Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Loved Richie Cunningham

Happy Days
I watched Happy Days.
I loved Happy Days.
I loved Chachi and Joanie,
And I always had a bit of a crush on Richie Cunningham.
I was never a Fonzie kind of gal.
Don't get me wrong, I thought he was cool, but I knew I wasn't one to come running when fingers were snapped.
I loved that Richie was so good hearted.
The Agronomist is a mix of The Fonz (minus the finger snapping) and Richie Cunningham.
He doesn't wear a leather jacket. 
But he could.
He could with ease.
Hmm... The Agronomist... in a leather jacket...

What was I talking about?
Oh yeah,
Happy Days.

I loved the hustle and bustle of Mrs. Cunningham's house.
Everyone was always slamming that door, coming and going.
Mrs. Cunningham was always feeding Ralph and Potsie,
and I remember thinking I wanted to have a household like that.
A hub for my kids and their friends.
A place to eat, hang out and feel comfortable.

This past Sunday,
I had a taste of my own Happy Days episode.
My eldest daughter invited over three classmates for the afternoon to work on a school project.
And her sister also had over a friend.
They did not need the constant feeding as I imagine boys the same age would require.
But the house was full of much laughter, lots of doors opening and closing, and batches of popcorn and lemonade.
I loved it.
I was feeling my Marion within.
I kept calling The Agronomist Howard by accident.

Plus they came back again yesterday to finish up their project.
I was able to feed them this time, likely not quite a la Mrs. Cunningham,
but I did provide some amazing treats I spent hours slaving over!

I just need to find one of those cute little retro aprons,
put my hair up and find a lettered sweater for The Agronomist to fully live the daydream of my youth.
Or?... Maybe?  That should be a leather jacket after all?

Thanks girls for being such wonderful guests.  (PS they don't always dress like this... I'm not sure what happened?)
I hope you always know the door at Bungalow'56 is open, and you are always Welcome.

I am thrilled to be living my very own version of
Happy Days!

Love ya,
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  1. Oh you do need a cute apron...I will see what I can find.

  2. Awww, so heartwarming. I love when the kids have friends over.

    The picture gave me visions of Sesame Street's "Which one of these things is not like the other" and now I can't get that song out of my head. :v)

  3. That's definitely the kind of home I'm hoping to have for my wonderful that you're able to experience that!!

  4. I was always a Potsie fan myself. Hmm, wonder what that says about me?

  5. Love it! I was a Happy Days girl myself .. And I will try to think of my house with its hungry boys and their noisy friends as more Cunningham and less bus-station. BTW - my husband did look a little like Richie (back when he had hair) - AND he has a leather jacket. sigh. Our lives were perfect before we "jumped the shark".
    Audrey~via Facebook

  6. I loved Happy Days! Especially Joanie and Chachi, and I remember having a secret crush on Ritchie. I think somedays our household lives a Happy Days kind of life... and I agree... 5 or 6 of the boys over leaves my pantry very empty... but oh these are the Happy Days! Thanks for the flashback Dana.

  7. I always dreamed of having a house full of kids: my own and their friends. Coming and going easily and freely. Your daughter is so lucky to have such a nice mother and I agree with you Fonzie was cool but Richie was the keeper ;o)

  8. loved loved loved happy days!

  9. Happy Days was so... happy. I loved the song at the beginning, the characters, everything. What fun that HD came to life for you. I love the story.

  10. You definitely have a Marion thing-your profile pic even looks like her! Thanks for bringing back a memory of TV before reality shows...

  11. I had the biggest crush on Chachi! You are right...that family always felt so safe! I want to be that place for my kids friends too! Somehow that always involves lots of snacks!
    Cute girls!

  12. You are such a great blogger...and the two grown up toga girls I recognize in the picture are beautiful!
    Dalyce~via Facebook

  13. ha ha you could be Mrs. Cunningham (but a much hotter version) with the Sunday you had. Yeah I could see your man sporting leather and carrying it well.....I was always a Chachi kinda girl. He use to sing those lovely ballads, "When you look at me,.....lalalalalala..and suddenly there's magic when you look at me....lalalalalalala" Too funny.
    Diane~via Facebook


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