Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We Had A Bouncing Baby Boy!

We've been a happy household.
Every time we heard that little ..bah bah bah, we couldn't help but smile.
This past week our little nephew from the big city, flew all the way across the country to visit us for a week long visit.
He was kind enough to invite his parents along but we've forgotten their names.

All I can say is the kids a natural dancer ... just like his cool mother.

                                   Tip-tap...                            Tip-tap...                  Tippity-tap... tap tap
                                  Tippity tap... tap-tap                                         Twappity-tap

Tappity-tappity tip-tap tippity tap-tap.... Swishhhhh

He was a mover and a shaker.
He didn't stop moving once, the whole week.

We were completely enamoured with him.
Our eyes didn't leave his.
He made sure that was a rule.
And we happily subscribed.

Why didn't anyone tell me boys were so darn scrunchy and munchy?
I think I may want me one of those.
I'm not too old.
My Oma had her last child at age 44.
I'm waaaaaay younger by that by a at least, well... many months.

But then again...
On the other hand...
I may also want me some sleep?

Baby boy? ...
Baby boy?.....
You know? 

I almost can't wait until he comes for his next visit!
But wait I will, like a good Auntie should.

Those girls of mine were pretty smitten with this little fella.
We sure do love him a whole bunch!
He just made The Bungalow a much brighter and happier place to be.
Thank you little man for bringing your parents for a visit.
We can't wait until we see you again.

You are a wonderful little blessing in our lives;
and you sprinkled us with baby boy fairy dust.
I don't think the Bungalow will ever be the same again.



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  1. Too cute. I loved meeting my 6 month old twin nieces back in Sydney last September too. So sweet - but I was sooo glad not to be at that sleep deprived stage of life anymore....

    Hang on, I've got a husband that snores - I think I'm still there!

  2. I love the action shots! Just the right amount of blur!

  3. this is such a GREAT post! What a sweetie pie he is!

  4. Such a cutie! Look at his eyes! :)

  5. Awh, he's at that perfect age - love it!

  6. So sweet! Hope he has a fun Tuesday!

  7. Oh yeah...he is such a cutie.
    He looks like he had a great time 'hanging out' at Bungalow 56.

  8. I'll bet your sister wishes she lived closer to you and had all those built-in babysitters. I hope you make arrangements to see that little fellow often because, as you have found out with your own girls, it takes about five minutes for those little tippity-tapping bootie feet to turn into size 10 sneakers. About five minutes.

  9. Oh he is so cute - love the last shot - priceless!

    Blessings to you and your family!

  10. Oh so cute i can still remember my son...Happy SST!

  11. What a great little face!!! Your cracking me up today! Love the comment about forgetting his parents names. Amazing how a little delish like that can make that happen.

  12. How fun! Looks like he absoletely loved the bouncy thing!

  13. Oh, those eyes!

    They are stunning, stunning, stunning.

  14. You totally need a baby. Sleep is overrated. Just ask this old lady. ;)

  15. What a doll!

    We've got a baby about the same age coming to Thanksgiving this year, too.

    Can't wait to get our hands on him!


  16. What a cutie!! Love the Johnny Jumper :) New follower Here :) Happy Tuesday!

  17. Hang out the "do not disturb " sign now.

    And she what I've been gushing about for the past 15 years.

    Boys are yummy.

  18. and. p.s.


    When did you change banners?


    Cute and all..

    but me and change?

    Especially around the holidays?

    too fragile of a mental state to handle.

    deep breaths, happy place, deep breaths,happy place.

  19. precious! why have your own if you have the nephew?

  20. Oh my gosh, those amazing brown eyes! Wonderful shot.

  21. Wonderful as ever, dear sister in law. He misses you lot too.

  22. I have my boy- and yes you don't sleep! Even though he is 12, he doesn't sleep in!
    Your nephew looks so cute - I can imagine he was the life of the party!

  23. Now Those Are Some Eyes!
    Thanks for sharing the sweetness. I will have to wait for Grandchildren before I get a chance for any of that that scrunchy munchy baby boy goodness: )

  24. How fun to have a visit from your nephew. I love to spend time with younger than my own children but I equally love the time when they go home to their parents. See I an way past 44 and not only by a few month or even a few years.
    Have a wonderful holiday, oh no! you are not having a holiday are you. So just have a great and probably less stressful weekend.

  25. That is one precious baby boy! I love the fabulous flying contraption, gotta get me one of these!

  26. Sleep is for the weak but it's true this way you get the best of both worlds. Bouncing baby boy (who is adorable) to hang with but you don't have to do any of the heavy-sleepless-lifting :D


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