Monday, August 02, 2010

Colour Blind

Last week life was feeling as though it were several shades of gray.
It may have had something to do with the copious amounts of laundry camping always creates.
It may have had something to do with The Agronomist leaving on Sunday not to return until Friday.
It may have had something to do with the two younger girl's room being in limbo.
It may have had something to do with it being my birthday.
It may have had something to do with my attitude.

I was choosing to be colour blind,
and realized my Life was anything but gray once I decided to really look for the colours.

I realized I just needed to open my eyes and take notice.

It was unbelievable how rainbow hues began to pop out at me from every corner.
Much like, when buying a new car, all you seem to see is the
 same make and model at every set of lights.

I needed to look past life's gray smudges, and focus on the colour beneath instead.

I needed to appreciate the saturated sights and smells.

I needed to look up
at the vibrant streamers quietly hung for my birthday, while I slept in.

And I needed to thank The Agronomist for the painted Fuschia drawers;
as I think I've found the colour of love.

 I needed to remember to say yes to bubbles.
Did you know they make all of life's grays float away?

And I learned to enjoy the saturated jewel toned pillows... as they offered up nap perfection. 

Here's to living life with intensity and appreciation.
Here's to using crayons instead of pencils.
Here's to living life in full colour,
and allowing the gray to be washed away.

I am red, ORANGE, green, blue,



Jenny MatlockSweet Shot Day
tuesdays unwrapped at cats

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  1. You've got no idea how awesome this post is for me right now. Really needed to remind myself to look to see the colors & joy around me.

  2. Love it... Great post today. I work with a very wise woman that is always in a good mood. I asked her how she does it and as I sat back waiting for great wisdom she said, "Sometimes I just force myself to find happiness." Sounds like you are doing something similar. And fuschia is the color of love. For sure.

  3. Are you drinking lemonade in a wine glass? Now THAT sounds like a great way to "pick-yourself-up"! And did someone send you those flowers, or did you buy them for yourself or pick them? All three answers are great in different ways...

  4. Happy!
    Great photos of color.

  5. Brilliant!

    Yes, sometimes we need to tell ourselves to LOOK, as we get complacement sometimes about life being obliged to interest us.

    And that painting in the second to last photo is stunning and I am coveting now.

  6. Life has been this whirlwind of insanity the past few weeks - mostly blessings and beauty, but tiring nonetheless. Thanks for the beautiful post today, Dana. I've missed catching you on the blog; I'm glad that I tuned in today. Such color, such beauty. Like you, my friend!

  7. Yes I am drinking lemonade in a wine glass.
    My mom gave me the flowers for my birthday.
    and the painting?
    My eldest painted it at a birthday party.
    Now off to do a load of colours : )

  8. We really need to stop once in a while a savor life. I love this post!

  9. Love your words here! Way to see the bright and colorful side!
    Your pics are great too as usual.
    Oh and I am dog does the laundry for us while we are away! Ha!

  10. You're right, Dana. I hate when you make me get all serious. But, you're right.. I get so overwhelmed by all I have to do and I forget all that is right here.

    Awful, I'm awful.... I know you meant to cheer me on, but now I"m self flogging.


    The only cure is me hopping on a plane and staying there in all your colored infused focusing...

    love ya, woman.

  11. I really believe it's all a matter of perspective. Sometimes you just need to step back and see the beauty of what surrounds you..I sometimes succeed but all too often I forget

  12. Amen! I love the bursts of color around us at every turn. You captured them amazingly!!! Thanks for the little lift of color...truly your gift to me! and now...i'm going to enter your giveaway! ;)

  13. Hey Dana, thanks so much for stopping by the blog and commenting and following! Yay! Love the colours you found! Happy Birthday,

  14. your sweet shot pic is totally making me thirsty right now, but i need to go to bed haha!

  15. Love the colors! Thanks for visiting. I have a Canon Rebel XS. I used a 55-250mm zoom lens for the beach shots and for most of my photos lately. May and earlier I used the kit lens (18-55mm). I also have a 50mm f1.4. I just put that on my camera because I need to learn to use it. I got too comfortable with the zoom.

  16. Lovely post Dana - and a very very Happy Birthday!!!

  17. What a beautiful post. Both the photos and the words. Very uplifting.

  18. I love this. I need to look for the color in my day today. It is so easy to see gray when we are surrounded with the rainbow.

  19. Beautiful colorful shots!

  20. Love this post! I need to open my eyes more to see the *color* that surrounds me.

  21. I love your writing and your photography. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning.

  22. Beautiful post! I think we all need to stop & look around us.....I needed this one today! Great shots to accompany it!

  23. Beautiful post, and thank you for the nice reminder to live life with "intensity" and "appreciation" true!!! I'm going to try to remember these words when we return from camping on Sunday and the laundry begins :)

  24. I love this post! It's already making me look for colors in my own house!

  25. beautiful reminder today. thanks!

  26. Beautiful post and beautiful captures! Thank you for reminding me to seek out the colors! ;-)

  27. Beautiful! What a great outlook. I too have been suffering from the greys. You help me remember that we don't have to look far to revel in God's colors. Thank you -- and thanks for visiting Graceful today.

  28. You've captured the colors of life in every photo. Gorgeous.

  29. The writing in this piece has a poetic quality ~ perfectly paired with the beautiful photos (sigh). You have a wonderful way of eXpressing yourself. ThanX for the encouraging words. I'm off to find a fresh pack of crayons...

  30. Dana,

    This was incredible. Seems like you were at my house this week.

    What a gifts you have. Thanks for helping us to colour our worlds today.

  31. Love you photos - and appreciate your perspective even more!

  32. What an uplifting post, thank you! The pictures are gorgeous and bright and accompanied by beautiful words. Found you through Good Day Regular People! She's featuring you this week :)

  33. Beautiful pictures Dana. Thanks for the reminder to look around and enjoy all the little things that make life beautiful. Congrats on your post over @ Remodelaholic!

  34. Awesome post, Dana. It made me smile and look around to notice the color in my world. Thank you!

  35. first, isn't amazing that we notice what our focus is set on? second, i have a blog called shades of gray (B&W photography) and i have a sister blog called color me silly (color photos)... so i am particularly drawn into your post today. great photos, all, and great words to keep 'in focus'... :)

  36. YOur photos are always so beautiful!! Love the fuscia dresser!! And the frames of the kids...well it's really hard to pick a favorite photo. They always rock!


  37. Love the fuschia dresser too - one of my favorite colors!

    Have a lovely weekend,


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can stop by.

  38. brilliant and fresh,
    lovely orange post.

  39. Dana, absolutely brilliant post.

    This was gorgeous start to finish.

    And I can truly appreciate what you wrote about forgetting all the colors we hold within our hearts. That pesky gray just comes to visit us sometimes to remind us how vibrant and lovely our lives really are.

    Happy Birthday. I'm glad you were surrounded with joy and rainbows on your special day.

    Thank you for linking.


  40. Thank you for reminding me of all the beautiful color in my life also! Great post.

  41. Such lovely photos, and wonderful sentiments...Blessings

  42. AWESOME photos, and GREAT post, pointing out to ALL of us to look to the things we take for granted everyday!
    Thanks, Susan


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