Friday, November 12, 2010

This Morning

I loved this morning.

I want to remember that you Middlest, eat bagels with cream cheese.

And Youngest, you eat them with with PB and Jam.

I want to remember that I always have to ask both of you,  if you've drank any milk.

I want to remember the sound of the blowdryer blasting down the hall, as your big sister, always an early riser, prepares for high school.

And that the two of you have to be reminded at least twice each, to find some socks to put on.

I love that when there is time to spare, you both sit at the computer and listen to Taylor Swift's latest song.

I want to remember how sweet it is when I can listen from the kitchen as you both belt it out, as though no one else is in the room.

Because I am.

And I wanted to remember.

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  1. Life is so sweet when we shut the other clutter off, isn't it?

  2. Clicked over from a tweet, what a grand morning. Chaotic and your own.

  3. i love it. i'm glad you wrote it down. and took pictures. because i always thought when the boys were little i would remember every detail. now i can't remember which kid said "panacakes." it flies by....

  4. That looks like an absolutely perfect morning. I love it!

  5. Sounds soooo wonderful! We've had some great mornings around here on the kids November break!

  6. Thank you for inspiring me to remember the everyday moments too.

  7. So important to remember those everyday moments!

  8. Most of us our guilty of only using our cameras during holidays, at piano recitals, or on vacations. We give our kids the mistaken impression that they spent their childhood standing in orderly lines, dressed in clean clothes. Twenty years from now, you and your daughters will always be grateful that you were the mom who carried her camera around all the time, everywhere--even when it seemed like nothing special was going on. Believe me, every day is special!

  9. this is just a sweet, sweet post! I love it-

  10. I agree...such a sweet post!
    I want to remember too...I might have to do a post like this soon!

  11. These little routines are really what our lives are made of.

    Lovely post..

  12. I started enjoying mornings quite a bit more once I did not have to leave the house every morning at 7:30.

    I also started minding them less when I married a man who would wake me up by bringing me coffee.

    That was priceless indeed.

  13. Awwww.... Dana. You are a gem.

  14. You are such an inspiration love. :)

  15. oh! what a priceless post!
    i love the morning clouds.
    i love the things you want to remember.
    i love that you have them logged here,
    so that you always WILL remember them.
    what a morning to cherish!

  16. I found your blog through 33 Shades of Green. I am catching up on your past post and thoroughly enjoying checking in to see what you have going. I have just started my own blog and I hope you'll check mine out.

  17. It's the little things, isn't it. Unfortunately I am afraid that my kids are only going to remember the nagging....I better get out my camera to remind them.

  18. Gorgeous morning and such sweet memories.


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