Monday, November 01, 2010

Now I Get It

Dear Northern Canada,

Thank you so much for sending warm weather this Halloween.  The girls were thrilled to be able to wear their costumes without winter coats and snow pants.  Because of your thoughtfulness this was one of the first years we didn't drive the girls around.   Instead they went up and down our neighbourhood streets like regular trick or treaters.  Now I understand why some people actually enjoy this holiday. 

Umm... just one small request for next year.  Could you let the sun stay out, until, lets say?  eight o'clock. Thanks that would be really appreciated.


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  1. And here in New Jersey it was freezing!!! Love the photo!

  2. Your girls look so cute. At first, I thought the two lights in the back were eyes!

  3. Glad you had good weather! I take it for granted.

  4. I kept saying that Halloween is the unofficial start of winter around these here parts (Reno, NV) but this year I was (delightfully) wrong!

  5. Yeah, here in Minnesota - we did wear coats once the sun went down. bbbrrrrrr.

  6. I'm glad that the weather cooperated for you!!

    BTW. . . loved the mummy craft and your very real fear of that glue gun!


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