Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Just Ask Dad

Mom this just doesn't make any sense.

Hmm... let me take a look
You're right, it doesn't make any sense.

But Mom I can't figure out the answer.
They ask  y-5 = -1/2 (x-4)  and I'm trying to put it into slope intercept form and the answer in the back is different from what I keep getting.

Well Honey now you know how 90% of your classmates feel... aaallll the time.

But Mom look,  the answer says.... may as well be saying gobbledygook over and over to me.


Honey?  It. just. means. gobbledygook. to. me.

This parenting moment brought to you by Bungalow'56.

The End.

Today's post will be joining up with Jenny Matlock for Alphabe Thursday ~the letter J~
Jenny Matlock
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  1. My husband will need to help with the tough math at my house.

  2. Dana,

    I love your posts!! I can relate to this, and my oldest is only in 7th grade! We often have to wait until Dad gets home :)

  3. that is the reason I married a smart man, so that I could leave the math homework to him! I didn't do well in Algebra my first time around, 20+ years later I am no better!

  4. you're frightening me as to what lies ahead, those equations are way out of my reach - I can barely keep up with the 6th grade assignments ;-)

  5. I can relate..that's how it was when my kids were young...

  6. I don't know the answer either but your daughter is pretty .

  7. I am math-impaired for sure, yet I often ended up as the homework helper (downright scary) because my hubby (the accountant) taught things on too high a level and ended up confusing everyone.

    I also taught most of the kids to drive. Just thought I'd throw that in...


  8. y = -1/2x + 7. Am I right? Sorry--I can't help it; it's the teacher in me. The challenge of getting that problem done. glad you got the problem solved.

  9. Whatever happened to normal numbers? Whose idea was it to put in a bunch of letters anyway? I'd like a word with them! Words are more my thing. :v)

  10. Oh gosh.....I am NOT looking forward to homework help! Love your storytelling, by the way!!!

  11. Haha. That is funny. I usually head over to google, though my kids aren't quite into algebra and calculus and whatever other mathmatical torture they are teaching kids these days.
    Loved this post.

  12. Ha! Love it.
    We have to call one of the neighbor kids for the tough Math and for Spanish too.
    High School math is beyond me...and it seems that even if I can get the right answer...I didn't come up with the right way.

    We have to wait for Dad to get home for lots of other things...and sometimes they have to wait for me. Yay!

  13. Ok - firstly...WHOA! New look blog! Nice.

    Secondly, I am completely useless when it comes to maths. Even my Year 3 son's maths stumps me at times. How on earth will I help when he's in high school?

    Fortunately, Hubby is a maths whizz. Phew.

  14. Two things...

    Ever notice how the lady in your header looks a lot like Katie Perry?

    You will be able to teach your daughter how to cajole/flirt her way into handing in big University assignments late and getting a higher mark than your best friend who worked her hump off getting the assignment in on time. Yeah...that's right...I remember Missy. Ah, the injustice. Still traumatized from seeing the 'real' side of the good Catholic girl I thought I knew. Got to go - off to therapy.

  15. Everything I ever learned in school, I fear, flew right out the window when I had my kids. I blame it on mommy brain.

    And... did you redesign your blog? Looks awesome!

  16. Too funny. And, sorry to the Agronomist, I'm with you...'cause, ultimately, it's a deeper life lesson, right?

  17. I had to abandon helping my children with math about two years ago.

    Fortunately, Himself is a Physics major/math minor. And an engineer.

    I read the English essays.

  18. LOL, I remember those days! They go so fast, it's hard to believe mine are both about to graduate from college.

  19. Fortunately, my 16-year-old is a math whiz because neither of his parents are, although Dad does way better than Mom. The son is currently taking pre-calc and physics. Yikes. Just typing those words scares me. I'm a word, not a numbers, woman.

  20. I think the answer to that question was ummm.... pies are square....or something like that.

    What a fun and funny stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "J"!

    You are always a joy to to visit!


  21. I saw numbers and letters together and was so traumatized I could barely read this post.

  22. I asked Dad, and he didn't know either! RATS!!!!

  23. Makes me glad mine are all dealing with their own kids homework dilemma :)

  24. Do what I do,

    Let's google it.

    Search "tenth grade math"


    I am all Einsteiny like that.

  25. So not looking forward to that.


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