Thursday, December 16, 2010

On The Ninth Day Of Christmas: I Found Joy Down Memory Lane

I spent the morning taking pictures of my Youngest's class while they went swimming.
And was thankful Grandpa could sit with Eldest while she was resting.

Later in the day I attended the school mass while my Middlest was altar serving.
I then realized tomorrow was the last day of school and we had a few gifts to purchase.
It was a busy day, with me worrying and flapping around Eldest.
Asking every five minutes about her recovery.

I wondered about the terrible road conditions that would keep The Agronomist from returning home to us for yet another day.

At the back of my mind I rummaged around a bit, pushing aside this and opening that, and I had nothing.
I wondered where I would find my Joy today? 
While I was poking and prodding this question, I sat down in front of my computer to download the morning's swimming pictures.

It was then, I realized,  in the rush and bustle of our life,  I had missed my one year blogging anniversary.
Yet I had no one to be all "how could you" with.

A year ago many of you weren't even aware there was a Bungalow'56.
It was sparkling new and a baby I just couldn't put down to sleep.

So today, while my other baby Eldest was sleeping, I clicked on my Dec 2009 'Time machine' archives and started reading...
the words tumbled out and over, and I realized that I had found my Ninth Day of Christmas Joy.

As I read I couldn't believe I had accumulated a years worth of our life. 
But there it was: documented in pictures and words. 
This brings me Joy because, when my memory fails me (and it will), I know I will still have these stories.
And my children and their children will have them too.
I love stories, and I find Joy in knowing that the ones I hold dear, will never be lost.

The post below was written a few days into my blogging career, and is still a favourite of mine.

I hope it brings you a little Joy too on this Ninth Day of Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15

Cups of Coffee

This Is A Love Story 
The Agronomist and I fell in love over many... many cups of coffee, many.... many years ago.
In those days of early young love, it just didn't matter what type or grind of coffee we drank, as long as we had each other ...

to help pass the sugar.

To this day we still agree that a cup of coffee is a wonderful way to start the day, 
but with marriage comes some compromises. 
The Agronomist loves the dark (heavy tar-like) roast of Starbucks.  
While I on the other hand prefer a less stringent note to my morning brew.

And the Agronomist, being the gentleman that he is, has always allowed our home to brew a bean that is less expensive strong, and I love him for it.  
But as Christmas was drawing nearer, I saw the look of longing in his eyes every time we walked past the basket of Starbucks Christmas blend.  
He would pick it up, sniff it a bit, then put it back.

I knew this was one of those times when my actions would speak louder than my words.  
Honey Bunny just wouldn't cut it anymore. ( I really only call him Stud-o-mine, but I figured that kind of information would make The Agronomist feel uncomfortable, so I'll stick with my white lie and no one will be the wiser.) 

So I bought a small bag of Starbucks Christmas blend beans and popped a festive bow on what would (according to the price) appear to be, a bag of Solid Gold.

But never mind about that. 

You can't put a price on love.
And waited until The Agronomist went to bed...

As with most love story's though, there was one small complication...

I always seem to give with strings attached...

But you know what?  The Agronomist seems to love me anyway... 

coffee breath and all.


PS... how things change in a year?
Today The Agronomist doesn't drink coffee
and I am trying my best to support him in his new healthy endeavor.
Except on the 12th Day Of Christmas where I might have slipped just a little.


I had mentioned I would post a linky today, but instead I will give you some time to think about what has brought you Joy over the last few days of Christmas.  It could just be a picture that represents your Christmas Joy, a past post, or a recent one.  I look forward to reading and seeing some of your Joy this Christmas Season.   Pin It


  1. WOW! Congratulations on a year blogging!!! I love your stories & I know that they'll be so wonderful for your family to look back on! I wish I had your gift! (of storytelling....but the coffee would be ok too...I like the strong, bold, etc).

  2. Happy Blogging Anniversary!
    I missed this post last year...and I really love it. Funny how you guys don't drink coffee now, huh?
    I hope your eldest is feeling better. She looks so cozy in the photo.
    I'll link up on Monday.

  3. Happy Bloggiversary! I'm so glad I found your little corner of the blogging world 'cause you make me smile!

  4. Oh, you taunter!

    Stop by and read my post today.

    I am so linking this one here up.

    It'll be perfect.

    Awesome sauce.

    How is big girl doing? How did the surgery go? Much pain?

  5. Happy Bloggiversary!!!

    I love a blogosphere that has Bungalow '56 in it.

    And I didn't know you when this post ran, so I am very happy to be reading it now.

  6. What a wonderful idea. Count me in! (I just hope I remember in all this Christmas confusion!)

    Loved your post. Happy anniversary to a GREAT blogger.


  7. reminds me, I still haven't tried the Mighty Leaf Tea you recommended a while back! Will probably do so soon. =)

  8. Happy blogoversary!
    Except next time you include pictures like that, please post a warning that this will trigger coffee urges in people...I haven't had any today (it's 3pm) and I'm now DYING for a cup thanks to you....GRRR!

  9. Congrats on one year of blogging, Dana. I so enjoy reading your honest, heartfelt and often humorous posts. And the photos, well, I enjoy them equally. Here's to many more years of recording your daily life and preserving memories.

  10. Your post makes me want coffee, at 10 pm! :)

    Happy blogging anniversary. I'm glad I found your blog!

  11. Congrats on the year. That is quite an accomplishment. Last year, when I had my private blog, I made it into a it through and put it on the shelf. Last week my kids got it out and it has been read, over and over and over again. It really is so fun to read a book. About your own life. Thanks for the joyful reminder!

  12. HAppy Blogiversary! awesome post! hugs, cathy

  13. My hubby used to live in Hawaii and loves Kona coffee, so last year I bought him two pounds of beans. I, having lived in New Orleans, adulterate my beans with lots of milk & sugar. I like it "blond & sweet" like me!


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