Thursday, August 12, 2010

Absolutely, Stunningly, Beautiful

A few days ago The Agronomist and his wife were on their way to the city.
They live four and a half hours away.
It is a long drive.
The Agronomist loves all things farming.
He loves the endless fields.
He loves watching the farmer's progress in the endless fields.
He loves pointing out the farmers in the endless fields to his wife.
His wife looks and says mmm...hmmm....beautiful.

The Agronomist also loves photo's of the endless fields.
His wife?  She's more of a faces kind of gal.
So when The Agronomist pointed out an older combine adrift in the field 
she dutifully took a picture.
But only with her point and shoot.
Because, quite frankly, she didn't find the passing landscape to be worthy of the effort 
to get her "good" camera out of it's bag at her feet.

She was tired of taking pictures.

She figured once you've seen one field of hay bales you've seen them all.
The Agronomist's wife didn't see the beauty The Agronomist did.

Although... she had to admit the colour of the deep green against the blue sky was very pretty.
But still she didn't grab her camera, 
even after The Agronomist inquired a second time.

In fact... he was kind of starting to get on the wife's nerves.
As she looked out the window at the landscape, she asked herself, 
"What could possibly make this picture special? 
Why would her blog readers want to look at a field?"

And instead, 
The Agronomist's wife decided she needed a rest on this drive past endless fields.

She decided the point and shoot would just have to do.
After all she reminded herself, they were just plain old endless fields;
and The Agronomist tended to be a little biased.
He loved the endless fields.
And even after seventeen years of marriage... 
The Agronomist's wife still couldn't understand why?

As with many answers in life.
It came quickly and quietly.
A lesson was about to be taught.

As her head rested on the seat and her eyes scanned the landscape,
the heavens opened up, to show her what The Agronomist had been seeing all along.

The sun drenched fields began to glow.

She didn't have time to grab her "good"camera and had to make do with the point and shoot.
The yellow of the fields and the blue black of the sky was something so beautiful she started yelling.
Look girls, LOOK, isn't it BEAUTIFUL?

She frantically tried to make the point and shoot do for her, what her good camera did with ease.
She continued to yell from behind the camera to her family to look.
To see the beautiful endless fields.

She had never seen anything like it.
And didn't think she ever would again.

Before she could take another photo,
the moment had passed.

A few days ago The Agronomist and his wife were on their way to the city.
They live four and a half hours away.
It is a long drive.
The Agronomist loves all things farming.
He loves the endless fields.
He loves watching the farmer's progress in the endless fields.
He loves pointing out the beauty of the endless fields to his wife.

And now...
His wife looks and says.

I see it too.  

It's Absolutely




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  1. Good one Dana! Next time you will dig out the good camera? Although this is perhaps a great argument for an upgrade on your point and shoot camera :)

  2. This is truly a beautiful posting. We can't always look through the eyes of another and see what they see at the exact moment. I'm so happy you both finally saw "eye to eye. "

    I noticed the same thing as I went for my daily walk. The fields next to the road were dotted with the little square hay bails. OMG I thought is this the 1st or 2nd cutting? Anyway, it means summer is nearly over. I gazed at it for a long time.

  3. Hi Dana,
    It may well only be a point & shoot camera but the yellows are stunning.
    Such an interesting (really!) & amusing post.
    (Can you tell I live in the country too, fields as far as the eye can see!)

  4. This is amazing. The words and pictures weave wonderful pictures.

  5. Terrific words and images of yellow seamlessly joined together here!

    Have a terrific weekend too,


    PS Mine this time is OVER HERE! Hope you can stop by.

  6. Wonderful post! You did a great job capturing the moment in both pictures and words. Nature is so stunning, thanks for sharing!

  7. Fantastic post..Your photos and words are truly enjoyable..

  8. Dana, how beautiful! What a show God puts on for us when we least expect it! I am learning to keep my camera with me at all times. I'm just afraid it will melt in the car in all of this heat! Love those endless fields!!

  9. I totally love your words and the photos are just so amazingly stunning! I have never seen such beauty! Even if they're only from a point and shoot, I think they came out really great :)

  10. Wonderful post! Blessings on your day...

  11. Dana, I absolutely love this post.

    The words, the photos, the emotions and those magical shots that you got from your simple point and shoot.

    I want to go way deep with thos post and make it into an analogy for our view of life...but instead I will just rejoice in the beautiful images you shared and the simple, evocative words that accompanied each.

    Thank you for linking.


  12. So beautiful! I've always love the beauty in the rolled bales sitting in the fields but that yellow and blue picture is stunning.

  13. Stunning! Yes!
    Can't believe it's real! Beautiful matter what camera!!

    Yay! I'm so glad you are running with me. You will surprise yourself, really, and you might love it. Just make sure to take the rest days so you don't hurt your knees!

  14. Glad you took along the point and shoot. These are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Ah, the fields. I'm with the Agronomist. I love looking at fields in my native southwestern Minnesota. They possess a beauty unlike any other. And that shot with the dark sky contrasted against the yellow of the field, well, that's outstanding.

    I've learned, even in the car, to always have my camera at the ready. I've missed too many shots.

    Anyway, great post, both through words and images.

  16. Holy moly, that is beautiful. I just love the storm clouds in the background - it's got an eerie, almost tornado like feel to it! Beautiful.

  17. Somehow, to me, this post was practically perfect in every way...from narrative (both tone and text) to photos to lessons taken.

    Great one!


  18. I saw it already in the first pictures. I love a green field but that yellow was just stunning! Good thing you caught those special moments on camera!

  19. I feel this way when I see cotton fields. We used to farm cotton and if we could still do it, we would. I feel the majesty of God there, just as I am sure you did when your eyes were opened. Great post!

  20. that last picture was worth the is a stunner!

  21. Such a beautiful post. I totally appreciate what you are saying here Dana. :)

  22. Yup, I am married to an agronomist as well, and yup, I wouldn't have taken out the good camera, and yup, your pictures, even with the point and shoot made me stop and stare.
    Terrific post!

  23. Your text reminds me of something I read and love, "the sincerest form of prayer is a still sense of wonder."

    That is just what you did.

  24. That was a stunning moment, and you showed it to us just perfectly. I liked this post!

  25. Absolutely stunning, I have seen fields like this...there is nothing like a beautiful fields, a storm in waiting - breathtaking...bkm

  26. Love your post! Love how you shared the change of heart and was able to see the beautiful fields through different eyes :o) And I love how you ended this post...

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Here's to many more moments to discover :o) After 28+ years of marriage, I am still discovering amazing things and experiences through the eyes of my hubby and our grown children...can't wait for those moments when we are grandparents too :o)


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