Thursday, November 25, 2010

A "Just Google It" Birthday

Mom, what kind of birthday should I have?
Well Honey?  I don't know? Let's just Google it for some ideas.

How about a Backward's, Topsy Turvy party?
Yaaay Mom!  Yeah that would be fun.

Guess what Mrs. Piano Teacher it's my birthday in two days.
Oh really, how exciting?  What kind of birthday are you having?
A backwards, inside out, topsy turvy one. 
We're going to dress backwards,
and even throw the pinata instead of tying it to a tree,
and we'll start with presents and then eat cake.
Everything is going to be backwards, even our names.

Oh that sounds like so much fun.
Is your mom going to make you a Topsy Turvy cake?
What's a topsy turvy cake?
You've never seen a topsy turvy cake?
Ummm. no.

Oh Youngest, they are so cool, you'll have to get your mom to make you one!
Can you Mom? Can you? Can you?

OK? Well I'm sure we can just google it.
I'm sure you'll find it... I can't wait to read all about it on the blog.

Mom are you sure you can make me a Topsy Turvy Cake?

Yes, Of course.  Your old mom can do anything.
It will be a piece of cake.
We'll just have to google it when we get home.

google, google, google, google, dum dee dum Topsy Turvy, google, google.

Oh no! oh no oh no oh no!
That can't be right?
I can't make THIS!
That's It! We're changing Piano teachers!
I can't make a Topsy Turvy cake!
Mom you have to make the cake, you promised Youngest.
She's even made a design.

Oh Oldest... I can't, I don't know how to make fondant.
I can't possibly figure it out,
I'm no Cake boss.
Mom, don't worry I'll make the topsy turvy cake.

But Eldest honey, what about the fondant?
How will you do it?
I can't let you.
It might be dangerous.

Don't worry Mom... I'll just google it.
I'm sure there must be an easy recipe out there?
And I bet I can even find a video to show me how.

Ta Da!
This successful birthday and birthday cake blog post was brought to you by
"Just Google It"
A "Make Your Child's Dream Come True" company.


PS I've forgiven our piano teacher and we are happily tinkling the ivories once again.
     My Eldest is now running a successful bakery after school.  And me? I've joined Weight
     Watchers. Pin It


  1. Wow! I could never make that! It looks perfect. What a neat bithday idea. LOVE it! :))

  2. "PS I've forgiven our piano teacher and we are happily tinkling the ivories once again.
    And my Eldest is now running a successful bakery after school, and I've joined Weight Watchers. "

    Laughed out LOUD!! And people are sleeping over here :)

    Great job! And what a wonderful birthday idea :)

  3. What a fun idea and what a fantastic birthday cake!! Well done Eldest one!!


  4. I'll say it again....I love reading your posts! What a fun birthday party!!!! And you're sure lucky your eldest is so talented!!!

  5. AWESOME! I think you earned 107 cool-mom points.

  6. Completely adorable! I LOVE it & the fact that the oldest is now running the baking show! yahoo for you Dana!! Super fun & super cute! what a memorable birthday! hugs, Cathy

  7. Glad I could help out!!! The cake looks AWESOME!!
    - the piano teacher

  8. I need a cake for tomorrow night and my 16 year olds birthday party. Is your oldest available?

  9. Amazing what you can find on the internet! As we were on the long drive to Missouri from Wisconsin we listened to Martha Stewart Radio - Turkey Hotline. I kept thinking, why don't these people just google it?!

    Such a neat memory for your youngest. I still remember my birthday cake that was made by a neighbor for my day before Halloween b-day. Very spooky, scary and so much cooler than the chocolate sheet cake I usually got!

  10. I bet piano teachers don't know how fine a line they walk.

    That being said, Child C's piano teacher made her a cheesecake for her birthday.

    So we're definitely keeping HER.

  11. I would have had a serious talk with piano teacher! But all's well that ends in topsy turvy cake I suppose. Looks great!

  12. That is awesome. What did we do without google. Seriously!!! It knows everything. EVERYTHING> Now, can you send you daughter over here to help me learn. I am totally impressed!!

  13. The cake is so Dr. Seussish. Don't you love it when your "kids" are old enough to start taking over some of the work? I remember when my two girls made a PEEF (a multi-colored teddy bear) cake for their little brother.

    And, yesterday, when my eldest drove down from the Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) for Thanksgiving dinner, she brought a homemade cheesecake and rolls, helped with food prep and assisted with clean-up. My little girl is all grown-up.

    Enjoy every phase of their lives, because soon enough they will want to spend their birthdays with friends and not you.

  14. Love it! The website looks really great! I haven't been in a while :)
    Debbie ~ via Facebook

  15. What a FUN party! And how cool that big sis could make the cake...she did an AWESOME job!!!

  16. What a fabulous Mom you are! I love your creativity and joy in everything you do! You are really amazing.

    And so is your family!


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