Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Are You Doing?

We are staying up waaay too late.
The kids are awfully cranky and teary.

We are eating waaay too many of these.
My pants don't need a belt anymore.

We are enjoying some wonderful Christmas gifts.
This treasury is definitely being treasured by every one.

We are playing this game almost every evening.
It's called One Eyed Jack, and is great for every age.

We also are playing a lot of this new game.
And we've already lost one of the pieces.

I am taking pictures like crazy.
I have so much to learn before I can make this new 7D Canon sing.

And this book. . .
Has brought many out loud laughs from The Agronomist.
I highly recommend it for the man in your laugh life.

Are the kids driving you craaazy yet?
Or are you all huddled together in a warm fuzzy hug?
We are having a little bit of both, depending on the hour : )
Either way, what are you doing during the holidays? 
I'd love to hear about it.


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  1. Love your pictures...looks to me like you are already a pro!
    We are still eating leftovers, spending our Christmas money, and playing lots of games!

  2. I can hear the singing, great shots! It looks like you're having a very cozy holiday. I've been eating way too much of similar items and am trying to work myself out of the warm cozy hug to go spend gift cards, but it's nice in here : )

  3. Enjoyed your post! Sounds like you and your family are having a fun holiday! We love to play Blokus, too.

  4. We're doing a lot of the same things your family is! I got the kids several new board games and we're enjoying them all as well as card games. I don't know One Eyed Jack, though, may have to look up the rules!

    And I finally took the plunge and bought a camera. With 30 minutes in I'm bereft that maybe that even a great camera won't hep my photography, but I'm going to spend time with it today. Reading a lot of tutorials!

  5. p.s. I left you a little shout out on my blog yesterday. :)

  6. Fun. I'll have to look up that card game. We are also eating way too many sweets and the kids are TOTALLY driving us nuts. I'm letting them watch way too many movies, mainly to just have some peace and quiet.

  7. Ha! You read my post last night so you know that I'm on both sides.....sometimes they're driving me crazy, but this morning I got some great cuddles from Lily...just us girls here this morning!

  8. You're doing pretty darn good with that new camera!

    We are also staying up way too late. Well at least I am. The teens and oldest girl are more used to it and hubby sticks to his routine, so it's me. But I'm enjoying my week off with no work pressures, that will come next week.

  9. Family photos scheduled for noon. Now that should be something...

  10. we're recovering from the colds that were gifted to us by my young nephew on Christmas day. that new canon's seeming lovelier & lovelier! :)

  11. Our family has left, so we're in the clean-up and reflection stage.

    Some great memories made, though!


  12. Looking good. I? Tragically I am cleaning.

  13. Dear lord do I love me some Blockus. Big fat fun. And I want some of those cookies.

  14. We too are cranky and tired from staying up late. Our favourite game is good 'ol Monopoly, it brings out such love and togetherness ;)

    New camera nice! My goal is to figure out our Canon 40D this year! Maybe you can write up tips as you practice with yours?

    Happy New Year!

  15. Nothing better than a full tummy, board games, and a good book!

  16. sounds like you are making the most of the holidays! what am i doing? reading!!!!!

  17. the phrase tearful and cranky definately fits!

    Christmas break is good and bad, isn't it!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  18. We too have our moments of cuddles and curses. But loving the time I have with my kids and Hubs. We love Blockus. We will have to have a showdown sometime.

  19. I've been enjoying and reveling in it all.

    And that book? Sounds like my type of thing.

    The cookie recipe, please.

    That is all..except cannot wait to see the magic coming with this new camera.

    You're getting scary talented, you know this, right?

    Good. Just want you to be prepared.


  20. Ok, where to start....1) I have major camera-envy now and know that you'll take some brilliant pics ;-)
    2) Even though it is summer here, we are staying close to home too - plenty of work to do here, so yep, there is a bit of stir craziness with the kids here at times too
    3) Been lots of family movie nights here too
    4) I can't remember where I got those montage templates from that you commented on, but there are some good free ones that are just as good at
    and lastly 5) your list of resolutions that you left at my blog are almost identical for me this coming year too! Support buddies? :-)

    Essay over - resume hot choc drinking now.

  21. Oh yeah - 6) a chook is the Aussie / kiwi term for a chicken :-)

  22. I am pretty much in survival mode right now, and looking forward to Monday and SCHOOL.
    Happy New Year!

  23. your place and mine could be twins! except, sad to say, i don't have any twinkly-light bokeh behind my hand of cards. :) we are giant fans of blokus and pretty much any game that involves some strategizing...though yesterday we played the most convoluted game ever (tichu), and my brain is still a bit achy.

    the kiddos have the occasional scuffle, but honestly i'd be happy to have them close 24/7. :)

  24. you crack me up! so jealous of your 7d...your pics are fab. hugs, cathy (yes kids are driving me crazy, but I still love them!) cathy

  25. Your photos always put a smile on my face. Yes, our 2 year old is driving us crazy! Seems like lately with all the holiday madness he has been going to be a couple hours later than usual. But we are also loving it all and trying to squeeze every last drop out of it. I've been cleaning and organizing and getting ready for 2011.

    Happy New Year. Cheers!

  26. Lovely post!

    I'm doing nothing big...except fighting a cold and sitting by the fireplace watching 24 every night.

    I'd rather have little kids all around me like your house!

    Sending you warm wishes for a 2011 filled with creativity, adventures and joy!

  27. Me again, with a personal invitation for you to pop over and join in my "Project 2011" meme :-)

  28. Hi, I popped over to visit from Sweet Shot Tuesday. Oh what great family memories you've given this baby boomer. We read For Better For Worse for years and loved it so much! Great gift!


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