Monday, November 22, 2010

Ups and Downs: Enjoying Some Blogging Perks

It's been a roller coaster week.  Lots of ups and lots of downs.
But like my little nephew here I much prefer the ups, because that's the kind of world I want to live in!(without the use of narcotics and/or alcohol of course)
Some days, as a blogger, you wonder if all the work you put into this little space in the blogosphere is really worth it?
Of course I am thrilled that I have a record of our days as a family, but on other days, it can seem like just another thing you need to get done.... albeit waaay more enjoyable than the laundry!

But this past week  I have been having some fun with it, while also enjoying a few perks.
The first happy email I received was an offer from CSN stores to do a review.
I figured, what the heck, why not?
So now (lucky me!), I have to decide what $45 dollar item I would like to order.
When it gets here I will tell you all about it... the good, the bad and the ugly.

CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need whether it be a chic handbag, bathroom shelving or even cute cookware!
And while bathroom shelving would be a practical choice for good old Bungalow'56, I have to admit I am feeling a little impractical these days.
So I'm trying to decide between wanting to start a collection of Globes;
or trying to look all spiffy this Christmas when I microwave burn cook our lovely Holiday meals.

Sassy Cook'n Flower Pot Women's Bib Style Apron - Flower Pot Adult Apron
The only rhetorical question I have to ask here is....with an apron like this who needs a Christmas outfit?
I think the name alone makes me want to tie one on. (once again...not referring to alcohol)

Are you ready?
It's the Sassy Cook'n Flower Pot Apron.
And hey I'm Sassy! or I could be if I wanted to.
So maybe this little number might just find a home at Bungalow'56?
What do you think?
Which way would you go?
What would you purchase for $45?

Am I overlooking some amazing "make me happy" item that, as of today I have never heard of?
If so, let me know.
I may need some help in the decision department.
It runs at a snails pace upstairs here at the Bungalow.
It drives the Agronomist crazy.
But then again... so might this apron? Being all Sassy and all.  he he. (absolutely no alcohol was consumed before writing that all knowing he he)

However, since CSN has so many choices, I have a feeling I may change my mind a few hundred thousand gazillion more times before I press Add to Shopping Cart.
Don't you worry, I'll be sure to tell you all about it once it gets here.

Another wonderful suprise that came via my email, was an offer from tinyprints.
The company asked me if I wanted to place a Christmas card order for $50, and then write a review.

There were so many beautiful choices I was once again struck by Analysis Paralysis.
It's a terrible disease which can lay dormant until of course, you need to make an important decision.

I will also be showing you how they turned out and what kind of service and quality tinyprints was able to offer me.
If you want a hint.... I chose the...
Flat Holiday Photo Cards Fashionable Flakes  - Front : Dark Gray 
Fashionable Flakes you see up above.
Except that I don't have any blond babies
or a dog
mine will be different.
There were so many amazing card choices it was a very difficult decision,
but after several sleepless nights I was finally able to make my choice.
I can't wait to see how they turned out and show you.

And last but not least, have you noticed any changes around here?
A month or so back, I was a lucky duck and won a Posh makeover blog re-design. 
Once again I was dealing with Analysis Paralysis in a big way, and unfortunately poor Carrie was along for the ride.

But with her help and patience I have this amazing new space to call home! 
We are making a few more minor adjustments and I am thrilled with the new look. 
You can find Carrie here

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Your comments are always a huge "up" swing in my day!
I read and enjoy every last "letter" morsel.
It makes my life lovely, 
that,, along with my new sassy apron of course.


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  1. First of all I love the new look, both the apron and the site. Both are very sassy.

    I too am often a victim of Analysis Paralysis so I am no help on that front, but I can't wait to see what YOU pick out.

    I am inspired that you are only looking at the good side of things today and I have decided to honor you by thinking only positive thoughts tomorrow.


  2. Apron Envy. That's what I've got now. I can't focus on anything else now! :)

    Love the new blog. This whole thing feels like you - has Carrie met you live? Cause it is pretty cool that she captured you with colour, pattern and fonts. Well done!

    Also, I see that you have a ironing photograph in your header. Or perhaps she is channeling someone with her hand. In either case, I applaud the humble iron moving to the top of the page. It is a seriously under-rated household appliance that deserves some respect and I'm glad Bungalow '56 has stepped up to the plate. (Even though it looks like she may have sustained an injury there)

    Is the fam at the bottom of the page indeed the lovely Bungalow '56 family? Besides you all being very tanned, I LOVE that. If it isn't, you should say it is. It is tres groovy.

    As usual, I enjoy every bit of your blog. When I click on things it's like finding another present inside the first one - I just wish you were writing it closer to my livingroom coffee table...or at least within driving distance. Keep up the good words!

  3. Loving the perks lately. And I love your new blog design. So sassy like you!

  4. Great new design!!!!!! And I can't wait to see your Christmas card....looks like a great choice!

  5. Lucky you! Sounds like you are hitting the jackpot! I know you will be awake at night trying to make your decisions! I did a post on Friday on Holiday Card Tips. Maybe that will help? I love the new blog design. hugs, Cathy

  6. I LOVE the new design - it looks fabulous! And congrats on all your perks!

  7. Love your new design. You deserve many many perks.

  8. The new design is LOVELY!

    And you know, I lost all my aprons. (Ok, BOTH my aprons) back when I moved to the UK, I think, and never replaced them.

    That one's pretty adorable, though.

    I think it's definitely worthy of a review.

  9. Love your new blog dress!

    I totally have the same indecision paralysis. And it makes my hubby and my kids crazy. I can hardly wait to see what you choose. But I say definitely don't go for practical shelves. :v)

  10. Love the new look of course!!!!
    How did you score all the bloggy perks?
    I am envious in the kindest way.
    How in the world will you ever choose something to review?
    Good luck with that!

  11. I have the same problem regarding decision-making. I have, for weeks, pondered what colors and style to choose for a new front door. The guy from the lumber yard has called several times asking if I've reached a decision. Clearly he does not know me very well. Good to hear I am not alone in my inability to make decisions quickly.

    Congrats on your blogging perks. You deserve them.

  12. I don't know...That's a preeeetty cute apron!


    PS. Your blog is cute, too, though I'm so new that I think I never caught the other one....

  13. Wow. So much going on with you! Hurray for blog perks! And for a fabulous new blog design.

  14. I like that apron, and your new look! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  15. I can relate to the indecision, CSN is too overwhelming! I finally ordered something, waiting for it to show up in the mail!

    Love your new blog look. I am being indecisive too, can't make up my mind - argh! Hopefully by next week I'll have a new header!


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