Saturday, July 17, 2010

Too Young

I take pictures.
Lot's and Lot's of them.
I began my "Project 365" on January 1st.
At first it felt funny to carry my camera around and take pictures of the every day.
But as I get close to day 200 over at Bungalow'56 Filtered, it has now become second nature.  

I have been choosing a picture each and every day, which either represents a moment in time I want to remember, or simply a shot I am pleased with.
Most of the time the photo's make their way over here, but not always.

So... I've decided to share, and sometimes elaborate on a photo post, whenever the mood strikes me.

This one is called 
High Heels 

We went to Value Village today, where my Middlest daughter found these heels.  
They are too big for her and she is too young for them.
She bought them with her own money.  
By the time they fit, perhaps then... she will be allowed to wear them.

My Middlest is only ten with a few months to go before she is eleven. 
From the moment she slipped these on, she could walk like a pro.  
How that can be, I'm not sure?  
I told her, her feet would start to kill her after only ten minutes. 
She ended up wearing the darn things all around the store for the hour we were there.  
She was "in love" with them... and would "buy them with her own money," since,
"her feet didn't hurt one bit."

I remember wanting high heels so badly when I was her age.  
I was absolutely in love with the idea of having a pair.  
I have a very vivid memory of a close school friend who was allowed to have a pair,
long before I would ever get the nod from  my parents.
I thought she was the luckiest girl on the face of the earth.
I would watch, green with envy, as she walked up for communion at church.  
They were a pair of strappy black stilleto's that she teetered on precariously, 
and even I could see that she looked like a little girl playing dress up, 
And I sooo wanted to be her.

The photo above makes the shoes look much more "mature" than they are.  
They make her look like Minnie Mouse, with with the black bowed round toes and largish square heels. 
Am I worried I will be hearing the Tsk Tsk's of my readers through the blogosphere?
As I re-read her age above, it does sound young; but somehow they look age appropriate as she  sashays around the house, and I'm not sure why?
Her older sister just got her first pair and she is fourteen?  
Perhaps we will let her wear another year... 
Today, she's too young.

Her feet better not grow too fast.  
It likely won't matter, 
as the shoes will be worn out by then anyway, since she's wearing them around the house, 
from morning 'til night.  
In fact,  I just found her sitting on her bed reading Harry Potter with summer shorts and a t-shirt on,  
and yes, her High Heels.  
Makes me laugh.

Do you remember your first pair of high heels?  
Funnily enough, even after all my wishing and wanting, I don't.  
And as fate would have it,  I hate wearing them.  
Flats are the Bee in My Bonnet, 
For now... and for evermore.

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  1. I wore heels only once, and in the process of being beautiful and sexy in heels i took off across a wet lawn and became funny and off balance with my heels sunk into the soft lawn. I hate heels. I am a barefooter, my feet love the air. Always have.
    Cute post.

  2. What a neat story, and ya know neither of you will ever forget these heals! Your an awesome mom!

  3. I have NO idea how people can walk around in heels and be comfortable with them!

  4. I can remember leaving work at the end of a l-o-n-g day and having my high-heeled feet hurt so badly that I would take the heels off and walk stocking-footed to my car in the parking lot. PAIN! I think it was that my peasant-footed ancestory rejected the high heels. Your daughter is undoubtedly a high-class, aristocratic young woman whose feet were born to wear high heels. I say she should go for it--and embrace her inborn ability to flit about in high heels. I envy her!

  5. Wonderful moment in time. Captured perfectly. Love it.

  6. I remember getting a pair of high heel clogs from a teenager next door and wearing them with navy blue knee high socks to my girl guide " graduation"! What was my mother thinking? I guess I was persistant! Just last week my 6 foot tall daughter found bubble gum pink shiny stilettos on sale at the mall insisting she needed them. The begging that happened-shameful;) Even though she is almost 16 I wanted to cry because I am not ready to let go! Good thing she spent all her money at Starbucks! Or she would be walking the dog in Barbie pink stilettos!

    I love your posts-I feel like we are both experiencing the same things in our lives AND you are Canadian!

    Happy Sunday!

  7. Cute story!!!
    I am a flip flop girl!
    I own 3 pair of heels....and really do not wear them. There was a time in my life when I wore them more.

    I remember my Mom had a pair of Candies when I was little. I would beg her to let me wear them...and every now and then she would let me. That was the best!

  8. For me it was always trying to sneak into my mom's toe shoes. She told me I'd break an ankle. I'm more of a flats kind of girl myself :)

  9. Cannot stand wearing high heels, but since my legs look so achingly beautiful in them, I figure I owe the world, you know? ( I kid, people, I kid)

    The shoes are to die for, and I adore shoes.


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