Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

We had a great evening on Friday with three families.
It was a potluck.
The idea was that it was supposed to be about getting together.
Minimum work.
No fuss.
I was worried about what the kids would do.
I figured maybe we would have to walk to the bowling alley.
But you know what?
We only saw them when food was on the table.
They played hide and seek in the dark,
and some sort of back yard dodge ball.
There were all ages here, from six to fifteen.
I was so impressed.
I've decided that one of the things I like best about our friends,
is how great all their kids are.

You know when you are tired and the kids start doing something silly,
and gross, but kind of funny, but still gross?
Yeah... me too.
You haven't seen this guy in awhile.
I didn't either this past weekend.
He worked Saturday. 
He was weighing some wheat in a weigh wagon for some farmers.

As a result, ice cream mustaches and goatees were allowed. (see above)
It made me miss him less.

Before he left though,  he harvested his corn crop.
All six stalks of it.
Planted in the front of our house.
It was delicious.

When I eat corn it gives me time to think.
Methodically cleaning off that cob....
I've realized if I want to have a really clean house,
I need to invite people over on a daily basis.
Lots of people.
Lined up outside my door.
Like the kernels on the corn cob.

Maybe even more than once a day.
That would be really motivating.

But they could only be allowed to stay for a few minutes,
because you would still need time to continue cleaning for your next set of guests.

And they would have to bring their own snacks,
because you would be too busy to bake.

Kind of like a potluck?

Which brings me back to the great kids.

Even the ones with the ice cream facial hair.

Love ya,
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  2. I agree Dana more company equals cleaner house! We hardly ever get company (at least not unexpectedly) and I only mop when I know someone's coming over!
    And how cool that you can walk to the bowling alley! That probably wouldn't be such a good thing for me...I would be there everyday! :)

  3. I really love it when families come together at least one weekend every month or two. That's what we do and it is good for the kids as well to bond with their cousins. :)

  4. We have much in common wise Dana. I too clean only for company, or to be honest when company is already here.

    And thank you for the kind words, you brought a huge smile to my face this morning.

  5. I know the mad clean before company comes only too well. Sigh.

  6. Looks like a fantastic weekend! We survived the cold & little blizzard in Jasper ( wasn't really all that cold & the blizzard only lasted for the drive from one place to the other)


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