Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Too Old To Be In Pictures...

Soooo?.... Tomorrow... I am going to be older... Than I am today.
And I decided last night that I needed to come out of hiding.
When I'm an old granny blogger, I want to remember what this face looked like
Back In The Day!

I decided it was about time I had a more recent picture of the more mature me on my blog sidebar.
But the lighting was a little wonky.
Bright sided on the right and shadow weary on the left.
You'd think I would have taken the time to primp a bit, but no, 
I figured the makeup would have seeped into my sorta newly acquired fine lines, which would have made the whole point kind of moot.
So I took a few unsatisfactory shots and decided what I needed was some natural light.
I figured it was all that was needed to give me that youthful glow I was looking for.
Self Portraits?  They are all about the lighting...
and also about trying not to be seen by your neighbours as you pose on your front stoop...

Hmmm? Ya think I could stretch that smile any wider.  
And clench those teeth any harder?

Perhaps a closed mouth smile would do the trick?
Nope, that's not the way to go.
Not unless the trying to get some popcorn out of your teeth look is the new runway vogue?

Instead maybe the mouth open slightly?  Hmmmph... snicker... Oh Baby!

After viewing the above picture on my camera I started to crack myself up.

I have never had a more difficult subject.  
I'm not sure if I will work with her again.
Do you think she could just give me a natural smile that doesn't make her chin look like Jay Leno? 
But I'm not giving up.
Oh No!

It must be the one handed camera hold.  
A Full Frontal two hand attack should do the trick.
Hmm... glasses falling down, and Jay Leno still in the building.

Why am I looking so freckly and colorless now?
I'm pretty sure I uuused to have lips?

After cropping and smoothing out some lines just a teensy weeensy bit, finally one I can work with.
Please just ignore the splotches because they will disappear after I make one last important tweak.

Ah Yes... size small please.
(I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to say that before?)

 I like it a whole lot better when it's not quite so life sized.

So dear readers that is the ticket to a self portrait in your mature years.

No bigger than wallet size : )

Come Back tomorrow.
I've decided to throw A Party!
And I promise to never evah put you through this kind of post again.
At least not for another year anyway : )

All my luv,
from a soon to be older and wiser,
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  1. Happy Birthday to you beautiful lady, now I can see where your gorgeous daughters get their good looks from.

    I tend to go for the closed mouth one armed shot myself. I think you did well with them all. You have lovely eyes. You make me laugh!(But please don't think me a stalker just admiring from across the Pacific in Australia)


  2. funny post!!! the hardest pictures are always the self portraits! ;) Happy birthday girlie and by the way...I AM a granny blogger!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!
    We should all take a good ol' self-portrait on our special day!
    You're right...when we are really old and grey we'll appreciate it!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    And what did a very wise & beautiful woman once say about getting older? That the scenery is pretty nice :) She was so smart, you should listen to her ;)

    I gotta say your pictures show one beautiful woman.

  5. Happy Birthday! Mine was Sunday and my daughter took a half way decent photo of me. I reset my profile picture last night. It's a little dark, but it's me...not like my driver's license picture that I posted last week. Are you brave enough to do that?! You're so right though. Us women behind the camera need to get in front because even though we don't like what we see now, five years from now it's going to look pretty amazing! Go Granny Bloggers!

    I'll be back for the party.

  6. Beautiful pictures Dana - you look great! Self portraits definitely are the hardest. Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! This made me laugh because I do this kind of thing too. I try all kinds of variations and of course, I find something wrong with every one of them!

  8. Dana, you are too funny!! I love these pictures! I JUST changed mine out on FB, and I am still hiding behind the camera--not sunglasses like I was for a year and a half. Do people keep their profile pics up that long? Hmm...well, I did!

    Hope that you have a wonderful and blessed birthday! Enjoy yourself!

  9. Happy Birthday! How much "older"?
    I felt like this on our last trip--see the wrinkles? The patchy skin?
    Then I realized that in five years, I'll wish I looked like THIS!

  10. Happy Birthday! I love all of your self portraits.

    Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment. I love finding new reads!

    Hope your day is wonderful tomorrow.

  11. Is that what your hair just LOOKS like?

    Was there fussing? Curling? Fluffling? Coloring?

    Cause if there wasn't....I AM SO ANNOYED.

  12. I think you look beautiful in all the photos!

  13. I personally loved your self portraits... but your commentary was the BEST. What a great way to start my morning. Looking forward to celebrating you tomorrow.... age is all relative, my friend!!!

  14. Love this!

    Hope you have a fantastic celebration!

  15. These pics are great! You haven't changed a bit...from your sidebar pic that is!
    Happy Early Birthday!

  16. ...old granny blogger.. LOL
    Love you! Happy Birthday. I cannot wait for the party. Shall I bring wine?

  17. These photos are amazing as always. Have a great celebration hun!

  18. thanks for popping by my blog...i am really lol ing all over the place...i took so many for my 45 entry, and they all didn't look as good as yours!!!!happy

  19. You are absolutely gorgeous! Twenty years from now you will look back on these pictures and wonder what in the world you were thinking when you thought you looked anything but dewy and youthful. (Believe me, I know!)

    Maybe what makes you extra-especially beautiful is that you are a good soul--inside and out! You can't fool your readers.

  20. great self portraits and a happy birthday to you tomorrow!
    I laughed when you said "I am pretty sure I used to have lips" because I have said the exact same thing only last week during my weekly self portrait session!! I guess that is another wonderful side effect of getting older? but we are getting more mature, right?!

  21. Too funny - I'll sneak some good candid ones of you onto your blog one of these days! You're gorgeous, Girlie. To those of you that don't know Dana in the 'real world', you have to match these pictures with a sultry, low, Ros-from-Frasier voice to get the whole picture. Also, after Dana's amazing birthday present to me, she has agreed to let me do one for a year. Seriously, I'll need that long to make it worthy.

  22. I found your blog through Turkey Cookies. This post made me laugh. Oh, how we have all tried the countless shots to get the perfect one!

  23. I love all of your pictures! What a stunning smile you have.

    Happy Birthday too-hope it was fabulous!

    Best wishes,

  24. whaaa...??? How did I miss this? Oh, I am such a loser.

    Happy Birthday, Beautiful Dana... I cracked myself up, too, the other day, trying to get a new pic I needed. Ah, youth, if only I knew I ws gorgeous when I was gorgeous...

    These are adorable, here....


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