Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Can't Believe...

I can't believe I ordered my Christmas cards already.
I can't believe over half of November is already gone.
I can't believe how big my bottom is getting.
I can't believe I keep spelling beleive wrong and then correcting it. 
I can't believe I write a blog.
I can't believe people read it.
I can't believe I keep finding gray hair.
I can't believe the older I get the less I seem to know.
I can't believe my eldest is going to get her tonsils out.
I can't believe my middle toe is longer than my big toe.
I can't believe you're still here.

and finally...

I can't believe this guy lost his ukulele?


*Thank you to my Cool Sister for sharing this photo she took with her iPhone while going for a walk in her neighbourhood.  Poor Ukulele guy.

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  1. Oh Me Too! I feel the same way about all of those things, except the tonsils... and the Christmas cards, oops, need to get on that.
    Come to think of it.. where is my ukulele...?

  2. OH that is great... I can so totally relate! NO tonsils and our Christmas cards have been sitting on the shelf since we moved back in January... ummm, maybe I forgot to mail them last year!
    My other I can't believe is our middle son wants... a marimba!

  3. laughing.....!
    Enjoy the day,

  4. Seriously...I can't believe it either!!!!
    You are funny!
    Love the new look over here!

  5. You always brighten my day! Have a great one!

  6. Ask Don Ho. Or the Soul Sister group. Maybe they can find it.
    And am I slow? I've been here every day, and just noticed the new layout, etc? Like it a lot.

  7. Love the new header. . .

    Too funny, aren't sisters great that way. . .sharing little tidbits of humor??

    So sorry about the tonsils. . .been there done that but when she was much smaller. . .sending prayers her way!

  8. Now that sign will certainly get attention!

    I can't believe the transmission in my van just went. I can't believe we just wrote a check for two grand to the transmission guy right before Christmas. Bummer. :v(

    Praying your girls tonsil surgery goes fine. She's gonna love the ice cream diet part.

  9. What an odd thing to lose and what an odd thing to see posted on a telephone pole!

    Gave you a great idea for a blog post though, huh?

    I can't believe I haven't started prepping for the holidays AT ALL!

  10. Haha..well, at least he's assuming it's lost and not accusing anyone of stealing it. He has a good attitude.

  11. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. And BIG, BIG congrats on the Christmas cards. I don't think I'm going to even do it this year....

  12. Gotta love this sign. AND your post!


  13. Tonsils are overrated. ;-)
    Hope all goes well.
    Tante Nicole

  14. Love the new header, and thanks for a good laugh!!

  15. That was an actual sign? How funny.
    I can't believe the gray hair either. I gave up and chopped it all off.
    I also spell believe incorrectly. And also I always spell alot..instead of a lot. Argh.

  16. Noticing little things like this humorous sign make life soooo interesting. Thanks for sharing your "I can't believe list." Goes to prove that anything can become a post. I tell my husband that all the time and he just laughs.

    Pray all goes well with your daughter's surgery.

  17. I can totally relate to so much of this, except the ukulele only because I don't have one but if I did I'd probably lose it & not believe I did.

    And prayers on the tonsil surgery, may it be a speedy recovery for her!

  18. love it, made me laugh. Good luck whe tonsils. The 5th to 10th days are the worst, according to my youngest.

  19. Oh, your poor girl.

    It's painful. All 3 of mine had theirs done in 3rd grade, and I remember the tears. It stays tender for quite a while.

    Avoid chips, popcorn, salt...and just relax, dear girl...xo

  20. I usually read your posts through a reader ... love your new banner! Here's my list: only sending a few cards this year, with you on November, big bottom here too, I can't type from (it's always form), I've neglected my blog, I enjoy yours even if I don't comment very often, lots of grey here lately, hugs to your eldest (ouch), my second toe is longer than my big toe, I enjoy it here ... and I feel sorry for the ukulele guy and hope somebody found it.

  21. You made me laugh out loud!!

    Glad oldest is having her tonsils out NOW rather than at age 36~ I had 3 wee ones! Here are my tonsillectomy tips: if sweet stuff hurts, then avoid it. warmer worked better for me (hot soup in the middle of a hot summer, go figure) keep drinking lots of water. around day 7-10 post-surgery there will be a lot of referred pain where her throat or ears may hurt. Immediately put an ice pack on her throat & it will help a ton!! hugs, Cathy

  22. What a lovely new look around here!
    So sad about that ukulele...silver lining? Now we all know how to spell ukulele.

  23. Is that your new header? LIKE:) Love this post - you always make me smile {and laugh}. OK now I have to decide on my blog header!

  24. Eldest has to get her tonsils out!!!!! my middle toe is longer too.
    Leanne via~facebook

  25. Too funny!
    Chantel via facebook

  26. Laughed out loud. Then felt bad, given that poor guy's lost ukelele.
    Audrey ~ via facebook

  27. I ordered our Christmas cards yesterday. I can't believe that either. LOL! I hope the guy finds his ukelele.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Su-sieee! Mac

  28. Where do all the lost and dead ukeleles go :)


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