Tuesday, December 07, 2010


It wasn't until I became a parent that I began to grasp how much influence my children's teachers would have in their lives.
It wasn't until I became a parent that I realized how important they would be to me.
As my child walked through their door I was entrusting their spirit and mind to them.
This is not an easy thing to do.
Teacher's hold the world in their hands.
My world.

Every year I wait with bated breath in hopes that my daughters would be spending their time with someone they liked and respected.
Someone who would inspire them to reach out and grab the world.
Someone who would take the seeds I had planted,
the seeds I had tended,
and allow them to bloom and grow.
This year my Middlest is happy.
She is nourished.
She is being inspired.
Her teacher loves what she is doing and she shares her enthusiasm with my daughter every single day.
This sweet shot was taken during her after school art club.
She told the kids they would create beauty.

I cannot think of a greater gift.

Take the time to say thank you to the teacher who is giving your child the gift of confidence.
The gift of inspiration.
The gift of knowledge.

They are changing the world.
One child...  at a time.


This post is linking up to Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday.
This post is also in memory of The Agronomist's wonderful teacher Mr.O. who will never be forgotten.
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  1. I think it's the feeling that you lose that sense of total influence over your child. It's as much a lesson for parents as their children

  2. As a mom and former teacher...I LOVE this post!
    Glad your daughter is being blessed this year with one of the good ones.
    Enjoy the day,

  3. thanks, dana. i love my students more than they (parents, too) understand, i think. i learn so much from them and just want them to feel loved and accepted. and i also want them to love reading and to know something about the world!thanks for the encouragement as i get ready to head out the door!

  4. Thank you!! From a teacher who is so excited that you "get" it!

  5. What a wonderful post!!!! You certainly have a way with words! As a Mom whose children are just entering the school system, I wish for the same!

  6. what wonderful words, Dana. . .

    Don't we all want someone to "tend" our kids and to inspire them and not just teach them!

    It's just too bad that every year can't be a good teacher year:)

  7. That is wonderful! A great teacher is an amazing gift to a child, the school, the family & the entire community.

  8. definite high 5 for that! :)
    love your pic, too..

  9. I love good teachers. But I think an occasional "bad" teacher can also teach my kids a lot, too. As long as it is occasional only.

    Dana: are you still in on the GIFT EXCHANGE? If so, PLEASE email me your home address asap. thanks

  10. I have had some wonderful teachers. I am grateful for them all. (I had some stinkers too, but that's just how it goes.)

    My kids have had some wonderful teachers. And I am MORE grateful for them.

    That's just how it goes, isn't it?

  11. Good teachers should have a parade in their honor. They do change the world! Wonderful post.

  12. What a sweet post! Teachers do hold a child's heart in their hands. But the parents are the ones who help change the world through each of our children.


  13. You're right. It's so easy to forget about the good, when you've run into bad.

    Thank you for the cold splash of water in the face. There have been more good than bad.

    So right...

  14. As a teacher who has had a hard day, I thank you for this post. It was a nice reminder of why I go to work each day. :) Great photos, too!

  15. I couldn't agree more. So far we have been BLESSED with the teachers the girl's have gotten. I'm always been so grateful. They see them more than me!

  16. Definitely a sweet shot. And great sentiment to go with the photo.

  17. High 5 to you! Being a mom and a teacher, I couldn't agree more :)


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