Thursday, September 09, 2010

How To Blog: Do What You Do... It's The Only Way

This is what I've decided about my blog, and life in general.

But mostly about my Blog.

Do what you do and don't think twice about it.

You see? I worry far too much about what people think.

It's giving me frown lines between the eyes so I always look grumpy even when I'm not... oh so not cool.

It's a very bad habit.

I have a lot of bad habits;

Chocolate and Strawberries being one.

I worry about my bad habits.

Which in itself is a bad habit.

But chocolate is probably one of my favourites... if I had to pick one.

My least favourite bad habit is worrying about what people think of me;

which I may have mentioned already.

I'm going in circles here.

But I feel it's an important circle.

If I had a tail right now I'm sure I'd be chasing it.

And in no way, am I making reference to a dog, in reference to me.

It was just an analogy.

I like analogies.

Love them in fact.

I have to work hard not to use an analogy every time I write on my blog.

It's a bad writing habit.

Which often triggers the "what do people think" habit,  and well...

It just never ends.

So I've decided to stop my blog worries in their tracks.

If you like coming here for a visit every day.

I am thrilled.

But if you read this and think...

This sure must take a lot of time. 
* Boy she goes overboard on a zillion pictures, one or two would be just fine.
I bet she has loads of laundry that are piling up.
And why and the heck does she take pictures of herself and then post them for me to look at?
Who does she think she is? (answers to these burning questions can be found below.)

Then I'm thinking this is just not time well spent for you.
(This line would be so well delivered by Joan Cusack... I love her by the way.)

It might even be considered a bad habit.

And I've been told you should try to get rid of those.

You see? That is what I've decided to do.

No more worrying about what people think.

I'm just going to "Do what I Do."

And that, my friends, appears to be writing a daily blog.

So thanks for stopping by.

I need to go fetch my laundry now.

See that?

See what I did?

The dog analogy again.

I just can't help myself.

It's just what I do.

It's the only way.

Love ya,

Truth be told, it does, but I'm getting more efficient, plus I don't scrapbook.
Too bad, love my pics.
Today... yes.
I'm weird.
Umm? Dana?  (It's written above in Orange letters?)
.... It's the name my parents gave me, in the name book you could only find it under boy's names. 
It meant "Man From Denmark." 
It's OK.  
I've dealt with it.  
It's in the past.
But I may feel the need to delve further and perhaps blog about it.

It's What I Do... And I'm OK With That.

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  1. Dana, you know us. Real and doing what you do is the ONLY way to go. We have one life and we need to all live it the way we want. Not thinking about what others may think. Because really, people may actually be thinking good instead of what we may think...ya know? great post.

  2. Wait... you're saying there's something wrong with using analogies?

    Now I think I'm going to start obsessing!

    It's contagious!

  3. Whoooo Hoooooo! Amen sista!
    You said it so well...analogy and all!
    I'm wierd too! ha! ha!

  4. Yup well said...I'm about to write one of these types of posts any day now...

  5. i have soo been thinking along these same lines this week, because I decided to do a give away and exactly 11 people have signed up. . .well, actually Kerri left more than one comment so it actually is more like 8 and one of them is my sister. . .ouch!!

    But, oh well. . .that's the way the cookie crumbles!

    I can only be me!

  6. Never underestimate how fascinating we all find the minutiae of other people's lives. Love it, keep it up for as long as it makes you happy because no one is going to want to read a grumpy blog.

    Your biggest fan!

  7. You girl, be You! Analogies, pictures, circles and all. It's what we come for.

  8. i love you! you are hilarious and witty, and this is such a great post! i love what you do!

  9. This is a great post. I think we get caught up in the crap part of blogging--what do people think? And lose sight if the fun of recording what WE think.
    I can see you didn't follow my advice on the haircut.
    What were you thinking?

  10. It's interesting that you would write this type of blog today, when I was just interviewed this morning by a local newspaper reporter about my Minnesota Prairie Roots blog, which has been "noticed" in Minnesota. I showed him the handful of blogs that I check daily and yours is one of them.

    Be proud, fellow writer and photographer. I absolutely love to check out your writing and images. You always, always make me smile.

    Keep doing what you're doing.

  11. Weird is good. If you're not weird, then that personality needs some color. Loved reading this. It made me smile.

  12. LOL! What is it about us that makes us care what anyone thinks?? I love your post today!! And I'm weird in a way that I LOVE looking at other people's photos.....always have been....can't stop....! So, I think you blogging, is good for me reading!! Which I have to start limiting myself to early morning & late evening so I can get more of my chores done!

  13. Let's be honest. I've read blogs where people write whatever comes into their minds, whatever way it comes out, no matter what other people think . . . and unfortunately, it doesn't work for them. BUT what's important is that it works for YOU--because you are an honest, spirited, intelligent, insightful writer. What a gift you have!

    The only drawback of your blog is that your husband is evidently under a witness protection program and if we see his photographed face, you will have to put out a contract on us. (Can you at least photo his Levis-clad behind like Pioneer Woman??) I'm guessing, because all of your daughters are beautiful, that he is an extraordinarily handsome man. (It can't be ALL your genes, can it?)

  14. I love your analogies and I love your blog! I know I've said it before, but a visit to your blog never fails to put a smile on my face. I love reading everything you write!

  15. You crack me up! And you speak the truth!

    PS. I love Joan Cusack too.

  16. LOVE. THIS. POST. Just because our blogs our public doesn't mean we need to give a hoot about what other people think, if they don't like what we say, then read something else! I have worked through this too, and felt bad when I got a nasty comment, but NO MORE! Thanks Dana, love reading you.

  17. Love you hon and you are a daily read of mine because of posts like this.


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