Sunday, November 28, 2010

Brain Fart

Deadly but silent... the worst kind
This is called a stream of consciousness post: for just five minutes sit down and write whatever enters your mind.

It's hosted by All Things Fadra.

I'm supposed to write for five minutes without editing my thoughts, going back, revising, pondering if, or if not, I should say this, or say that.

I figured it was a good exercise for me.

Twice this week, I've been given some encouragement and comments about "my writing."

I find this extremely interesting because I don't really consider what I do, to be "writing."
My blogging story...I look at my pictures, and find the story they tell.  End of story.

The idea of writing makes me break out in hives.
If you want a good writer, ask my Organized sister to write something.

She makes me laugh.  She wrote the toast to the bride at our wedding, and I snorted snot.
I cried tears of laughter.  I was a classy bride.
When she has written a letter I am always amazed at her wit.
I've told her this.  I've encouraged her to write, but she says, she hates doing it!

It makes me wonder if all writers hate writing?
Is it something they must do?  Is it a story they must get out?
I have no idea.

This is not the case for me.

I would rather be eating chocolate.  I need the photos to tell the story.
I haven't grown up.
I'm still a picture book kind of gal.

I wonder if I'm done yet?  It feels like my five minutes are up.
I looked at the clock but I can't remember what it said.  So I'm giving myself one more minute.

I realize now that I wasn't supposed to edit my work either, but I do it without thinking.  My spelling anyway.... I doubt if you would have been able to read this otherwise.

The only think I am worried about is the title.  Can I write Fart on my blog?

Is it a misrepresentation of what I've written here?

I'll let you be the judge of that.

Was it a stinker... or not?


PS  I had to add a picture to my post.  It just doesn't feel like home without one. The picture above is of my Middlest during a photo shoot the girls put together a month or so ago.  They had a blast.
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  1. Love it! And yes, I think you can say Fart on your blog!

  2. More laughter here.......and I LOVE that photo.....more of that shoot to come???

  3. Ok you are way more awesome at the 5 minute stream of consiousness thing then I could fathom to be. Love love love it. Writer, also I'm loving your blog.

  4. I loved your 5 minutes of unedited writing. Mine would be filled with about 9 words. I write so slow I might as well send out a newsletter using snail mail.
    And I too must be a picture book girl.

  5. If I comment on the photo first will you think I don't like your writing? Because I do! And that photo is adorable. For your next stream of word I can't spell, try this place

  6. I vote more Brain Farts. Hah! :)

  7. Yes you can say fart on your blog! Lol. And next time you can try writing with the typos and all. It's a challenge even for me but fun.
    Thanks for stopping by. I had to tame the baby dragons after a while like I thought. We did see the movie and loved it!
    take care
    Pampered Patty

  8. Love the photo. It totally goes with the title. And loved the random thought writing.

  9. Actually, the word fart makes me more inclined to actually read your blog. So here is my ordered and organized response to your free writing:
    1. I love that photo. I thought it was a model photo.
    2. I correct spelling errors as I go. I do NOT go back and correct stuff after the fact. I am, however, keenly aware of the errors as I am making them.
    3. I, too, hated writing until I realized that writing is being redefined. So instead, I just say I love blogging. Telling stories.

  10. I am a freelance writer, who also blogs. I love, love, LOVE writing. It is my passion. I must write. Every day.

    And, yes, my dear, you are a writer. And a great photographer.

  11. I like writing.

    And I like YOUR writing.


  12. LOVE that pic! Wish my kids would pose for me but they generally run screaming the minute I point a camera in their direction.....


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