Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Little Bloggy Lovin Over Your Saturday Morning Coffee

I am constantly amazed at the talents of women across the blogosphere.

What I love most about blogging is reading a post that makes me laugh,
or cry,

or think,

or wonder.

Speaking of wonder,
If you are wondering what these pictures have to do with my post?  Nothing.
Absolutly nothing.  
They are just items I found in my kitchen the other day, and I liked them so I showed them to you.
That is one of the things I love about blogging.
I pretty much do whatever I want.
It's very empowering.

And every week by chance I happen upon a new blog that turns me right round, baby right round.
(name that song)
No really...  I need you to name that song, because that's the only part I know.
It's kind of a little quirk of mine.  I never know song lyrics, save for a few words or a line.
I do however remember the tune.
So of course I sing the whole song using the one line I know.
Over and over, because it just gets stuck there.
Alll day.
Aaaalll weekend.

This drives The Agronomist crazy.
He of course knows every lyric to every song he has every heard.
I have no idea how this is possible, but he does.  
And not just one genre, oh no.  
Pop, and
Rock and Roll.
I don't think he knows any Rap.
But I can never be too sure.
It's just this feeling I have.

ummm? Getting right back on track here. 
I was talking about the amazing talent I come across every week.
And I want to share it with you.

Amanda who writes over at The Habit Of Being
I kind of like her... and I wonder if you might too.

This little lady over at Parenting By Dummies
took over a weekly photo meme, that I enjoyed participating in on occasion.  I was completely won over by her introduction,while hosting her first Wordful Wednesday. 
I don't know what it is, but I like her... and I think you might too.

And then having three daughters I appreciated this bloggy mom's epiphany about being thin. 
Mrs. Nilson over at Nilson Life 
She made me want to discuss some things with my girls.
I was thankful for that... and I think you might be too.

And this one's just for fun.  She makes a dress a day for a dollar a day... Thanks sis for sending the link.

Have a great weekend everyone,
As for me?
I'm turning right round, baby right round.

Love ya like Green Tea,
(Cause I'm giving up coffee...sigh)
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  1. Dead or Alive: You spin me round.

    Happy Autumn and a happy weekend to you Dana.
    Love your blog, your pics, you make me laugh.



  2. Oh you are too funny! And no this is not a bad thing!! Its really, really good!! The song is "You Turn Me Round" by Dead or Alive (I knew the song but not the band had to check...) My husband has the same ability and it applies to movies as well. When we were dating he loved it because I would sing the "lyrics" to songs only to discover that I had been singing the wrong words for years!! Did you ever see the movie "Jumping Jack Flask" with Whoopie Goldberg? In it she had been singing the wrong words to the song and so had I...

    Have a great weekend!

  3. screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech.

    Just like an old hand painted panel by panel cartoon?

    Coffee? NO COFFEE?

    I'm catching the next plane over. Your household will need my help.


    I'll be right over, I'm all caffed up, and thus now have mad laundry skillz with a z.

  4. As always.....LOVE the pics. Especially the straws. So cute!

    Yes - there are a lot of clever bloggers out there. You included, hon. ;) xx

  5. Dana I like you, I really do, but I just can't trust people that don't drink coffee...unless there's a very good reason for spill sister why give up the magical elixir of life/only reason to get up in the morning besides our loving families?
    If you're really quitting then good luck to you, you are a stronger woman than I am!

  6. looks like someone already beat me to it but it's dead or alive's you spin me. in fact my brother texted me the other night at 1:30 a.m. to let me know it was playing in the bar where he was and it made him think of me. love that. would have liked it better if he'd remembered i have 4 kids and i need my beauty sleep ;-)

    and really, giving up coffee? shall i stage an intervention? i'm pretty sure you'll regret it.

    thanks for the link love and kind words!

  7. The song reminds me of one of my favorite movies...Wedding Singer. :) Yep, Dead or Alive/You Spin Me
    here you that you do not need to sing only one line over and over again...hehe

    Yeah I, I got to know your name
    Well and I, could trace your private number baby
    All I know is that to me
    You look like you're lots of fun
    Open up your lovin' arms
    I want some

    Well I...I set my sights on you
    (and no one else will do)
    And I, I've got to have my way now, baby
    (and no one else will do)
    And I, I've got to have my way now, baby
    All I know is that to me
    You look like you're havin' fun
    Open up your lovin' arms
    Watch out, here I come

    *You spin me right round, baby
    right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round
    You spin me right round, baby
    Right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round

    I, I got be your friend now, baby
    And I would like to move in
    Just a little bit closer
    (little bit closer)

    **All I know is that to me
    You look like you're lots of fun
    Open up your lovin' arms
    Watch out, here I come


    I want your love
    I want your love

    have a great weekend!

  8. You are giving up coffee? Truly? Oh, I pause for a moment of silence.

    Thanks for the links. will check them out.

  9. No coffee. I am not sure we can be friends anymore.

  10. Sounds like fun. I'll go check them out.

  11. your blog is so fun too....I have smiled several times already.....the pictures are amazing.....

  12. See, you stopped the whole world short with that no coffee thing. No one can even THINK about the other blogs you linked to because we're worried sick about this lunatic idea of yours. ;)

    Thank you so much for the link-back (is that what the cool kids call it?) - it's a little uncomfy having so many people thing about your body (fat or thin) but when trying to parent girls, you have to kinda face up to your own issues. Sigh.


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