Thursday, September 16, 2010

They Could Be Mine

My daughter met her in Kindergarten.
Chats with her mom and dad after class, led to play dates, which in turn led to family suppers.
It was all very organic.
Although... we've never ate or served each other anything organic.
Not that I don't eat food that is organic,
It's just not the usual...
Neither do any of us generally wear Birkenstocks...
not that we didn't wear Birkenstocks back in University.
Now?  We've moved on to Crocs...
What I should have said is...
It was all very easy.

Luckily enough they had a second daughter who was close in age to our Middlest.
They too got along and as a result,
our family friendship continued over the next decade.
At this point you're probably wondering about us parents, and how we get along.
I'd say pretty good, 
as long as we brew our coffee strong enough.
It needs to be twice the regular strength normally consumed at Bungalow'56.
And then they are happy to stay and let our girls play.
They will stay with weak coffee too, but it's a much shorter visit.

Our Lives have gotten busy, as lives with older kids seem to do,
and our children's interests and schools have moved in different directions.
So we don't have the chance to see eachother as often as we once did.

But it doesn't seem to matter.
Because some friends become like family.
As you watch their children grow up.
You start to root for them as though they were your own.
And then when you don't have your glasses on, you may even mistakenly think they are your own.

The brown eyes, the freckles, the brown curly and straight hair.
They do look like they could be one of mine.
I think I may need laser surgery.
It's all very confusing.

One thing I can see very clearly though?
They are wonderful sisters who truly are best friends.
And it just so happens that on one of their recent visits,
I asked if they would be my models.

I'm so glad they said yes.

I'm practicing and practicing and learning so much.
In fact, with each photo shoot I usually learn at least one very valuable lesson:

For instance...
It is not good photographer etiquette to keep your models out until the sun almost goes down. 
This leaves the said models unable to smile due to the chattering of their teeth.
*A late August phenomenon that might only occur in Northern Canada.
*So if you are from the Southern States or Ontario region of Canada, please disregard this little nugget.
Plus pink noses are simply a difficult thing to try and edit out.

Thanks girls, you were great!
Can't wait to do it again.
But I promise I won't ask for your help again until warm weather returns.

Love ya,
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  1. Gorgeous!!!!! Those images are fantastic! And I love your story made me smile!

  2. What gorgeous girls. I want her curly hair! And your shots of them are just lovely.

  3. You always bring a smile to my face everytime you post. :)

  4. Beautiful, the photos and of course the models...also this makes me have hope for future friendships via my kid and mmm coffee!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures of the girls. I love how you bring the subject in close and blur the background...I can't figure out how to do that! Maybe I don't have the right camera.
    We have friends that have become like family...such a wonderful thing.

  6. very pretty girls and very cool pics! I was at open house last night and our daughter's digital photography teacher said it's all in the practice! she is continually amazed to see the progress of her students over the semesters.

  7. the photos really are so great!! and the girls are oh so pretty!

  8. Beautiful story. Beautiful photography. Beautiful daughters...both biological and of the heart.

  9. We have these same kiddos in our circle of friends! So sweet!
    But seriously...these are the most outstanding photos I've seen anywhere ...anywhere! You are so talented. Please teach us somehow. The third and the last pics are my favorite. Stunning. You could make movie stars out of these girls!
    I keep looking at them over and over!

  10. Gorgeous girls! Wonderful story. I feel the same about our friends' kids.

  11. What gorgeous photos. How about you come on down to Vancouver and show me how to use my darn camera! I have been without internet for the past week and just read your latest blog posts - love your writing! The Bungalow 56 family is lucky to have such a witty mom!

  12. What gorgeous girls and gorgeous photos! How stunning is their skin and I love the lighting... that's what comes from keeping your models hanging around for that beautiful late afternoon sun!


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