Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Third Day Of Christmas: Joyvelations!

Photo from Bungalow'56 archives
I have had many Joyvelations over the past nine days of Christmas.
Little ones and big ones, and I've shared some with you, but not all.  So without further adieu...
Here they are in no particular order:

I am frugal by nature, not nurture.  
I believe there is a frugal DNA code that is in one of the strands of my double helix DNA structure.  
(I know I'm even impressed by that, but I have to come clean.  Eldest is laying on the couch behind me and I asked her lots of scientific DNA-ish questions.)
I seldom buy things.
But I've had a vision in my head for awhile now, as to how I would like my home to look.
I was inspired by our trip to Quebec and decided I needed more colour in my life.
I recieved a few items in the mail recently and they brought me great Joy, as I finally feel as though my home is starting to reflect this vision and spirit I want for the old tired Bungalow. 
I also bought, for the first time, new Christmas decor.
This would have been terribly out of the ordinary for my frugal DNA, 
but Micheals was having a 20% off of one's whole purchase, 
even all of the Christmas items I found that were an additional 60% off.
Often I feel guilt about these sorts of purchases.... ohhh,  that is a whole other strand, on a different part of the helix my friends.
But honestly, these items have brought me so much Joy I am Christmas Merry with bells on!

Photo from Bungalow'56 archives
I dropped my camera and it no longer works.
That would be the reason why you are not currently gazing at my beautiful new Christmas tchotchkes.
Normally this tragedy, would not bring me Joy.
But I have known deep down in my heart of hearts that I needed a new camera.
But the idea of having a new camera frightened me.
Because it would mean I had no more excuses to begin the journey towards my dream of becoming a 
Professional Photographer.
Today, The Agronomist first bought me a Starbuck's Coffee, which in itself brought me great Joy.
And then he drove me to a camera store where I looked and touched and caressed new camera's, 
while The Agronomist, who is all things technical asked the important questions.
His belief in me brought me Joy.  
The kind of Joy that silences those niggly naysayers in the back of your mind.
You know the ones.
The blurry imaged street smart hangers on who stand at the corner and wave down your confidence.
Today my Joy gave them a good one-two and sent them reeling out the back door.
Good riddance I say.

This photo compliments of my handy dandy iPhone

Christmas Joy was opened with each and every card and photo from friends and family far and near.
I am feeling more Christmas blessed with every envelope that flutters to the floor.

Eldest is finally feeling Christmas ready.  
With more good hours than bad, we are seeing the Joyful light at the end of the long tonsillectomy tunnel.

And last but in no way least.  
I found great Joy in the wonderful posts that have continue to be added to our 12 Days Of Christmas Joy here at Bungalow'56. 
A Big Thank You to each and everyone of you who come to read my words and those who took the time to find their own Joy and share it with us.


Don't worry Christmas isn't here yet..there is still time to link up with Bungalow'56 and share your own Christmas Joy Inspiration!
Thank you for the awesome Joyful posts and photos below!

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  1. I am also a "frugalicious non-spender"...but isn't it funny how we will pay $4 for a cup of coffee! I LOVE my Starbucks...but we do get bonus points at our local bank for using our debit cards as credit cards so I use those points to get Starbucks gift cards!!
    Allow yourself the Mac Daddy camera - embrace it!

  2. I am in need of a new camera as well...I don't have a dream of being a professional photographer, but I long for better photos in my life. I hope you get something really awesome and beautiful. It's obvious that you have the eye of a photographer, you deserve some amazing equipment to make that eye's vision come to life!

  3. I linked up with you. Umm...if this is what you do with your "old" camera, I can't wait to see what you do with a new one. I love your photography!

  4. Ummmm...want to know how I could add to your JOY this Christmas season?

    Send me your address, I'll send you a Xmas card.

    I LOVE YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE AWESOME DANA, whom I just adore, love, admire, crush on, and want to be.

    love always

  5. P.S. Don't know if I can forgive you for the coffee taunts you so obviously keep putting out there for my torturous benefit (and, yeah, that is a word)...I"m without coffee, I can make up any word I want...)

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  7. I took joy in THIS post, and I thank you for it!


    PS. I'm glad you're getting that new camera!
    December 22, 2010

  8. I am frugal by nature too, so I have a tough time with spending, like you, and always shop for bargains.

    But, I want to know, did you get that new camera? If so, what did you purchase? So glad that you are pursuing your dream to become a professional photographer. Really, you already are one!

  9. So, what did you get???? Cannot wait to see your new baby!

  10. I can't believe you would taunt us so mercilessly, what camera are you getting? Will you be the only other person in the whole wide blogosphere to use a Pentax (like me)? Or are you going Canon?

  11. Sorry about your camera - mine flew off the desk today, but seems fine so far. So many cords! I am committing to more/better photography for 2011. Thankful I got to "know" you this past year, as two bloggers who were not "crafty bizzers" in Sister Diane's class. Merry Christmas to you and your family! We are headed to FL Friday a.m. for Christmas with hubby's family. First flight for M-C and hopefully some respite from the snow! Cheers!


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