Sunday, October 31, 2010

Easy Mummie Craft (With Mummy Parenting Moment Also Included)

This craft is by far the easiest Halloween craft I have ever come across. long as you aren't the kind of mom who worries about her child getting third degree burns...that is.

My seven year old created it all by herself.
Yes I let her wield a dangerous hot glue gun.
She wouldn't have done the craft otherwise.

I argued.
I said no.
I caved
and then
I hovered.
I bit my nails.
I said,  " Be Careful... oh? about maybe three hundred times."
She finally looked up at me and stared without saying a word.
I said.."what?"
and then
I went to the other side of the table to rip sheet strips.
(This "mummie" parenting moment is brought to you courtesy of Bungalow'56, a place where mistakes are encouraged and lessons are learned daily.)

What you will need:
2 inch strips of white cloth
glue gun
any old cereal/granola bar box
googly eyes
You simply start with a dab of hot glue at the beginning of the cloth strip.
Wrap it around the outside edge of the box to begin (you can see we learned this little trick after the fact)
Glue down the end of the piece.
Now that the edge of the box is covered, have your child start with a glue dab anywhere and just wrap.  At the end of the strip secure with a second glue dab.
Continue this until the box is completely covered.
Attach eyes wherever you want.
We also cut a piece of thicker cardboard so and glued it to the finished wrapped box as the fabric was too thick and the box wouldn't stay upright.

And Voila a Halloween Mummie for your Mantel!

If you want to see the craft done Martha style, click here.
It's where I found this great idea.
I bet she doesn't let her seven year old wield a hot glue gun.
But then again, where's the fun in that?


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  1. What a fun craft! And I would totally let my 7yr old use the glue gun (of course I would be hovering too!) This will be a perfect craft for next year...since my son was a ghost this year...we have plenty of sheet to tear up!

  2. Lovin all your Halloween posts. The ghost cookies look so good!
    I've been battling my allergies...trying to feel better soon so I can enjoy this holiday!
    Have fun!

  3. Wow that is super easy. I made some mummies too and you can check them out over at:
    I might need to make some of these for my mantel. I think that they turned out Super!

  4. Wow for being so simple I think they are adorable! I'd love to try them out next year.

  5. Totally adorable. I wonder if you could use this for Halloween gift wrapping, too?

    Witching you and your family a Bootiful Halloween.

  6. Very cute! And easy too :)

  7. You are such a good mummy.

  8. I think those are adorable and I made the mistake of letting them use hotglue guns and yes, they have the scars on their wrists to show what a good mommy they have.

  9. I lived in England too long.

    I hear/read "mummy" and i think "Mommy."

    I no longer think about gauze wrapped zombies.

    And those are adorable.

    Oh, also, "Football" will no forever mean "soccer" to me.

    I'm broken.


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