Thursday, December 09, 2010

Poor Kris Kringle: A True Story

A long time ago in a house far away...
I began a Christmas collection of Santas
And then after two...
I stopped.

Therefore because there are only two Santas,
Kris Kringle is cherished.
This year Youngest wanted to have the honour of placing him,
wherever she wanted
I said of course she could...

Mom I know exactly where to put him.
Right beside the Bamboo.
Doesn't that look nice?

Why, yes it does Youngest,  he looks great.

A few hours later....

Mom! my Middlest yelled... come here.  
I have something to show you.

Mom look where someone put Kris Kringle!
I can't go to the bathroom with him right there!

Honey,  It's just a figurine.
Youngest helped me decorate, and that's where she placed him.

the next morning...

Hmmm?  Something was missing.
Where could Kris Kringle be?

I needed to locate him before Youngest got up.
As I turned around...
I saw him.

Relegated to the corner.
Like a naughty school boy.

Poor Kris Kringle.

It wasn't his fault.

He didn't mean any harm. He was just put in a difficult situation.
And he handled himself so wonderfully.
He didn't complain once while standing in the corner.
He was patient, and understanding.

He just wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to the Bungalow.

So after much debate, we decided he was much better suited for the living room.
Because all I've ever asked for at Bungalow'56 during the holiday season?
Is a little PEACE and quiet.

And I can just tell, he is much happier since the move.
As is Middlest.

So after a few Christmas misunderstandings, all is now well in that house far, far away,
known around these parts as...

*This post was brought to you by the Management of Bungalow'56 where strict privacy policies are enforced.

This post is linking up Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday ~letter K~ 
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  1. Haha - he was probably blushing in that first spot!

  2. Hello! The joys of children <3 I have the same makeup brushes LOL yay for being green! <3 Love the blog, please keep up the good work.
    (I follow you on Twitter hehe @LoveandSparrows)

  3. oh my goodness. this is the cutest post, I love it and am sitting here with a smile on my face because of your talented way of telling a story! Kudos!


  4. Love, love, loved the story! And your bokeh is beautiful!

  5. Dana, this is simply adorable! Don't you just love the thinking of kids and how they make decisions like this? Wonderful! Hope kris finds a better spot! visiting you from alphabet thursday. All the best, Alex

  6. I am so glad he gets to turn back towards people and enjoy the rest of the decorations.

  7. You always make me laugh!
    Love that picture of Santa with the lights behind him...I tried really hard to get a picture like that the other day...but it just didn't work!

  8. I'm sorry but I couldn't help but laugh! That was so funny! Just what the doctor ordered! Sounds like our boys... However this year it has been mild around here. I think they are doing a silent protest because I couldn't find any of the "good" chocolate advent calendars. Talk about a bunch of sulky teenagers! (so I am still trying to find them because I was recently informed they didn't care if they were "late"! might have to make something up as long as it have chocolate!)

  9. Love the PEACE shot - beautiful! Fun thing you are all doing with the santa.

  10. LOVE your last shot! And seriously....your storytelling abilities make my day!

  11. Cute cute...poor Kris Kringle. And I agree...kinda hard to go potty with him there.

    I've got to go back and read your post about how to photograph my tree like that. Awesome!!!
    Happy Day!

  12. Ha Ha! That was great: )That last shot truly Is lovely too.

  13. That was cute!!
    I like a litte peace and quiet myself.

  14. That was soooo funny. I love your Kris Kringle figurine, but I'm not sure I'd want him in the bathroom with me, either :-)

  15. oh my goodness i'm laughing out loud - that photo of poor kris kringle in the corner is hilarious! I took a few bokeh shot like yours with the twinkly lights last weekend ... the kids weren't necessarily cooperative, but the one with the gifts in the foreground turned out nicely, I posted it on Monday ... definitely gonna keep working at it, I love yours!! will check my3boybarians, too ...

  16. Thanks for making me smile this morning Dana - this is a fun post. I'm glad that Kris Kringle finally found the perfect spot.

  17. I'm still laughing at him in the corner! Looks just like Hyrum in timeout!

  18. I think you should have left him in the corner.

  19. LOL!!

    There are things you're just not meant to put Santa through!

    But, Youngest didn't know.

    Such a misunderstanding!

  20. Hahaha. Such a funny story!

  21. How DO kids think of this stuff? What a sweet story that is certain to go down in Bungalow 56 family lore.

  22. ha! my FIFTEEN year old SON argued with the younger about the placement of a snowman. really?

  23. LOL. Poor Santa had quite the scenic view in that first spot. Although I must admit I agree with youngest that he did look nice standing next to the bamboo. :v)

  24. Ah the risks you enter when you say you allowed to do "just what you want".... so Kris Kringle is a Santa? In German "Chriskindle" (which is I am guessing is were the name comes from) is "the little jesus child"... Funny how things change with time!

    Great K post


  25. heehee

    What a cute sense of humor your Middlest child has!


  26. great bokeh shots. what a cute santa! i love how the lights are reflecting off the window too.

  27. Hahahah, I loved this post! It's a lovely family Christmas story - the idea of your daughter not being able to 'go' because Santa was watching is hysterical.It raises so many questions!! Does two make a collection? Where is Kris Kringle's friend? x

  28. Delightful story! I am so glad that all ended well. (Santa doesn't grace our lavatory but a snowman or two tend to make their annual appearance)

  29. Cracks me UP how she could not have Kris looking at her while she went.

    Well raised girls, I'd say....

  30. Your santa is very cool, even in the corner like a naughty little elf!

  31. LOL! Thank you for sharing such a funny tale of Kris Kringle. I needed a good laugh just now. :-)
    Happy Holidays!

  32. that was a wonderful little story!

  33. Funniest. santa post. Ever.

  34. That is hilarious! I'm glad that you got that all worked out....for Kris' sake and for Middlest.

  35. OMG! How funny! Great job with the pictures, too!

  36. I can see why the middlest was hesitant, Kris had shifty eyes. Must watch him carefully. Glad he is in a safer location, phew! Disaster averted!

  37. Oh my goodness - that is FUNNY!

    I admit that it would be a tad awkward to have him sitting on the toilet, but it totally cracks me up that she put him in the corner facing the wall!

  38. So happy to be back to your blog, I haven't been able to read in weeks and I feel like I am back visiting a friend! Love your Kris Kringle story, with accompanying photos.

  39. This entire post made me smile. Such a sweet and clever girl you are! You are always a joy to read and this weeks post was extra perfect.

    Thank you for linking to Alphabe-Thursday! This was totally Kute!



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