Monday, September 27, 2010

Chocolate And Apples: My Theory

Do you ever play little games with yourself?
Like for instance... if I buy this magnet... and put it on my fridge.... by some sort of magnet magic...I will become a person who loves apples and will forever snub my nose at anything chocolate?
This is just as a very random example, which in no way reflects what may have happened at the home of a certain someone who lives at Bungalow'56. 

Do you have very slim children who love to bake, and happen to love baking with chocolate - not apples?

I was looking for the apples... honestly I was.  I was sure I had left them in the freezer, in behind the incredibly decadent homemade Peanut Butter squares.
Don't you keep your apples in the fridge?
Of course you do.

I couldn't find the apples.  These look a little bit like apples, except smaller and oval.
Perhaps they hold some magical anti-chocolate-loving properties.
In fact.... they remind of chocolate.

They are bite size, kind of like those new Oreo bites.
And they are a little like the caramel filled chocolate balls, because they are liquidy inside.
And they are even more like, yes, you guessed it, the Reeces Peanut butter cup miniatures with the soft filling inside.

So really, the magic is working because obviously eating chocolate is exactly like eating fruit.
Sweet harder outside and soft sweet inside. 
How did I not see this before?

Don't you love it when life becomes crystal clear?
The magnet is right. 
Eat an apple a day, orrr... some chocolate a day, because really, it's the same darn thing.
I'm a very analytical  thinker.
I can see past the magnet's rhetoric, straight to the deeper meaning.
It comes naturally to me.
I'm lucky that way.

So if you'll excuse me.
I must do what I must to remain healthy...

Love ya like chocolate and apples,
but mostly chocolate,

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  1. I like your thinking! Keep it up. Maybe you need a new magnet to make it all perfectly clear.

  2. So I shouldn't feel guilty at all for munching (bite by bite) on our leftover chocolate pecan pie...all day yesterday?? 'Cause it was just like eating fruit you say??? Fantastic...there's more for me to munch on today!

  3. chocolate. my life's nemesis. it will always make me do things i do not want to do. i will curse it and forever try to fight it. but i think it will always win...

  4. Makes sense to me. Now I think I'll go get me a piece of that fruit.

  5. Apples are the snack you have in the afternoon so you can eat the chocolate at night.

    That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

  6. I love chocolate. I live on chocolate. I love caffeine. I live on caffeine. I live on chocolate, caffeine, and tylenol.

    What comes first, the chicken or the egg in that sentence?


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