Friday, December 17, 2010

Eight Days Of Christmas: Finding Joy In The Little Things

Today I found Joy in the little things.
Christmas exploded onto my table as I managed to find the paper, the right size box, the gift bags, the scissors and the tape.
It was such a relief when the far away family gifts were sealed stamped and sent,
with the postmaster's promise to be at their destination before Christmas day.

I've also found happiness in fetching ice and stirring soup for Eldest.
At age fifteen, she is wonderfully independent and reliable.
But for a moment in time I am being given the gift of her needing me.
I am finding Mama Bear Joy in the tucking of couch blankets and the filling of ice cups.

I also felt true Joy knowing today was the last day of school,
My girls are happy home hunkering and baking ready.
And trying to keep it real, I will also try to remember to continue to find the Joy amidst the arguing over the computer and the I'm bored blank stares when it is time for dusting and snow shovelling. 

But for today I will dream of making gingerbread houses, drinking hot chocolate and decorating, all while listening to Christmas Carols.
The Agronomist is home.
My family is safe and sound.
And I cannot think of any better reasons to feel the spirit of Christmas Joy!


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You have some time to think about what has brought you Joy 
during this season of Christmas.  
It could just be a picture that represents your Christmas Joy, a past post, or a recent one.  
I look forward to reading and seeing some of your Joy this Christmas Season.  
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  1. I am sooo happy that school is done with for 2 weeks......I'm hoping to bake & cuddle & get caught up on a few things around here!

  2. Yes! Who couldn't be joyful with gingerbread, hot chocolate and no school?! (We homeschool so it's an extra special joy that exudes from me on this Christmas break.)

  3. thanks for stopping by Dana, your comment was so kind and considering I always love your photos, it means a lot!

    I will definately be stopping by on Monday! Already have something in mind!

  4. Your post brought me joy, especially when you talk about the joy about doing things for independant daughter. I'm looking forward to that come Tuesday when mine arrives home for the holidays.

  5. I've enjoyed catching up on your posts this morning. Such a great idea to find joy on a daily bases. I felt joy just reading about it :) Hope your eldest is feeling better!

  6. Everyone is home here too. Keeping it simple and slow...thanks for spreading joy with all of us. Have a cup of cocoa for us!

  7. This sounds simply lovely. For years I have wanted to make a gingerbread house...maybe this will be the year?

  8. Love your posts - caught up this morning as did Traci up there! Hope your eldest is recovering:) My eldest has a wisdom tooth/gum graft surgery scheduled in early March, not looking forward to watching her experience pain:(

    Your posts give me joy, as I can relate being a mom of teens/tween and being a Canadian woman, so wise in her "old" age!


  9. There's nothing better than being at home with the whole family, waiting for Christmas!


  10. Hi Dana! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Looking forward to poking around here and getting to know you!

  11. I seriously love your photos!

    Your joy posts really make me smile. :)


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