Friday, September 17, 2010

Olympics....Here We Come!

It was a throw down of epic proportions.
My Middlest was talking smack talk like I've never heard before.
She reeled my eldest in like a seasoned fisherman.
She was challenging her to a front step Jump Off.

Her height and grace were duly noted.

But her sis was not going to be outdone.
She decided facial expression should be part of an artistic component.

The cuteness factor of the head gear came into play for this one. 

But how could I deny this one's enthusiasm and colour coordination?
Not to be confused with her enthusiasm and sometimes lack of coordination.
Particularly in high heels.

The arch and smoothidity of this jump was exceptional.
Smoothidity is in fact a word when one is colour commentating Off Porch Jumping.
As after the release of this post, I expect this event will eventually become an Olympic Sport.

But in the end this one, with her sheer recklessness had to win.

It was a hard call,
but mother's are used to making those.

Plus everyone was on their way to Dairy Queen,
regardless of who I proclaimed... the Front Step Jump Champion.

You see, Ice Cream was involved.
So really there were no losers.

Except The Agronomist, who came home too late to participate.
He figured he would have won hands down if he had been here.
But I guess we'll never know...

I on the other hand, am still recovering from my soccer crazed fall I mentioned back in August.
One day, when I've stopped reliving the horror of my near death experience,  I may tell you about it.
But until then, I will be the picture taker.
And Proclaimer of Champions.

I have nothing to prove.
As I am also a champion in this household.
A champion ice cream eater.
That would likely be the only type of throw down I would ever win hands down.

Have a Great Weekend.
I need to go practice some more.

...two scoops please.
Love ya,
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  1. Love those shots!!
    Enjoy the weekend

  2. Awesome shots!!!! Sounds like a fantastic night!!!!

  3. Love your new word. Maybe it will become the next new internet sensation.

    You got scoops at Dairy Queen? I don't think our DQ has scoops anymore. Just all soft. My kids both work at Dairy Queen so the last place they want to go now on their days off is DQ. I'm deprived.

  4. Looks like you are having some beautiful fall days 'up there'. So jealous... woke up to a dusting of shhh.. snow.. this morning! Enjoy the sunshine and your weekend :) Love the pics

  5. I love how you can always find joy in the simplest moments of life.

  6. You are such a "fun" mom, let's just say my first reaction to this idea would not be, "oh hey let me just grab my camera"

  7. Oh, the colors!!! The joy!!! No grey here. mean I have to check back EVERY DAY in hopes of the soccer story???

    OK. You win. I will.

  8. Fun shots!! I think the 'smoothidity' jump looks very graceful, well captured...and of course well jumped middlest one.

    I miss Dairy Queen, it's been 10 years since we last entered her doors. We don't have Dairy Queen in Australia and I miss the chocolate fudge brownie sundaes.



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