Monday, October 18, 2010


Do you ever just feel as though you've lost yourself?

You figure you must be somewhere; somewhere nearby, but you just can't find you?

This happens to me often.

I call it "The Disconnect."

You feel a little off kilter, a little wonky.

Walking through the daily scenes of your life, it all feels a little surreal.

Like you're an actor playing a familiar part, and you know all your lines, but your delivery is a little off.

I worry sometimes that it might be the beginnings of a midlife crisis.

But then again, there are no other tell tale signs.

Actually I have no idea what might be the signs for a midlife crisis.

I'm not too worried though.  I know I'm still here... 

I've just stepped out for a minute without telling myself where to reach me.

I just wish I would call.

I worry.

When I'm off balance, it's easy to stumble and we prefer being sure footed.

I'm looking forward to my return.

I kind of...

miss me when I'm gone.


PS This weird post was brought to you from the Dana left behind.
The real Dana (the less wonky Dana) usually returns within a few days.
I'll be sure to let her know that you stopped by.

This post is also part of Word Up, Yo!!
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  1. Sometimes we just need to take a little time for ourselves...and to do something a little off routine, I think. As moms, our days seem to run together with that same old tasks needing done everyday! Hope you're back to feeling like yourself soon...although your post from Dana left behind has me laughing!

  2. I wrote this piece a couple of years ago:

    missing person

    i awakened
    this morning
    feeling like
    i hadn’t
    i was
    where have
    i been?
    was anyone
    looking for

  3. Do you ever look in the mirror...and just wonder...Is that really me?
    It feels weird and doesn't happen often, but I know what you mean!
    I'd like to think it's some way!

  4. I stopped by--and your wonky-ness is what I like best about your writing! If you were completely "on" kilter (as opposed to "off"), your blog would be ordinary. It's your unique slant--your slightly-to-the-side view of what's around you--that keeps me coming back to your site!

  5. I like Jen's comment. . .because I think we all do it, wonder who this person has become??

    I love your word. . .wonky! it just seems to imply a lot!

  6. I wonder if it's the non-wonky me that's missing or the wonky me that's visiting. Either way, I count it as a small vacation.

  7. I get this! I'm currently in one of those wonky funks. Or is it funky wonks?

  8. It's a midlife crisis if you buy a red sports car and have an affair with your secretary and/or gardener.

    If neither of those has happened, you're good.

    But I'll keep an eye out for you regardless.

  9. Too much cold medication, perhaps?

  10. I know this exact feeling. It leaves those around me staring at me blankly as I stumble through the day.

  11. WHAT?? You mean you don't have the most INcredible craft to post? Or the most UNbelievable remodel to show? Haha, this is what I love about your blog. You are REAL. Sometimes I get all caught up in others amazing crafts and beautiful, incredible makeovers that it make me not want to blog:( Blech. Thanks for keepin it real!


  12. i love this post, love how honest you are and how real you're keeping things. i think we all have these moments and sometimes days too. they pass, things return to normal and life goes on. embrace the wonky, open yourself to the possible lesson there, find peace where you can.

  13. I have those days. I'm thankful they don't come around all that often. LOL. Chocolate or a quiet cup of tea cut off from the world usually does the trick.

  14. Love what you did with that picture... pretty cool effect. And I've been feeling all sorts of wonky the past few months. Perhaps there's something in the water?

  15. Wonky and I know each other well. And that's all I'm saying. :v)

  16. Been feeling a bit wonky over here too....overwhelmed, terrible 2's, you've been through the drill....hoping I get back to zero soon!

  17. Lori's comment is rather telling, wouldn't you say? :)

    I love your take on the use of wonky, including what you did with the photo.

  18. I know all about the disconnect you are talking about. Hope you feel better soon!


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