happy to have met too. How can anyone come close to this exceptional testament to friendship, except to send a heartfelt happy birthday to Miss Meg and get back to the kitchen - where I am making a life-sized chocolate sculpture of her!

    Beautiful blog Dana!! xo christine

  2. What a great post for what sounds like a great sister friend.
    I am blessed to have one of those too.
    Enjoy the day

  3. Dana, your blog today is a lovely birthday gift to Megan. Made me tear up. I know she feels the same about you.

  4. I have a couple friends like this too, it's a wonderful gift to have in life!

    Happy Birthday to Megan :)

  5. Happy Birthday. What a sweet post!

  6. As her wedding toast to me, one of my dearest friends wrote a poem called "Sister of My Heart."

    It made me cry.

    What a lovely birthday tribute!

    (I'm realizing I use the word "lovely" a lot when I'm here.)

    Now I want cupcakes.

  7. What a sweet post! Such super shots too.

    Happy Alphabe-Thursday,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  8. Megan here - blubbing her eyes out over possibly the best birthday present EVER! Jacquie is right, I do feel the same way about you and then some. You have always been there for me through thick and thin, various hair shades and an apparent inexplicable need to lift my leg up in photos. I love you to pieces my sister from another mister.
    Christine - when can i expect the chocolate sculpture to arrive? Cindy, Confused Homemaker Tracy, Lori and Nora - I'm sure you already realised what a special person Dana was when you stumbled on her wonderful blog and thank you for your birthday wishes!

  9. Dana, what an amazing tribute to a friend and a great finale to our alphabe Thursday. I even had tears in my eyes. It's a great thing to have a cherished friendship like this that endures through thick and thin, time, distance, motherhood and hats.

  10. waaaaaaaah!!

    I know what you mean. I am blessed to have 2 Ethel's to my Lucy. (of course, I'm the Lucy...didn't think I'd make myself the Ethel, did know how vain I am by now)

    Happy Birthday, Megan! You both are so blessed. Cuz there is NOTHING like a good friend...except , maybe good husband, good health, good kids, good job, good skin.....

  11. What a great birthday tribute to a special sister friend!

  12. HOw very nice of you. I keep trying to write about my only "sister" friend, but I can never seem to find the words.

  13. A great tribute to your friend. Happy Birthday to her. One always needs a sister friend because above all she's the one you can count on always when the chips are down. Great Z post.

  14. How wonderfully blessed you both are. I loved reading this and thinking of all my girlfriends whom I love!

  15. AnonymousJuly 15, 2010

    Wow! Well I guess we'll know who to go to for the obit. Yes miss Megan is a special BFF. But so lucky to have you in her life too.

    Fantastic blog. Enjoy this moment all. I'm speechless.

  16. what a sweet tribute to your sister friend, I wish I have a sister friend

  17. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful friend!

  18. I loved every word of this. I'll be honest, I'm dying to know the Bob Love comment, but I know what you mean about being a steel safe. You girls remind me of my girlfriends. What could be better?!

  19. Hi Dana,

    You guys are soul mates. You are very lucky and its great that even when life takes you in very different directions you are able to maintain your friendship. Thanks for sharing.


  20. lovely images,
    what fun take !

  21. AnonymousJuly 15, 2010

    you are such a great friend! she is such a great person! that is beautiful what you wrote for her. Im a bit choked! x

  22. Absolutely fab post of friendship...that is a perfect ending to the alphabet...the pictures are wonderful thank you for sharing your memories...bkm

  23. Beautiful blog entry! Hope you have a fantastic birthday, Megan. I know how much your friendship means to Dana. You will always be a honorary member of our clan. From, the sister of the same mister

  24. What a beautiful post to someone who is obviously a wonderful friend!
    Happy Birthday Megan!

  25. What a beautiful post to your friend. Everyone should have a friendship like that. Your post made me cry....very very sweet.

    Happy birthday to Megan!

  26. Beautiful tribute to a great friend. Happy birthday to Megan, and may your relationship continue to flourish!

  27. Wow, your friend and I share the same birthday! Now why didn't any of my friends write such a moving tribute about me? Hmmm.

    Your friend is lucky to have such a great friend in you. And I have a feeling that it's mutual! You're very lucky!

  28. What a wonderful post. You are so blessed to have a friend like that...they don't come along every day.

  29. What a terrific post for your friend! The photos of you two make me happy just thinking about the fun you've shared through life. Thanks for sharing! ~ Sarah

  30. Your dear friend has certainly accomplished a lot in her 26 years on this earth.

    She is lovely. I can see in your pictures (and you are lovely, too, BTW) how much love there is between you.

    How fortunate that you have found such a wonderful Z-friend.

    And how fortunate we are that you shared this heart-warming link on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Z"!

    Thank you for this post.


  31. This was a beautiful post-It sounds like you are both lucky to have each other.

    Best wishes,


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