Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Monday And I Need A Haircut

It's Monday morning and I've got nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Except that...

I need a haircut.
I've needed a haircut for fifteen years.
But I'm afraid,
afraid of looking like someone other than me.

I know I'm in a rut.
I've been in a rut for fifteen years.
As you can imagine, it's become quite deep.
It's probably not really a rut anymore.
More like a canyon
a crevice
a very deep valley.

Whatever it is, I can't see the bottom anymore.
It's dark and it's scary.

If I decide to take the jump,
I may need a parachute.
But as you might have guessed?
I'm afraid the chute won't open.

As I mentioned
It's Monday morning and  I've got nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
And I still need a haircut.


Please leave a comment if you've been a brave soul and changed your hairstyle after many many years.
Success stories are preferred by Bungalow'56 management.
Thank you.

If you hadn't figured it out yet?
I'm a big chicken.
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  1. ok, here goes. is it a success story? eh, maybe. but it's my story. i had long hair my whole life. like, picture a 3 year old with so much thick red hair you're wondering who's wig she stole. by my preteen years it was almost waist length. by the time i turned 15 i was done. i had never been in a salon. i longed to have my hair professionally shampooed. so i convinced my mom to let me cut it on an impromptu trip to the mall one day. it was gone, just like that. a neat, short bob in its place. i loved it, but told mom 'you better call dad and warn him'. dad? well, he didn't talk to me for 3 days. THREE. DAYS. his baby girl was all growed up, and he couldn't handle it. but you know what? hair grows. everyday. nothing's permanent. and now i change a lot--grow it, cut it, layer it, blunt cut...and you know what else? my hubby never says A WORD. he knows better :) i say go for it. hair grows.

  2. Do it, baby! Change is scary, buy usually good!

  3. Bawk bawk b b b bawk over here too!
    You go first! Anytime I get my hair cut, I just let it grow right back to the same style again!
    Go for it!
    And hey! It's Monday. A great day to start running! huh?

  4. Last summer I chopped 8" off my hair and it was the most liberating feeling! I haven't missed my long hair a single day since. As I was driving to the salon that day, I kept reminding myself that it's only hair and it will grow back. I say go for it! It will always grow back if you don't like it, but I bet anything you'll love a new style.

  5. Cutting your hair is good for the soul.

    I went short after a long time of long, and it was brilliant. You can read about it here if you want:

    Now, a couple months later, I already want my hair to be long again. But I don't regret cutting it, because it was good for my soul. : )

  6. Hair grows back - so do it my friend! My whole life I cut my hair short, want it long again, let it grow long, cut it short, rinse.lather.repeat. I am long again and thinking about short again.

    I love that hair grows.;)

    More importantly though - what is that cute peasant blouse(?) you are wearing?

  7. I still think you look gorgeous love! But a little make over won't hurt either. :)

  8. I LOVE changing my hairstyle - it's liberating, really! You'll still be you - look online for lengths you're interested in (ex. medium or short hair styles ) and give us some choices - we'll help! Visit a stylist you really trust, get a referal and GO for it!

    I recently got a cut like this one...
    (a slightly angled bob w/a more defined bang than Heidi K. is pictured with)

  9. I say go for it. Hair grows and a change might be good for the upcoming season says the girl with the same 'do for 3 years ;)

  10. Do it! I've got a great hairdresser here in Toronto. We'll tell them it's your birthday (not far off) and they'll give you a cupcake!

  11. I'm addicted to haircuts. Nothing makes me feel better. And it's only hair.

    "There are few things in life that a good haircut and good posture can't fix."

    Elizabeth Berg

  12. P.S. Take photos like a madwoman with a camera. And I mean so that they think you're all important and shiz.
    Tell them it's for your blog and that your peeps in America want to know.

  13. is a haircut scheduled???

    Something dramatic and wild? ;)

  14. Nope...not me...all I've got is the four...count them FOUR!!! gray hairs I pulled out yesterday making my family late for church mind you. I really hate gray hair.

    Your hair is gorgeous! Maybe a trim would make you feel like you've done something...without drastically doing something. Make sense? Didn't think so.:-)

  15. Hi, I stopped in by way of the Denton Sanatorium.

    You are a beautiful person. Your hair is an accessory, not who you are :)That means you can change it all you want!

  16. Hi Dana, I had the same haircut from when I was three years old. Center part. Bangs. Just below my jaw. My hair is short and thin and fine (all the things I am not...sigh...) After a lot of years of chronic illness and family crisis I looked in the mirror one day and thought I looked tired. And very old. And I went and said "make me look less exhausted" to the girl AND she did. She made it shorter, got rid of the gray, parted it on the side, and layered it. And I love it. It does make me look less tired.

    Your hair looks cute in your picture (and I love your shirt - did you make that?) If you're not sure how you'll look go to a wig store and try on different styles to see what makes you smile! Have someone take digital pictures of you so you can really "see" yourself!

    Happy Monday!

  17. I may not be the best one for giving advice on this subject since I've had many, many hair styles. But here's what I like to do: Grow out my hair and then cut it short. Then grow it out again and while it's growing, experiment with different hairstyles. It's a great way to find out what you like and to not feel like your stuck in a rut. But the down side to this is that it may take you a while to grow out your hair. For example, my hair grows fast, yet it has taken me almost three years to have shoulder length hair (but with many different short styles in between). I just feel so refreshed after a new style, so I think you should go for it! :)

  18. before i start, i want to say that i loved your photography and how it told a story, right along with your poem.

    otherwise, i think you might find a haircut very freeing! i had long hair for years, and finally decided i needed to "grow up" a little, chopped it off and donated it to pantene beautiful lengths. i felt like a new woman with it all gone!

  19. I am the perfect one to counsel you on this.
    I have the world's thinnest straightest hair, so few styles are meant for me.
    That being said, I change it frequently. When I grow it out, it does manage to look similar, but I've done Demi Moore from "Ghost" to long and straight Marsha Brady and everywhere in between.

    Be brave. If you hate it, it grows back.
    Did I mention it'll grow back?
    Find a great stylist, one recommended by a friend, explain to them you're afraid of change, but what would they recommend?
    AND THEN LET THEM DO IT!!!!! Don't ask questions, don't try to change your mind halfway through, and don't second-guess yourself until they're done.

    I can't wait to see what you decide!

  20. If you don't go for the haircut, maybe you just need better product to make you love the hair you have? Somewhat of a compromise? I'll show you mine and even let you take a spin when you're in town. Best shampoo ever and I have it. Not that I am getting the chance to shampoo my hair very often lately. It's all about the bandanna over here at one Vancouver.

  21. Funny you say that because I had a haircut this weekend. Nothing fancy, my hair needs to stay long so I can manage it.
    But with your beautiful face frame I think you should go short in order to show it's shape. Go bold!!

  22. I'm a big chicken brawk brawk brawk!
    I've changed colours, gone from brunette to blonde, but you'd think cutting my hair is the equivalent to cutting my arm off!

  23. Oh...I'm with Jen!!
    I have done quite an array of styles in my day.
    A good new hair-cut can change your life...really it can!
    Enjoy the day


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