Friday, December 03, 2010

Thigh Jiggle

Cookie Monster makes me happy... as do cookies.  We are kindred spirits.
Oh I wish I had some amazingly funny, witty, thigh slapping, clever anecdotes for you today... but truth be told, I'm just not feeling the funny.

Plus thigh slapping would lead to thigh jiggle and THAT would just make me grumpy.

Grumpiness does not lead to funny-ness.

It happens, more than I would like to admit.
(The grumpiness, not the thigh jiggle, although truth be told, they are vying for top spot these days.)
The Agronomist would like to concur that this statement is truthful.
(about the grumpiness... he declines to comment on my thighs... he is smart that way)

My very own Rudolph.
Anyone getting tired of pics in front of the tree yet?.. and we're only on Dec 3rd... eeep.
Plus I'm going through a bit of funny envy.
See.. my Sister Friend Meg... she is always funny....
And my facebook friend Audrey... her updates kill me... in a good way.
Here was a recent one:

Rainy morning. Apparently my gloves and scarf were in some sort of winter-accesories-suicide pact. Jumped into the same puddle one after the other. An accident? I don't think so.

I may have to start an ongoing post, called Audrey's updates... I'm a sharer.  
(and I obviously...also like to steal great content)
My eldest took this picture, and it makes me happy.
My youngest loves Christmas and I think that her feelings are captured here.
What is not captured here is the mess, which is a huge happy bonus.
I was also having Holy ChristMess anxiety.  
I figured my house was the only messsy one on the (blog) block, 
but Meg from whatever set me straight yesterday.
And I love her for it!

Two days ago, while sitting in traffic I decided to take a photo.  
After playing with the colours and contrast I was very happy with it.
So as you've figured out, while I waxed on and on and on,  I also decided to show you some random happy photo's of stuff/kids/vehicles.

I need coffee... I have a very, very messy house.
Oh yeah,  Meg Duerksen has nothing on me.

Hmmm?.... I wonder if she'll ever do a post about her thighs.

Over and out!

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  1. You're right. Audrey is funny.

    And so are you.


  2. I have a very messy house too....trying not to let it bother me.
    Too much to do to finish decorating. Cleaning will need to wait.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Throw some fake snow on the mess and call it decorations!!
    That picture of your youngest is adorable. I like it! (Rudolph too!)

  4. You are far from the only one with a messy house today. Mine looks like a "Micheal's" truck crashed here throwing garland and ribbon everywhere.
    I love the photo that your oldest took of her sister. That is just beautiful. Such talent.
    Have that coffee and enjoy the day.

  5. I posted this same doldrum this week. What is it about the holidays that makes us feel like this? I can't blame SAD like you Canadians. I think it was 73 today.
    I need to go add more padding to my thighs and dig out my craft room.
    Thanks for reality.

  6. Uh, OK, down here in southern Minnesota I have not even started decorating for Christmas. What is wrong with me?

    Love the photo your youngest took.

    And the traffic image is way cool. Did you do a little photo shop editing to create that effect? Please spill.

  7. I ALWAYS believe that my house is the messiest on the blog block. on any block....Perhaps you would like to see my summer post about my living room floor:

  8. The day that they actually turn Cookie Monster into Veggie Monster is the day that I get really grumpy and there is no telling how much my thighs will jiggles from the fit I will throw.
    cute girls you have btw!

  9. I too, love cookies.

    Proper cookies of course.

    I have, in fact, been described as a cookie hound.

    That is how much I love them.

    And thighs are mean spirited little body parts.

    But don't let them get you down.

  10. Haha, ok, I'm not the only grumpy person occasionally. Actually, I've been more grumpy lately than usual. It could be...the 37 weeks pregnant grumpiness (you know, tired of being big and tired all the time), or it could just be...not enough cookies?

  11. A clean house is way over rated anyway :))

  12. I love my funny people, too.
    And you are funny, that's why I'm always here.

    I just don't think funny people know they're funny.

    and the pix of the girls are fantastic.

    So lovely.

  13. Is the first picture of your house? I have the exact same 'Keep Calm and Carry On' in the same color even!

  14. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)



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