Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Fourth Day Of Christmas: Birthday Joy

Dear Baby Jesus,

We do know you are coming.
We haven't forgotten.
I know... looking at the photo above, it may look bad.
But you are not being replaced.  We promise.

Sometimes Santa and Rudolph seem to take center stage around here.
And for that we are sorry.
I have to admit here at the Bungalow we love the glitter and lights, 
and all the hustle and bustle that is Christmas.
But I promise... we are waiting for you.

In fact, youngest wanted Santa and Rudolph to be here to welcome you.
And felt that the least Rudolph could do was warm up your bed.

This little preschool wreath made by my youngest many years ago brings me Joy every time I look at it.
So please know our Joy on this fourth day of Christmas will be found 
by focusing our hearts and minds on your arrival.
We know we are a little behind this Christmas, but better late than never, is my our motto.

With all the decorating and wrapping,
we have been preparing for your birthday.
If you hadn't noticed?
We like to do up birthday's big here at Bungalow'56.
So please know this is all for you.

Your Bungalow'56 family : )


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  1. Love it. WE don't need to feel bad about the lights and the tinsel (who does that anymore?) Because HE is in everything we do.

  2. OK that is precious!!!!!!!! AMEN! Jesus is with us everywhere - all of the time! How blessed are we that He died for us so that we can LIVE with Him forever!

    Merry Christmas,

  3. So true Dana, love it! And your picture is so funny! I'm hoping to write a joy post today...better late than never!

  4. love the wreath. Jesus may be the reason for the season, but he is also the reason i live and breath each day and for the beauty around me. thanks for reminding me of that.

  5. Exactly.

    We make a birthday cake for Jesus every Xmas, and sing happy birthday to him, and exchange presents in his name.
    The gifts are never over the top, and everyone likes it that way.

    It is peaceful, never madness, and though the oldest does roll his eyes, I know he counts on the birthday cake for Jesus.

    Because we are all about that over here.

    Beautiful series, Dana, it's why I continue to love you..xoxo

    Merry Christmas, wonderful lady. I love knowing you.

  6. Your posts always get me thinking...and revisiting what I am doing. But not in a judging way. I love this. Thanks for the heartfelt reminder today.

    Merry Christmas. :)

  7. 3/4 of the lights just went out on my tree. Ugh.

    Thanks for reminding me where the REAL light comes from...


    PS. Merry Christmas!

  8. What a lovely post. Thank you. I love all my old preschool decorations and ornaments too. :)

  9. So perfectly said. You are beautiful!

    Merry Christmas.

  10. i love the little Pillow nativity...i have one wxactly like it!! when my boys were litte, my sister in law made it for them and we always loved it because they could play with it. now I teach playschool and my class loves it! thanks for sharing your prayer as well.

  11. LOVE the fabric nativity. Where can I find the fabric/or one like it?
    Lovely post. took me a while to figure out what was "wrong" in the first picture.

  12. We are all about the celebrating Jesus' birthday around my house (but we also like to decorate big and wrap a couple of things up for it)

    Love this sweet reminder of what Christmas is really about.

  13. Sweet shot and post! Lovin it!

  14. My gosh do I love this post. Do I LOVE THIS POST! This is it, isn't it - finding the balance between all the Santa-ing and Rudolph-ing, and the message that at root is Baby Jesus, and the powerful subversive JOY he brought to the world. My friend's 6yo said it best, I think: "wasn't Santa just so sweet to make such a great way to celebrate Jesus' birthday??"

    And since I've been navel-gazing for a few months and missed the Big Reveal, can I just take this opportunity to congratulate on the new look??? Beeyoootifull. love it.


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