Friday, September 10, 2010

I Miss Them

I miss my girl's when they are at school...

This one rode her bike almost every day.
She made the JV Volleyball team and is making friends.
She loves her classes.
She tries to explain her math to me, and I zone out.
High school all over again.

This one loves her teacher and is ready with stories every day when I pick her up.
She is also enduring mysterious stomach ailments and isn't herself.
The doctor said not to worry.
We'll give it a month.
I wish a band aid would make everything better like the old days.

This one can't decide on what to wear  eh-ver-ree morning.  
She too is happy at school.
But she likes to be home too.
She has become so independent.
And oh those teeth.  They're killing me.

I'm looking forward to the weekend.
The Agronomist is home after a few days away for business,
The Sun is shining after a few days of heavy cloud and rain.
The corn is so sweet, and I have some in the fridge.
The promise of projects to be completed is in the air.

If I could  jump for joy like this...I would.
But I can't so I will got my eldest to do it for me.
That is why I had children.
That is also part of the reason I'm missing them.
They are very good at jumping,
and dusting,
and dishwasher emptying.

I miss my girls when they are at school.... 

It's the hum of activity and the warmth they bring to our home.
It's empty without them.

And no I am not getting a dog.

Although I have been tempted by this breed:
picture of Meg Duerksen's Dog at whatever.  Love him... and her.

But then I realized he/she wouldn't be able to dust and empty the dishwasher,
so really? 
it just wouldn't be the same.

Have a great weekend.
Love ya,

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  1. Oh this makes me wish I could meet my daughter in the future to find out what I'm going to love about her then.

  2. Watch for my baby in the mail...arriving soon.

  3. That is a good way to sum it up. I miss mine too! I am glad they are doing well and hope her stomach feels better soon.

  4. Aw...I absolutely love this post. My eldest has started Kindergaten at home...I'd cry if I had to let him to go school for a whole day already.

  5. I ditto everything ... I miss my kids too.

  6. All's I can say is resist the dog urge. I regret it many times a week.

  7. Hello! Well, this was a lovely post. Great pictures and thoughts, and I agree with Jen above -- just say no to the hairy four legged wonders... Best to you~

  8. Trust me, when you love your kids and miss them that much, it doesn't stop. My daughter is in college full-time, has a boyfriend, and doesn't really want to come home every weekend anymore. I miss her in palpable ways.

  9. This post just made me smile all the way through. And it made me miss my oldest who moved away for school and didn't come back. I'll just have to make her brother or younger sister jump for me. :v)

    And no the doggy wouldn't dust or unload the dishwasher but they do some superior cuddling and they're always happy to see you. :v)

  10. I miss them too! I don't like the back to school time. I want them here, doing all our stuff. (But I got to say that the dog is good fun too.)

  11. This post touched my heart. I know these feelings. Hugs from one not-quite-complete-Mom to another.

  12. Ok, that's one cute dog there.

    Really cute dog.

    Just saying.

    Better than a houseplant.

    Just saying, again.

  13. Yeah...I miss mine too!
    Enjoy the weekend

  14. Hey! Love all these pics...but I just can't get past the JV Volleyball Team part! Yooooo HOOOO! Way to go!

  15. I can't imagine the strange feeling that September must bring around a glad that you have photography...I find myself getting lost for hours in editing now! (Editing in the truck on the way home yesterday between a coffee run at Red Deer & Lacombe...I said "oh, we're almost in Lacombe? It's only about 5 minutes to get to a coffee shop from there" Dan "that wasn't 5 minutes..." )


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