Thursday, September 23, 2010

All Clean.... Almost

Well I should have never looked up.  If you did not read my post from earlier today, then here's a little recap... I've decided I will no longer write blog posts until my house is tidy and ready for any unexpected guests.
That would be of the non-blogger variety.
You know...?
In the real world?

Well I made the mistake of looking up.
I've been meaning to clean my kitchen fan for awhile, because that sucker gets dirrrrrteeeee.
But then I noticed things that I normally don't see.
Sticky dust on my pot rack, on my roman blinds, on my light fixtures.  
I needed to address the sticky kitchen dust.
And well..... 
here it is evening, and I'm still going strong.
After pressing publish,  I will start looking down,
and deal with whatever lurks beneath the fridge and stove.
If I do not post tomorrow, you know it was a more dangerous job than I had anticipated.

But you are likely waiting on the edge of your seat to find out what I accomplished.
The walls are washed the blinds are out of the dryer, the fan is squeaky clean as is the ceiling.
The ceiling you ask?
Why yes, the ceiling.
When I accidentally wiped away a few spots, I saw that there was a whitish streak left behind.
I did have a picture to show you,
but I think I would even stop reading my own blog if I was forced to look at greasy ceiling grime.
And that is all I'm going to say about that.

When The Agronomist came home. I fluttered my eyelashes took his arm, and led him on a tour of the new shiny, squeaky clean kitchen.

"I even washed the inside of the windows... and vacuumed the screens" I said sadly,
"but you can't tell, because the outside panes are so filthy..."
"It's too bad all that hard work was just a waste of time... sigh..."

He's my Knight in Shining Armor I tell you.

Knight~ in~ Shining~ Armor.
Love ya,

I will be linking up with Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday!  
We're starting at the beginning with the letter ~A~
Jenny Matlock
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  1. AWWWW! How sweet of him! lol all that greasy dust must have sure kept you busy today . What an Acomplishment! Good Job!

  2. I love a man who understands the importance of choreplay.

  3. That's awesome. Guess there are nice guys out there after all! Congrats!

  4. Oooo, I like your methods of coersion, I mean, hinting. I will have to give it a try 'cause what I've been doing obviously ain't working. LOL.

    Megan's comment cracked me right up!

  5. the picture of the hubby washing the outside of the windows is so funny! I am glad it is all clean and pretty and I admire the way you maneuver........

  6. WOW!!! What a day you had!!! Good luck with the rest! And you certainly do have a fantastic husband for making your windows crystal clear!!!!!

  7. A man after my own heart. No, wait....I already have a man after my own heart. Okay, so he would be runner-up. No wait, he is your man. Okay....erase erase erase. What a great guy you have! Enjoy the squeak and shine!!

  8. Oh what a guy! Great job getting it done today. Now can you come clean MY house?

  9. Oooo! Can you pop over to mine later please! Brill!

  10. Oh how I'm feeling a little guilty about my own ceiling fan dust right about now!
    What a sweet hubby...and you knew just what to say to get him out there! :)

  11. Dana: Am I going to be the only one who doesn't support your new resolution to clean first and write later??? The dust will ALWAYS be there, waiting for you. Do you want to be known as Dana, the Reluctant Immaculate Housekeeper (sounds like a woman in a Bible parable)? Or do you want to be known as Dana, Writer and Photographer and Free Spirit? I vote for the second one. :)

  12. Good job cleaning their hun! It looks like I have some cleaning to do myself. Oh well.

  13. Oh my stars, that's love.

    Himself would do something like that.

    Yes, he would. I think he and the Argonomist would get on well. Don't you?

  14. Good luck on the rest of the cleaning projects! It feels so good to do a really good, deep cleaning sometimes, doesn't it? I almost fell off my chair when I saw your steel Youngstown cabinets in the pictures. If you look on the sidebar in my blog, you should find some links to images of my old kitchen -- yellow, steel, circa 1949 Youngstown! We just sold that bungalow in February, and have heard that the buyers plan to rip it all out and replace it with new stuff....

  15. My husband always washes the outside windows. He's so much taller than I am and can reach them easier. (At least, that's what I tell him.) Your post is bad for me. It made me realize how long it has been since I cleaned those things.

    Great Post.

  16.! That's true love!

  17. i've got to try that eyelashes fluttering thingie! :-)

  18. just don't look up. :) that will save so much time you'd otherwise spend cleaning.

    i don't want to think the things that are up high that haven't been dusted in MONTHS. yuck.

  19. Ok here is the deal I am inviting you to the UK please come and visit I will provide food and rubber gloves with many trips to parts of uk I so want my kitchen to sparkle

  20. You are so funny. I love coming to your blog.

    If I actually had eyelashes I would try the fluttering thing. I doubt it would work, though. My husband is not a big fan of window washing. I used to coerce my kids into doing it but, sadly, they all grew up and moved away.

    Thanks for the laugh and the fun stop for Alphabe-Thursday!

    You're just cool.



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